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  1. hi all names Owen i have a girlfriend from Nakhon Si Thammarat and i am trying to learn some of the words they use in replace of central thai words ie ( very much = jung hoo in stead of mak mak ) she try to teach me but i forget if not able to read the words . not great at remembering things i'm just told . can any one help me with some study cards ( english = central =southern ) something like this style i find easy to learn ( ie --- very delicious = aroi mak mak ( อร่อยมาก ) = rhøi jung hoo ( หร้อยจังฮู้ ) my girlfriend try's so hard and i would love to show here how much i'm really trying to learn her and her culture of the south, and love if some one could help mans please try not get to side tracked on differences between words and north south east i'm worried all that will do is confuse me more thanks heaps owen from australia ขอขอบคุณครับ
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