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  1. If I had 100 million $$ and the choice between investing it in Thailand or burning it, I'd do the latter one; less headaches...
  2. What happened to the colourful crime-boards and the dozen or so cops pointing?
  3. They won't change, and they will never listen to you. Save your kid's mental well-being and move out!
  4. Considering that, according to recent news items, people spent most of it in supermarkets and malls, wait for the downturn later on as people didn't buy anything 'extra', but just 'earlier'...
  5. Wishful thinking, or the usual making up of fake numbers??
  6. It's all about big volume here. A million Smarties seem to be worth more than one BMW...
  7. It could be a misunderstanding. Perhaps the OP is not familiar with METVs, thinking that he should have gotten a '6-month-stamp', but of course a METV only gives permission to stay 60 days at a time.
  8. Or water pollution, e.g. sewage-polluted beaches like Pattaya, Patong, etc.
  9. Gen Apirat should choose his comic books more carefully in order not to get nightmares...
  10. I was worried of getting refused very recently. - Approaching the counter, there was a supervising IO standing ready to lead me away. (I was one of only few Caucasians at that time.) What saved me was the IOs closer look at my passport (seeing either my nationality, or age). Make no mistake; due to this experience, watching IO and supervisor interact, I am certain that there is a 'quota' they have to fill.
  11. I agree. With the 'face' thing it might actually lead to changes over time...
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