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  1. Second that and would like to add: never try to time any equity or debt market. It's a proven strategy for low & underperforming returns. Can recommend to stay with ETFs instead of mutual funds as second are 1) more expensive and 2) don't necessarily expose you to more return despite higher risk. One could achieve a balanced portfolio following modern portfolio management theory with about 5 ETFs covering a broad spectrum of markets and instruments. The advantage of such a portfolio would be that in times of draw down there is less volatility in your account. Hence,
  2. Based on your question I assume you are a private retail investor, pretty much same like me and millions of others. This is not an insult but would you know how Wall Street refers to us in general? Dumb money. As compared to: smart money, which are institutionalised and professional investors. Now, the average long term compound annual growth rate for private retail investors is about 2.3%. Yes, that's pretty bad. But how come? There is consensus this underperformance is based to a very high degree on market timing and market picking. My 2 cent: 1) buy only shares of high qual
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