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  1. I think it will be worse - it will set out that Trump is a Russian asset. That the Russians have had him in their pocket all along. To show how bad things are, when the Deputy head of the FBI brought this allegation to the committee of 4 Republicans and 4 Democrats, they did not even ask a question or exhibit surprise or shock. This is how we got the Mueller investigation. Trump is actually correct - there is no collusion. Collusion is when two equals cooperate. An asset just does what he is told unquestioningly.
  2. I don't think that anyone in the UK would appreciate another election (even by-election) right now and it would not change a thing. Everyone is very pissed off with politicians and parties over the nonsense. Very soon there is likely to be an election anyway. Already there are 11 people in this "independent group" and there may soon be more, at the rate things are going. The independent group ties with the Lib-Dems as the fourth largest group in Parliament. Might be the start of something new, something less extremist other than Corbyn's lurch to militant and May's "I'll do anything to keep ERG on board."
  3. yea, is it a typo or it is some sort of Thai jargon that i don't know about?
  4. If you take it that Brexit even with an agreement, means that the UK will be leaving the largest trade agreement (with the largest economy in the world), this will impact on the economy. An impacted economy usually affects the currency of that economy as it reduces the demand for that currency on the FX markets.
  5. The Chinese property developers may be different from the Chinese who buy. To illustrate what I am going to say, Chinese buyers like to buy the equivalent of condos in London. These properties are build according to Pheng Shui principles and sold exclusively in China/Hong Kong. Almost none of them are lived in full-time; none of them are rented out. Instead, the individual/family investors stay in the condos when they visit London. And they now have bragging rights of a home in London. The reason why they do this is because their primary reason for buying the property in the first place was to get the cash out of China and find a good way of holding it. They are holding the property a bit like people hold gold. It is a place to run to if things go bad. And you can always sell it if you need the foreign exchange, even if you get less for it. The Chinese who are buying in Thailand are just lower on the rungs of the ladder than in London, probably paying about a quarter of less of what they pay for London equivalent. The commute is cheaper and they can go there for the weekend.
  6. Perhaps you should share her details and preferably a photo with the British Embassy so that they can do something about her.
  7. I am genuinely interested in the distortions you refer to. Could you elaborate?
  8. And I would say that you have just put your finger on the reason for Mr Long leaving right now - Trump needs to get money for his wall and he has already made it clear he will take it from funding he has for, among other things, emergencies. It will be interesting to see you puts their hand up for that job, which has to be poisoned chalice!
  9. Making libel a criminal rather than a civil matter is often the hallmark of dictatorship.
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