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  1. But the prevailing scientific view is that no one got the virus from eating bats. It is that bats passed the virus on to at least one intermediary species through which humans got it. As in the case with Spanish Flu back in the early part of the 20th century, the Americans who first contracted the flu virus were most likely the workers at the turkey farm, not the consumers of the turkeys. Those Americans wearing uniforms then brought it over to Europe during WW1. Similarly, the intermediary species that caught the covid-19 virus from bats in Asia (does not even have to
  2. A brief look at the Biden front line and you are in for a surprise - they are all qualified for the job! Remember the qualifications that Trump required. Apparently Yellen did not qualify for a second term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve (equivalent of Head of the Central Bank in other countries) because she was too short.
  3. Yes, isn't it so much better to have the Middle East on a knife edge with the threat of nuclear war hanging over it? I am no apologist for the Revolutionary Guards of Iran but if the West was prepared to do a deal with Stalin (a far bigger killer than even Hitler), then the EU and USA should be able to do a deal with Iran.
  4. Here's to Michael J Fox, a brave hearted guy. Wishing him all the very best in a tough situation.
  5. I agree that it is a slippery slope (although it is to an extent an elected government - there are regular elections even though only members of the Party and other vetted individuals can stand). At the end of the day, Facebook has so many users, if the government were to block it ordinary people would be <deleted> off in a big way. This is not China where other social media are established and the locals never had FB.
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