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  1. Close by is Cabbages and Condoms restaurant on the sea at end of Pratamnak Soi 4. Crows nest for seating for best view. Get her a seafood pizza with squid somewhere (at big restaurant across from Buddha Mountain?), for something new to her. Small things like the sweet egg pancakes or soup found on food carts. Being that it's cheap, get her a 4-hands massage.
  2. It's funny that you demand accuracy in terminology and then use inaccurate terminology.
  3. Trump's plan is going well. He invites Turkey to attack U.S. ally Kurds, he then imposes sanctions on wavering NATO member Turkey, thereby pushing Turkey further into Russia's orbit of influence. Result: Scratch key NATO member in eastern Med. Oh wait! Trump is not that smart. Of course it was Putin's plan all along. The Donald is just carrying it out. Turkey likely is in on the gag, too.
  4. No different in USA where after every tornado someone crawls out of the rubble and claims that God saved him or her (and let the others die). I wonder if, after someone stomps on an ant hill, a surviving ant crawls out and thanks the ant God for saving it?
  5. I remember when it took two to dance. Now, even if there is a dance partner, you stand six feet apart and jump around like spastic gibbons. Gone is not just the romance, but also the chance to chat up the girls without throwing around some big bucks for rounds of drinks. Or do you somehow use Snapchat or Twitter or Twater, whatever they are. for that these days?
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