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  1. Did you think you were reading the normal Thai news? Farang accidents are not on the Thai news, they are on the farang news.
  2. Plenty of misery caused by opium long before heroin was invented, the method of consumption is largely irrelevant.
  3. The police would be a more appropriate place to file your report.
  4. As has been stated many times previously on this very thread, if they could do it then they would have won the war against the Shan kingdom 50 years ago.
  5. The EU has banned products containing over 10% deet and some European countries have banned it altogether. Its pretty toxic, it poses no real risk in short term use but should not be used for long periods.
  6. Or the bike was on the wrong side of the road.
  7. If the research doesn't agree with you then it is "the wrong research"???? Please present some evidence that supports your claim as your having lived in the center of a city and having witnessed amphetamine addicts obviously tells us nothing at all about the percentage of users who become addicted.
  8. I am sure, but what you could be doing is looking it up and then apologizing for calling me a scaremonger, but hey ho, if reporting people is what you need to do to feel better then so be it.
  9. You are not being in the slightest bit generous to Thailand, they manage far greater results in Africa, why such low expectations of Thai people? It did not take a dictatorship or forcing anyone to do anything in Africa, just informing people of the habits of mosquitoes. No, nothing funny about taking actual case studies into consideration over one TV posters "common sense" guess.
  10. One of their biggest markets these days is Bangladesh and they are now expanding into India.
  11. No, it doesn't work like that, you don't get to make things up about who is at risk and where and when confronted by facts to the contrary, call scaremonger. Are the Japanese, South Korean and Taiwanese health authorities scaremongers for giving all children the vaccine? One might ask where you are getting your 1970's take on the issue from? There are 36 provinces in Thailand which have regular JE incidents. The spread of the disease has changed, it used to stay mostly still and was concentrated in small pig farming areas in the north, but then Thailand switched to industrial pig farming and started buying piglets and transporting them around the country, and now the disease can be found anywhere. Plenty on the net available to read about it, its something we have known about since the 80's.
  12. So now nothing at all to do with synthetic vs natural, now just a list created on the hoof since you've realized you were misunderstanding the word synthetic? What process determines in your mind what is synthetic and what is natural?
  13. Cocaine also occurs naturally in nature, as I just made clear it is produced by the plant and its extraction does not result in something synthetic, it doesn't even take a process, its already there in the plant naturally so certainly not a synthetic. Morphine also occurs naturally in nature, turning it into heroin through the use of synthetic chemicals does not make it a synthetic substance, that would defy science. Differing processes does not mean that one simply must be natural while the other simply must be synthetic, that is just your clearly very limited knowledge. You were saying something about an idiot while making these idiotic posts, how embarrassing for you.
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