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  1. Unfortunately the protesters are playing right it the Chinese governments hands. Think about what happened here in Thailand 6 years ago with the violence between the red shirts and the yellow shirts, well, it is the same thing in Hong Kong with the violence and it does not matter what anybody says Hong Kong is part of China. China have the army just across the river ready to go into Hong Kong and if this violence keeps going and these protesters keep ignoring the Hong Kong police directions then I think that there will be no choice but for China to send in the army to stop the violence the same as what happened here with the military coup which as far as I am concerned is still in force now. These violent protests are destroying Hong Kong as a financial hub and China cannot allow this violence to continue but the protesters cannot see this because they are being led by these activists that really do not care. Sorry, but I believe that China will have to go in and do whatever they need to do to stop this stupid violence. You can protest without violence.
  2. You have until 30 Sept 2020 to work out what you are going to do after that date because what you need to work out is if they still have the health insurance requirement in force then, you must decide what you are going to do, whether you are going to renew your "O-A" visa and get the required insurance or are you going to change your visa to a Non-Imm "O" visa with an 1 year extension after the 90 days. If you decide to change to the Non-Imm "O" visa then you will need to plan for the financials to be in a Thai bank account to qualify.
  3. I don't think it was them because if if was they would be saying every visa and not just the "O-A" visa. Here is something for you to think about. Financials (money) for "O-A" visa not in a Thai bank. Non-Imm "O" visa financials (money) in a Thai bank. Think about that.
  4. He would be on a Non-Imm "O" visa because the "O-A" visa does not carry an income method in its financials. All the financials for an "O-A" visa are in the applicants home country. So this does not affect him. His worries have been caused by all the misinformation that has been bandied about.
  5. The official police order that is dated on Sept 27, 2019 as stated is for "O-A" visa only, this also includes the extra 1 year that you can apply for to effectively give you 2 years before this visa expires.
  6. I said that VFS Global was an Indian company that does visa applications, not that it was done in India. Australia, New Zealand and UK to name just 3 use VFS Global office here in Bangkok for visa applications. VFS Global have offices all over the world
  7. The insurance is for anything to do with the "O-A" visa and the extra 1 year that you can get for it (it does not matter if you want to call it an extension or a permission to stay or an extra time it is all the same) You can get 2 years from the original entry date and for that full time you must have health insurance plus if you return to your home country and apply for a new "O-A" visa then you will be required to have the health insurance but if you do not return to your home country to get a new "O-A" visa and you go to Loas, Vietnam or any other country and apply for a 90 day "O" visa then you do not need the health insurance for that. But, if you decide on the "O-A" visa then you must show your financials in your home country and if you change to the 90 day "O" visa with the extension based on retirement then you must show your financials in a Thai bank account.
  8. You can get a single 1 year extension on an "O-A" visa and at the end of that extension you must either return to your home country and apply for a new "O-A" visa or you can cross the border and obtain a Non-Imm "O" visa for 90 days and then as long as you meet the financial requirements then you can apply for your extension based on retirement
  9. One of the problems is that many countries embassies do not process the visa applications anymore, they have contracted it out to an Indian company called VFSGlobal and they collect all the information now including a lot of the bio-metric stuff
  10. A lot of them are foreign based companies with branches here in Thailand
  11. Read the last paragraph of the police order and it states that if you have a current O-A visa then this does not affect you until the term of your current O-A visa reaches the end of your approved length of stay.
  12. First off, this is not the official police order, so you are reading the wrong document. If you go back to my previous posts you will find the official police order there and then read the bottom paragraph.
  13. On the criteria page clause #6 was added which is the clause for the new health insurance requirements for the "O-A" visa only. Too many people are reading the wrong things into this and therefore stating incorrect information. Anyone on a Non-Imm "O" visa with a retirement extension is NOT required to have the health insurance the same as the person who is on the marriage extension is NOT required to have the health insurance.
  14. even you are incorrect.... There are only three methods of financials to qualify for a retirement extension that smedly is talking about and they are the income method where you must transfer 65,000 baht per month from outside Thailand into a Thai bank account, The combination method of where you use a combination of income and seasoned money and then there is the seasoned money method where you are required to have 800,000 baht in a Thai bank account for 2 months before your application and then it must remain in the bank for another 3 months after your application and then you must keep 400,000 baht for the remaining 7 months until it is time to top up to 800,000 baht again. The combination method is currently a very grey area. Most retirees use the Non-Imm "O" visa with the extensions and not the "O-A" visa.
  15. There are a lot of uneducated people on here that prefer to sprook false information instead of stating the facts about this. Go and read the official police order that has been available on TV for the last three days and it clearly states that this insurance is "only" for the "O-A" visa and no other visa. Elite visa = not affected, Non-Imm "O" visa with retirement extension = not affected, Non-Imm "O" visa with marriage extension = not affected. This is the official police order that was listed here on TV 2 days ago. Read it and you will see that it is only the "O-A" visa that is affected by the insurance and non of the others.
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