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  1. How will they enforce social distancing with the valued Chinese tourists who arrive on packed planes, travel in packed buses, stay in packed hotels, walk in packed groups, and climb over each other at the buffet? Answer: they won't. They will be too busy making sure a lone farang doesn't get within six feet of a bar girl, or having a beer on a deserted beach.
  2. Restaurants have grounds with tables overlooking the sea on hill above Bali Hai Pier.
  3. Social distancing doesn't protect you from loss of job or a civil suit for 'leering' or 'ogling'.
  4. I suspect there will be a lot of small business owners who will start setting their own standards as to what is logical. Knock three times on the back door.
  5. In the States there are places where a white driver for a black man would draw some looks. It probably has something to do with the perceived pecking order in Thailand. I've taken many rides behind my female Thai friends and have nothing concerning to report.
  6. Suggestion to change nightlife: Instead of dancing girls, hostesses, and ladydrinks for companions, feature topless waitresses. Who cares if they are wearing masks and gloves? They could liberally apply gel so you could refresh your hand sanitizer throughout the evening at the mere cost of 100 baht. Also management would save on the high cost of dancing girls!
  7. They already have a long-serving therapy that would be perfect for him. In fact it carries his name. It's called 'leeches'.
  8. It's the job and life mission of 'Oldie' and other oldies to stamp out fun around the world. They won in California which used to be beach parties around a campfire and thousand of bars with topless barmaids and waitresses. All gone. They won in Vegas, which used to be wide open for play, but now offers the option of paying $40 entrance fee to a dead skylounge or hitting the slots. Sure, like anywhere you can dial up a $300 an hour visitor who may or may not make you happy. They tried in New Orleans after hurricana Katrina and succeeded in reducing the fun factor by about 60%. Where around the world do you see cities opening up instead of the steady drumbeat of fun tightening, from vice taxes to raids for a simple massage, which should be a human right?
  9. Go-Go bars will have walls of clear plastic surrounding the dance stage. Servers with masks and gloves. Customers six feet apart. You can buy a ladydrink but your lady must also keep her distance. Bar fines allowed but you must sign out together and register with your app at a nearby hotel that records your "in and out" times.
  10. You can live on 500,000 a year in Pattaya, 1-bdrm, 1 1/2 ba, 2 balcony condo with pool. I do. Certainly he will get that much in retirement. So maybe 14 years before he starts collecting. That's 7 million, and another 800,000 in Thai bank for retirement. Utilities, WiFi, phone are cheap. I have a girlfriend, get massages, and no shortage of food and drink. Just limit nightlife to once or, on occasion, twice a month. Don't join a gym, use the condo pool for lap swimming. We also have a small gym and steam room.
  11. Visited an older mall in Pattaya. No code scanning, no sign-ins, just temp check at mall entrances. Some optional gel at a few locations, masks were worn. Only hitch was exit doors from basement now locked, blocking use of grocery cart to push up ramp to taxi. So shop light.
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