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  1. Same same: Grew up in '40s (1941), scrabbled for money (paperboy, grocery clerk, school janitor - 35 cents per hour of which 25 cents went to tuition - car hop, lifeguard, carnival worker, gas pipeline walker, postman, taxi driver, photographer, and painted college football stadium, before life in journalism, beginning in radio and ending with print). But different: NEVER saved a dime. Why? Because the power brokers, including ex-wives, will find a way to take it from you, from jacked up housing costs to medical bills (even with insurance), to banking and industry collapse. Spend it enjoying life. In America, when they put you in a rest home, you do not get any aid until your savings are drained and all assets sold. So spend it and collect aid, that you paid for through taxes, from day one. Medical emergency in Thailand with no money in the bank? That's what credit cards are for. Any insurance company would find some way to avoid paying up. Just make sure your card allows for a big cash advance for the government hospital, which operates - so to speak - on 'cash only' basis. But what about passing on money to your kids when you are gone? Seriously? We live so long your 'kids' are retired in Florida! Help them out when they are young! And that, dear reader, is why I am in Thailand but don't have 800,000b to put in a Thai bank - along with the decades-long cost, and joy, of raising four kids in California.
  2. Fins on fish likely a hindrance to dislodging it that way, but no harm trying.
  3. I wonder if Boeing designs, engineers, manufactures the avionics? The engines are by Pratt & Whitney?
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