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  1. The only ones that can legally hold a persons passport is the issuing country or any court in any country where a person commits an offence and faces charges and there is a risk of that person fleeing that country. If he goes to his embassy they will tell him that any court has the power to hold a persons passport until such time that the court case is finished. You will find that his embassy already knows about his passport being held by the court as the normal procedure is that the courts notify the embassies so that the person cannot apply for another passport or emergency travel documents
  2. The bank account is no problem. Just fill in the form and send to Australian Services and your pension is paid direct from Reserve Bank into your Thai bank account at a better exchange rate than any Australian commercial bank will give
  3. It maybe his only choice. I know one local Aussie that went through an agent for a visa change and it cost him 22000 for the change and extension. That compares favourably to what it would cost to have to go back to Australia. Repatriation flight are not cheap plus all the other expenses to come back, but because he is retired he would not be able to return yet anyway
  4. Try talking to an agent, some of them might be able to swing the visa change for you.
  5. Have you spoken to anyone about changing your visa? (immigration or an agent) If you have the money in the bank you maybe able to change visa internally. Try checking form TM86 Change of Visa. Unfortunately for the OP he has stated that he no longer has the 800,000 in the bank which is required for a Non-Imm "O" visa based on retirement unless he is married and then he only needs 400,000 in the bank for a Non-Imm "O" visa based on being married to a Thai National and that gets rid of the requirement for health insurance also
  6. There are repatriation flights but he must register at the Australian Embassy for the dates of the flights. If he does not return to Australia and sort something out about money then he is going to be in even bigger trouble if he cannot get a visa this year and he will still have to do something about his visa next year with no income..
  7. The OP has 2 choices; 1: use an agent for his visa 2: return to Australia and hope for the best for his pension but eventually he will have to return to Australia to get his pension so he has some income as he has stated he has no income at the moment.
  8. This post is about an Australian that is looking at his options because of the time he has on his visa and the way he could possibly get out of the mess he is in. So this is the right forum for that. You are wrong again. To get the aged pension back when I got mine you had to have been living in Australia for 2 years it had nothing to do with portability back then.
  9. What I have stated is what the Services Australia claim that they require. How many of you have gone back to Australia and applied for the age pension as soon as you have arrived there? NONE of you. So therefore you do not know what you are talking about and you are giving false information instead of giving the correct information that is listed on the Australia Services website. When I applied for my age pension I had to have lived in Australia for a minimum of 2 years BEFORE I could apply and since then many things have changed.
  10. I am not interpreting anything. That is the actual wording on the Australian Services website that was updated in November 2019. That update is just 1 year ago. Will27 claims that everything is incorrect but he is wrong because things have changed a lot since he could remember. Requirements have changed for many thing for pensions.
  11. Check this website https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/age-pension/who-can-get-it/residence-rules To get Age Pension you generally need to have been an Australian resident for at least 10 years in total. For at least 5 of these years, there must be no break in your residence. If you are living in Thailand then you have broken your residency with Australia. So you may have to go back and live there for a minimum of 5 years with no break to be eligible to apply for the aged pension
  12. You have 2 options 1: use an un-reputable agent that can falsify the documents 2: Contact the Australian Embassy and register for a repatriation flight back to Australia. The Australian borders are not closed to its own citizens returning on repatriation flights But what ever your choice is, you will still have to return to Australia for 2 years to qualify for your pension to be portable
  13. I am on a Non "O" Multi Entry that expires on 25 Nov and on the 9 Sept I went and applied for a 60 day extension which was stamped to commence on 27 Sept and expire on 25 Nov but with the new amnesty until 31 October my stamp has been changed to expire on 30 Dec. I was charged 1900 baht.
  14. go to the post for "information regarding 60 day extensions" on Oct 21 and you will see that at Khon Kaen they are changing the until date stamp from Nov 25 to Dec 30 for any 60 day extension that was applied for before the Sept 26 which had a start by date of Sept 27. No extra charge
  15. The woman is a Thai, so she would not be coming on a STV.
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