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  1. The claim that MP's would be disrespecting their constituents was made based on the fact that 52% of voters wanted Brexit, a claim requiring us to ignore the 28% of the population who didn't vote which disregards the fact that this 28% of the populace did not demonstrate support for Brexit and so have nothing to that regard to disrespect. As it was about 1/3 who supported Brexit it is about 1/3 who stand to be disrespected when they delay/scrap Brexit.
  2. Who cares, we were talking about traits of theonomies not theocracies, there is no talk of having a Muslim cleric replace the government, there is talk of religious law, on both sides.
  3. You thought there was something antisemitic in her calling out Israeli lobbying in the US? Here's what the Jerusalem Post has to say about what she said... https://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/Antisemitism/The-Ilhan-Omar-anti-Semitism-controversy-explained-580734
  4. True, they don't have power anymore, but there will be a percentage who would like them to and that is the relevance. I wonder what percentage of British Jews support the beth din courts and what percentages of British Catholics support the diocesan courts. Of course both of those do have powers of arbitration, the same powers given to sharia councils.
  5. Iran is not a true theocracy as it incorporates some democracy, however it is a theonomy as it tries all crimes in a religious court against Islamic law. The US is not a theonomy, no one is tried in a religious court and the laws are common in origin rather than scripture derived, however is it a theocracy? The constitution says it can't be, however look at this presidency and we can see something happening. Trump announced, “IN AMERICA WE DON’T WORSHIP GOVERNMENT – WE WORSHIP GOD!”. The ‘Bible Literacy Bill’ was passed into law allowing public schools to teach the bible during lesson time. And then there is Alliance Defending Freedom, the group Jeff Sessions supports who seek to give Christians rights beyond the constitution based on canonical law. There has been a shift towards theocracy this presidency.
  6. What percentage of Church of England members support the ecclesiastical courts?
  7. No one claimed that 51% of Christian Americans want canonical law, what I said is that a larger percentage of Republicans do. But what really happened was 57% of Republicans in a poll said that they wanted the US to become a Christian country, which means either a theocracy or a theonomy, take your pick, a religious leadership or religious law, we're not sure which they wanted, perhaps both.
  8. But we were not talking about reflections on the result, we were talking about MP's respecting their constituents.
  9. Is that what you thought I meant? Nope, I am not including those unable to vote, just the approximately 1/3 who chose to abstain. Leave supporters seem to imagine they don't exist and they can just ignore them from the stats and pretend that 52% of the people voted Leave when it was actually about 35%.
  10. Where do you get your drivel and do you ever consider checking whether or not it is drivel before posting? The referendum saw a turnout of 72%, nowhere near the highest ever, in fact, every single general election between 1922 and 1997 had a higher turnout. It wasn't even the highest turnout for a referendum, that would be the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 at 84.5%.
  11. Approximately, 1/3 voted Leave, 1/3 voted Remain and 1/3 chose not to vote. In a Leave supporters mind that means half of the people wanted to leave, but in a rational persons mind that means 1/3 of the people did.
  12. We did not go after Islam last time as that would have been completely ridiculous, it would be like going after any old Republican following this attack. But what we did do is go after the hate preachers who had inspired those attacks, and that is what we are doing this time. I'm sorry, I know you so wanted it to be all unfair but it isn't, all murderous folk get treated the same.
  13. Surely you are not completely oblivious to the Christian movements attempts to subvert the constitution in favor of their barbaric old laws? Santorum said "... a country that is given rights under the god, under god, not any god, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, and that God that gave us rights also gave us a responsibility, and laws, by which our civil laws have to comport with. A higher law. God's law." Huckabee said "…I believe it’s a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living God. And that’s what we need to do is amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than trying to change God’s standards so it lines up with some contemporary view…” Remember the attempt to prevent abortions using religious law? Yeah, that was deemed unconstitutional. When was the last time some Sharia law made it past legislators?
  14. It isn't compatible, nor is the US constitution compatible with canonical law, which was my point as you don't hear the same people moan about the many more millions of Christians who support the abolition of the constitution in favor of their religious law. How can 57% of Republicans respect the US constitution if they want to live under their religious law, Canon law?
  15. Where do you get this constant dribble of misunderstandings? Yes, it is "apparently" wrong to completely disrespect the constitution, but who is defending or supporting Muslims who seek Sharia law? What do you mean by "they do it to a more extreme manner"???? We were talking about percentages of people who want to live under the religious law, so what could be more or less extreme, they either want that or not. Nothing to do with who is brown or white, there are plenty of brown Christians seeking biblical law, they have the constitution in their way just like the Muslims, so colour has nothing to do with it and in reality that is just a fantasy of yours.
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