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  1. There are only 2 groups of businesses out of the 4 that have been opened and there is a 14 day window between each group to ensure that if there is a spike in cases then it can be quickly controlled. Group 3 is due to open on 1st June and group 4 to open on 15th June. The emergency is not over until all businesses are open and operating as normal and there are no spikes in the numbers of confirmed cases. Remember the bars, cinemas, karaoke bars, massage shops etc are still not opened and operating and nothing will be clear until the end of June
  2. If the government had not brought in the restrictions that they did how many would have suffered from the virus? How many would have died?
  3. No, I am the brother of a woman that was bashed to death by her drunken husband who then run and killed 2 other people in the car accident. Plus I spent a lot of time being dragged away from my wife and children to go and remove the bodies of young families that were killed by drunk drivers. So don't class me as a reformed alcoholic.
  4. What about my right of free choice or are you the only one that is entitled to that because your'e a drinker and why should me and my family not be allowed to go and enjoy our meal at a restaurant without some selfish drunk stumbling over us and knocking our food on my wife's lap and slobbering and spitting all over us and our food. You don't respect our rights so why should we respect yours. Selfish.
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