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  1. Yes the corrupt incompetence of the hi-so ruling classes ***** the country again. There will be no chance of any time lines being revealed because they won't want to show up their Illicit activities. They will circle the wagons to protect each other as normal while the innocent citizens suffer the consequences of their lunacy.
  2. As Fraser famously said " we are all doomed" especially with this bunch of knob heads trying to run things.
  3. He doesn't know the meaning of the word democracy, I bet he can't even spell the word. This is an unelected military man who expects do as I say, not as I do and that goes for the rest of his Muppets as well.
  4. They just don't get it, people have been locked down in their own houses and countries and don't want to pay for the privilege of quarantine in another place.
  5. The corrupt Muppets trying to run the country are responsible, money and greed before anything else is their mantra.
  6. Bangkok Post reporting all bars shut from the 9th in Chon Buri and 40 other provinces for 2 weeks and despite it not being official until tomorrow, the official said and I quote 'there will be no going back'.
  7. Just a heads up for anyone needing to renew their passport, as I saw an article in the Guardian dated 6 April, stating that the passport office have said that new passports could take upto 10 weeks to be processed due to a spike in demand.
  8. I will be self isolating in my house until the hordes have returned to whence they came, as all festivities are banned. I forsee another lockdown upon the horizon in May as the hordes freely spread the virus all over the country next week. The Muppets are chafing at the bit for it hence the increased state of emergency to stop all opposition to their incompetence.
  9. They are to be used for lustral water purposes only ...
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