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  1. The response will be "very strong, very beautiful. Probably the most beautiful response ever."
  2. And so what is your suggestion, Prof. Constitutional Expert? Let Covid-19 rip through the houses of congress - remember, Covid-19 does not care whether someone is a Republican or Democrat.
  3. As I understand it, removal of a lung or part of it is for conditions such as lung cancer. Removal of a lung due to infection I have not heard of. In addition, the cost of a partial or full lung removal would far outweigh the costs of treatment, including antibiotics. Therefore I think there is something strange about this story. The only point that might ring true is that it is Cigna that is refusing to pay for treatment. They did this before in the case of a Canadian who got sick while in Thailand.
  4. Yeah, but you have to indulge the folks running Thai Visa when the news day is so slow that there are not even "a dog ate my homework" stories.
  5. And supplied by another country that does not have much if any capacity for refining oil. Sounds like desperation on all sides.
  6. So let me get this straight: The Chinese local government lied to their own people, to WHO and to their superiors for between 5 and 6 days, covering up the information concerning the virus. Trump covered up the effect of the virus for 5 weeks from February 1st - even before that, his own advisor wrote him a memo (late January) predicting the possible effect of an uncontrolled outbreak, including the economic effects. Call it whatever way you want but lying to your own people for 5 weeks counts more for me! I mean, do you realise that more Americans have died from this virus than ALL the folks who died during all conflicts since WW2 combined?
  7. What is the point of cracking down on smoking if the air is full of PM2.5 from rice field burning, land clearance and burning of garbage? Address those first.
  8. I wonder about the "no handluggage" rule. How are they going to screen laptops/tablets etc? Under the old rules, anything with a battery in the hold luggage was illegal
  9. I never understood the idea of depriving prisoners of sex with their partners/wives. First, by depriving men of sex, they either channel it into violence or into some sort of bullying same-sex scenario with another inmate. Besides, if you deprive inmates of intimacy with their wives/partners, you create a situation where they lose connection with their families as the wives/partners go elsewhere. Besides, if you want to really keep prisoners in line, the big privelege you can hold over them would be denial of conjugal rights! Much easier to run prisons with such rules in place.
  10. Really what you want is a return to the 1930s when countries felt they had to manufacture everything at home. This led to nationalized steel mills, airlines, sugar manufacturers etc etc. There is a reason why trade occurs - some countries are better placed than others for the manufacture of specific goods and services. It is the laws of demand, supply and therefore price that give rise to where we are right now. Isolating anyone is not going to do anyone any good. Iran, Vietnam, North Korea - nothing happened except that the locals suffered. Good luck with the isolation policy.
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