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  1. Thai private hospitals are just ' money making machines ' . The doctors job is to make money for the hospital , not to cure you . They do not want you healthy , they want you sick ... I remember the story of an american who went to a famous ' world class ' CM hospital for just a check up ... he was diagnozed with some rare disease and prescribed very expensive medicine before his operation ... he panicked and flew back to the states to have his operation done there ... but the US doctors found nothing ... he was in perfect health .
  2. There was a time when I still had hopes for the future of mankind ... but this is long gone . A myriad of bad decisions by politicians who only think about themselves and the eternal testosterone driven race to be the ' number one ' has led to catastrophic results in every domaine . People seem not to be able to live peacefully together and share the resources of a beautiful planet in a responsible manner . Now I think that mankind is facing the ' final curtain ' and there will be no future worth living it anymore soon . The more the planets population is growing , the more hate against each other is growing as well ... very sad ...
  3. I am really surprised that there are not any comments of the " better kill all the dogs in Thailand " fraction of TV members yet ... ? What happened ? Still sleeping ? If someone would attack one of my dogs , that person would face a serious reaction , I would take that as a personal attack ...
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