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  1. There is only one place he should be : in PRISON It was Bolsonaro's policies who encouraged the people to light the fires . Now he wants foreign money to extinct them ... ?
  2. If China seriously tries to influence the international opinion of it's actions by using social media platforms to promote their politics , it will face some heavy criticism and might turn out different than they think ... a shot in their own foot .
  3. Time to mass produce affordable and reliable electric cars , they have the technology for that , so just do it !
  4. Biodiversity is disappearing at an alarming rate worldwide . Protecting Ko Libong's ecosystem is an investment in the future when tourists want to come and see how it once was ... I doubt that they will succeed in preserving it when the temperature of the ocean rises more , but at least it is a step in the right direction .
  5. The world ... what world ? There is no such thing as a world that has one voice ... a lot of different opinions everywhere . No unity at all , more like everybody against everybody . The expectation that the ' world ' will condemn china's move is simply naive . BTW , please explain " Trump shows them the way we treat monkeys. " What way is this ?
  6. It looks like Trump's construction company is building all the new prisons needed ...?
  7. Now it is up to China to show some goodwill and let him free ... or demonstrate the " strength and power " of the chinese government and punish him or make him disappear , what will be internationally regarded as a violation of human rights . Which way will they take ? Will be interesting to see and will tell a lot about possible future relations to China .
  8. I like those ... but not only these songs there are MANY more ... People who do not like music are suspicious to me ....
  9. Honesty and a good sense of humour , good looking if possible ... I do not like those fat ugly lying bitches ...
  10. There are many more planets to be discovered out there ... not all of them having an atmosphere or being able to support some form of life . But there is our planet who had everything humans might ever need to live ... but these humans have a self destructive tendancy and work full speed to destroy their own ecosystem ... I sometimes think that the most intelligent species on our planet is not the homo sapiens , but the dolphins . Only they never learned how to protect themselves from the acts of those stupid selfish monkeys that are people .
  11. I was living for 20 yrs in France , home of ( some ) nice and cultivated people ... if you need to know ...
  12. I live in Thailand and generally like Thai people ... but there are some who are really bad , horrible people who kill and torture innocent beings ( not only people ) , just because they can do it . They got no soul . Where I come from , there are bad people , too , of course , but not a lot who do such things .
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