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  1. There are many things that you have done wrong with this and a lot of it is your attitude. One thing is trying to tell Thai Immigration Officers in Thailand that your Commonwealth of Australia Statutory Declaration is a legal binding document. Well, that is absolute b******t because that statutory declaration is only a legal binding document in Australia, not in Thailand. From what I have read in your OP the biggest problem is you and the way you have approached this. You do not want to bring your money to Thailand but it is a requirement for both the visa extensions that both the seasoned money and the income money must go into a Thai Bank Account in your name only which you have not done and it is a requirement that using the income method it must show as income from an international country into a Thai bank account and you are fighting with the Immigration office and now you tell them that you are going to phone "Big Joke" to sort it out for you. You are on overstay because you have stated that your retirement extension has expired. Wake up to yourself sport, and get your a**e out of Thailand and go and get a new visa in accordance with the rules or you could find yourself being shipped back to Australia and receiving a ban on entry to Thailand.
  2. The wife has just listened to the Thai news and it has been reported the Thai court has ruled that Hakeem Al-Araibi will not be extradited to Bahrain but instead he will be returned to Australia.
  3. Today at about 12:30 I had to go northbound on the western ring road and there was a fire had just been lit to get rid of household garbage that had been dumped alongside of the road, there was polystyrene that is used for packing around cooking appliances and refrigerators plus black plastic garbage bags. When I returned at 18:00 that fire was till burning plus about 20 acres of bushland, this is not sugar farms, factories or diesel vehicles, this is gross laziness and filthy by local people dumping their household rubbish in the bush and setting on fire. The toxic fumes from the burning polystyrene and plastic bags is far worse than any sugar farm burning. There needs to be something done about this type of thing instead of blaming everything else for the problem.
  4. America and Australia are modern developed countries but they still burn the sugar cane fields the night before it is harvested. Plus they use modern machinery to cut and load the cane not manual labour like Thailand does.
  5. Everyone is pointing the finger at the sugar farmers and the diesel powered vehicles for all this pollution. I have been traveling around the western side ring road of Khon Kaen every day for the last 2 weeks and I have seen a lot of smoke around that area and non of it is from any sugar farms because in that area there is no sugar farms but what I have seen is people just burning bush. They just start a fire and walk away from it and just let it go plus also all the places where the people dump their rubbish on the side of the road and then someone will clear it all by lighting a fire and burning all types of rubbish. If you drive from the southern end to the northern end of the western side ring road you will see that 95% of it has been burnt lately. As for the burning of the sugar cane, countries like America and Australia with their advanced technology burn the sugar fields the night before it is harvested. Another problem with the pollution is that the other countries that border Thailand do exactly the same as Thailand, I remember several years back all the problems with the smoke haze/pollution that was blowing across Thailand from the burning of the forests for the Palm Oil farms in Indonesia. So the problem is not only caused by the sugar farmers and the diesel vehicles and it is not only caused by Thailand
  6. If taken into court in shackles is abusive then Australia, America and most other countries that do the same thing are abusing the prisoners rights. All prisoners are shackled for transport between the remand centres and the courts, it is then up to the judge at the court on whether the prisoner remains shackled or not.
  7. That citizen that you are talking about is actually a Bahraini citizen traveling on a Bahraini passport and that is part of the big problem because he has not qualified for Australian citizenship yet. Any traveler must have a passport from their birth country until they qualify for citizenship of another country. Refugees are not given citizenship to the country that gives them refugee status until they have qualified the same as any other person. He should have waited until he had citizenship and then he would travel on an Australian passport and not on the refugee papers that he claims that he had. In one of the first threads on this he claimed that he went to the Thai Consulate in Melbourne to find out if it was safe to travel here.
  8. You should check ALL the sugar cane growing countries and not just single out Thailand before you get on your soapbox about the burning of the cane fields. The largest sugar growing countries in the world still follow the burning of the fields the night before the harvest. It does not matter if it is a Euro4 rated diesel or not, if the motor is tuned properly and it is using pure first grade diesel fuel then you will not get the black smoke, but if the fuel has been mixed with fuel oil at the refinery then the fuel oil will burn the tips of the injectors and that will cause black smoke. Then you must remove the whole fuel system and clean it plus replace the injectors at a great loss of time and expense. When you look at a lot of the diesel vehicles here in Thailand they are not maintained very well and they prefer the noise that they get instead of tuning them properly. Many of the pick-ups should be off the road because there is no way that they would meet the safety standards or the emission standards, but the people just keep using them and they do not care.
  9. There is also another reason why diesel powered vehicles belch black smoke and that is the quality of the fuel they are buying from the service stations. A small percentage of fuel oil mixed with the diesel at the refinery will burn the tips of the injectors and belch black smoke. It is a major job to clean the whole fuel system of a vehicle and replace the burnt injectors plus it is very costly
  10. They will not be on overstay because that information does not get presented to Immigration again until you do your next extension application
  11. Then tell your embassy to give 1 year notice that they are withdrawing the income letters so that we can plan ahead better. Anyway this thread has got nothing to do with those changes, this is about a Belgium man that went onto overstay because of his anxiety attacks that failed to attend at the immigration office and renew what ever visa extension he was on.
  12. No, not for Khon Kaen. No water left
  13. The "Washing the sky" nonsense as you say does actually work, but not from the ground level, you must get above the pollution to get it to work. The pollution is dust particles in the air and when sprayed from above they become heavier than air and therefore they fall to the ground. It does work if done properly
  14. Forget about this particular case A country would have contacted Interpol informing them that there was a one of their citizens that has been convicted of criminal activity and that there is a current arrest warrant for this person who is lose in the international arena. This is where the "Red Notice" would be generated from, because this person has not committed a crime in another country, that other country cannot generate the "Red Notice" they can only advise the movements of this person. Very few countries will not act on a notice from Interpol because it is in their own interests to be a member country and as a member country they are required to operate in accordance with the International rules. So Thailand is required under the rules to apprehend this criminal.
  15. You are correct in one aspect Steve and that is water spraying does help, but not when it is sprayed from the ground. What is needed is for the water to be spayed above the dust and the only way that can be done is by using large water spraying aircraft like the Lockheed Hercules that the Americans used in Vietnam to spray the chemical defoliant "Agent Orange", the smaller crop dusting aircraft are too small to get to the height that is needed plus they do not carry enough water. The water bombers that are used for fire fighter can get the height and they can carry the water but they only dump the water and do not spray the water. The principle of creating artificial rain is the way to go but it must be done from above the pollution.
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