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  1. At a rough guess I would say about 80% are certificate qualified. It is not like the olden days anymore. We have seen shops open only to close again within a week. Just using where we are in a radius of 1 kilometre there were 7 traditional massage shops and now there is only 2 left open. 4 of the shops were closed because they did not have the certificates that were required by MOPH. The other shop just closed.
  2. A lot that I know of. My wife already had her certificates from a registered massage school in Bangkok from many years again and when the regulations changed she went back to a registered massage college here in Khon Kaen and re-did her courses and got her new certificates that were forwarded to Bangkok to receive her recognised certificate from the Thai government plus when that was done she sent her certificates to the Government and got her certificate to be able to open her own shop and then the shop was inspected by MOPH who gave their certificate of approval for the shop to open and last
  3. It is not an exception at all as most of the shops in our area are well respected shops and the others are also well known for the extras they give. Most of the shops around Khon Kaen are owned by elderly owners and are worked by elderly trained and workers with MOPH trained certificates, whereas the other shops are worked by young girls who do not have the training and the massage certificates.
  4. Normal price is 200 baht per hour for a Thai massage and the girls do not get paid while sitting around waiting for a customer and they get paid 50% of the fee for whatever massage they do and they are kicked out the door if they try any happy endings and the customer is also kicked out if they ask the girls for any extras.
  5. Australian organisations notified the Office of the Australian Information Commission (OAIC) of 539 data breaches in the last six months of 2020, bringing the yearly total to 1051. https://ia.acs.org.au/article/2021/australia-had-1051-data-breaches-in-2021.html These include all the banks in Australia, Centrelink (social security), Dept of Immigration and Border Patrol plus many private companies. How many breaches has there been in America or UK or Europe? Of the 539 breaches occurring between July and December last year, the number of incidents caused by human error inc
  6. Well, All the Thai bashers are at it again, but they will not accept the "Data Leaks" that are occurring in Thailand but they cannot and will not admit to all the "Data Leaks" from banks, social security organisations and other government departments that occur in their first world home countries like America, UK, Australia and Europe. It does not matter what country it is in the world "computer data is not secure" If you do not want your information to be put onto a computer data base then don't give it to the organisation that wants it and just go home to your own country and curl up in a da
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