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  1. Sometimes even truth telling can be misleading. Imagine if the grandfather of this expert were to tell the population in 1919 that the flu would never be eradicated, bearing in mind that this flu was killing more people than the First World War that ended a year earlier. Instead, the expert should also say (and maybe this has been edited out by the media) the following: 1. That like the flu, we will probably have a Covid jab for those who need it every year. And like the flu jab, it won't guarantee you won't get the flu but if you get it if is highly likely to be much milder and it reduce
  2. Well, not quite. They have moved from the late middle ages into the twentieth century by allowing civil union but not marriage. Civil union does not necessarily allow all the rights of marriage. It is a bit like the catholic church allowing for the control of fertility (through the rhythm method) but the banning of the use of contraceptives, including condoms. But I suppose we should look on the bright side. The pope is far more liberal than the latest candidate for the USA supreme court.
  3. So a guy who has co-authored a paper for the New England Journal of Medicine is senile? Really? Look it up - the paper came out in March of this year. And while I think that Trump is the worst president ever visited on the USA, he is far from senile. His narcissistic sensibilities and his ability to work the crowd and his instinct for the camera are still perfectly tuned. Just to check, what criteria do you use to diagnose someone as suffering from senility? I would be willing to bet that you do not have any publications in peer-reviewed medical journals. You are just a
  4. Reminds me of my dog, unfortunately since passed away. A Belgian Shepherd Malinois, she would have given her life to protect me. One time a 70kg guy "wandered by accident" into the house - my 22kg dog took a run at him and knocked him to the ground. Once I was enjoying a coffee outside a place with my dog under the table when a woman came out and asked me aggressively to move my car - I politely told her that I did not bring my car that day. My dog emerged from under the table and growled at her - she was on a leash. Then I was told more aggressively to keep my dog under control. I
  5. While I have no time for terrorism, I cannot understand ISIS - I mean, it they really want to be martyrs for a cause (as opposed to killing their own brother Muslims in Saudi Arabia), why don't they do something for the Uighurs? Or is it only the easy targets that provide nice audio-visuals that they want?
  6. What I don't get is the following: according to the report on the BBC, the teacher who was sensitive to the feelings of Muslims, invited the Muslim students to leave the class when the cartoons were being shown. So it could not have been blasphemy if no Muslim students did not see it. But the part that I really do not get is that none of these jihadists and even countries that are run my Islamic theocratic governments seem to be bothered by the treatment of Uighurs, forcing them to recant Allah. Surely that is much much worse than a mere cartoon, no matter how blasphemous!
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