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  1. I understand the TM30 was a rule enacted decades ago and is now being enforced again. That sounds that the TM30 was a tightening, then was loosened, and now being tightened again.
  2. I did it with 60+30 SETV, then 30 in Cambodia via air, then Thailand again for 30+30. No problems.
  3. Can you please point out to me the public bins to dispose of anything? I guess public bins would reduce the likelihood of collecting fines for littering.
  4. In '99 I had a cute young masseuse in California. She told me that she kept herself trimmed and suggested she do the same for me before we took off for a planned day at the nude beach. I see her once a year now when back home and she still keeps me bald down below. She has been to Thailand with me three times. I paid the first time, then she paid her own way. Loves it and always takes various massage courses. I was asked, "What the hell are you doing bringing a masseuse to Thailand?" Never enough, lads, never enough.
  5. Well, when you take the fun factor out of Thailand's nightlife AND strengthen the baht, of course tourism suffers. They may not be able to do much about the baht but they could restore a lot of the fun factor practically overnight. Just lighten up!
  6. I've dated and/or become friends with a few over the past 21 years. I've enjoyed our relationships, be it for two years or a decade. Some have brought me gifts or watched over me when ill, and one loaned me a large amount of baht to get out of the hospital when the bill was more than I could withdraw in a day. She is not rich but owns two massage shops and works hard. We dated two years out of three, absolutely legit operations, a real lady and a real doll. Take your time. Be a repeat customer. See if you enjoy each others company.
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