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  1. I'm aware of the ban. But I meant, what was/is the (likely) regulation before/after the travel ban, presuming that previous regulations will be enforced from July on as they were before the travel ban.
  2. Planning a trip KL to Vientiane, with transit in Bangkok. Is it likely that I will need a 'no Covid' health certificate, and 100T$ travel health insurance to change planes in Bangkok?
  3. Thai person #1: "Gee, says here on Google, he's dead..." Thai person #2: "Got the virus, no doubt. Good to have the app to keep people safe..."
  4. For which you, probably, have to sign up, with all instructions being in Thai.
  5. Some airlines will make it so "difficult" for passengers that people will fly less and less.
  6. It's a no-brainer in Thailand. Tell all the 'recipients' that the money is lost and that donations can only continue if the money is recovered. - They will find the perpetrator! Let them deal with him.
  7. I don't see a problem. She has the pronunciation (and grammar) skills of your average Thai English teacher...
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