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  1. I feel giving around 3.000 - 5.000 is a bit low. I guess it could be "kinda" ok if growing up on the Thai country side and grandparents take care of the child while the girlfriend works in some nearby farms, in the factory or in the city. Still, for the child I doubt it'll be a nice existence. I'd say pay at least 10.000 a month for a child. Sure, 10.000 THB is about the average monthly wage here on the country side, but if it's your biological child, surely you'd want the child to be in a somewhat better position, right? Better still would be to try to take custody of your own child, if your girlfriend can agree on that. You can make sure the child gets decent education and such. Can get a nanny to help take care, etc... More expensive surely, but imo better. Best is if the child has good contact with both biological parents and both parents can get along well and both take care of the child, but I am sure that is out of the picture. There's been research done on children that are missing one of the most important figures in their lives (father figure / mother figure) and generally it can cause issues when the child grows up. As a father it's also possible to get a dependent visa, so that can make staying in Thailand long term easier.
  2. I agree with this. Worldwide we're in for a huge crash. There's a huge banking bubble in Europe at the moment and it will pop with Deutsche Bank next year. Deutsche Bank and many Southern European bank will need to be rescued by the European tax payers (hence the recent agreement on the covid bonds). At the same time, due to bad economy from all the covid measures, many people will loose their jobs. Even if Thais won't sell condos cheaply, I'm sure many foreigners might want to sell at that point. Working Europeans (especially in Northern Europe) will face increased tax rates. Pensioners will likely see their pensions reduced (again). The welfare system will be reduced, etc, etc...
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