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  1. Spot on! Not only did the health minister label tourists as 'dir**' last year, but there also seems to be a common perception now, thanks to politicians and mass media, among (poorer) Thais that 'white people spread Covid in Thailand'... Well, I am one of many tourists in Thailand, but the rising xenophobia had me think about travelling and spending money in Thailand. I will just keep my travel funds 'dry', waiting for friendlier places to open their borders again next year. Thailand likes Chinese tourists, so they should wait for them. Good luck, Thailand!
  2. Sadly, Australia is not alone. Once you live abroad, they give a rat's ass about you. I don't mind paying for the jabs. If not available in Thailand for foreigners, then such services in other countries will profit. Thai baht can be exchanged and spent abroad too.
  3. Sadly, 'having an appointment' might not give a guarantee, esp. if the government restricts jabs to Thais due to 'limited supply'. My bet is that any foreigners will only get jabs once 'every Thai' has had them. And how about foreigners that don't have a pink card?
  4. Maybe the slogan "Chim Chop Chiit" is a typo, and it was meant to be: "Skim Cra* Shi*"...
  5. I will look at possibilities in neighbouring countries when travelling abroad next year, if jabs aren't available here.
  6. I knew it! Just last year raving about dir** fal***, and now offering "free vaccinations", while, according to a recent news item, 'foreigners should pay for their vaccinations themselves'... No worries, I can pay the few bucks for my jabs at a private hospital, but please don't complain about a 'lack of tourists', as this expat will spend his holiday money somewhere else next year. And dividing my 2022 holiday budget by the average Thailand traveller's expenses in 2019, all the TAT has to do, is, attract a group of 12-15 Chinese instead of me.
  7. Seems, the favourite translation tool for journalists in Thailand is still Google Translate...
  8. And who buys most of it? Probably the friends just to the North! (Chinese love jade.) Sanctions from China? Yeah, right! There's a reason why dictatorships love to trade with China. (Both care just about $$, and nothing else.)
  9. Boo-hoo! With those products that popular in Myanmar, I'm sure, that Thai businesses will be able to add the extra costs to the sales price. Works in Thailand with all kinds of imported goods, too...
  10. Which also otherwise makes sense. One of the reasons for me to get vaccinated, is to get a certificate for international travel. No way you will get that with a free shot.
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