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  1. The Section38 android app is much simpler to use IMHO. I've done a couple of reports no problem.
  2. Non-RE simply means you entered on a re-entry permit with an extension which was based originally on a Non Immigrant O Visa. I have the same stamp in my old passport when I entered on a Re-entry permit for my extension based on marriage. So it does mean re-entry and NOT retirement. Confirmed by others on Page 31 of this thread.
  3. I've had two home visits. They usually ring (possibly at short notice) to say they are coming. They arrived with a laptop, scanner & printer. I had to have 2 witnesses (Pu Yai ban + 1 other). They scanned/copied the witnesses ID cards & tabbian bans. They quizzed my wife and the witnesses to establish that our marriage was legit and that I was not working. Details were entered into the laptop, printed and the witnesses signed them to say the details were true. They hardly spoke to me at all. Took 30-40 minutes.
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