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  1. So why the hell the water tanks are not covered ? They wait for a kid to fall inside ?
  2. That surely is a good intention ... but will it really help to reduce the air pollution caused by the burning ? I doubt it .
  3. With the recent problems in the US , ( covid , riots ) , I am sure that Chinese government and most Chinese people consider themselves the No.1 power in the world of today . Personally I think that most Chinese people do not care about anything , but themselves ... There is nothing Philanthropic or the will to understand the global ecological crisis in chinese mentality , It is always " me first " ! Of course , there are chinese people who criticize the chinese government too , but they have a strange tendency to just disappear , without leaving a trace ... Meanwhile tensions between the US and China rise . The US wants to hold China responsible for the damage done by the virus , and China jumps on the occasion of a distracted world to tighten their grip on Hongkong ( and Taiwan ) https://www.bbc.com/news/business-52912517 The US is to ban passenger flights from China from 16 June, in the latest sign of tensions between the two economic giants.
  4. Looks like this guy is sitting on a chair ... why not just take this ( or another ) chair and use it to push the old man out of the door ? Nobody would have been hurt ...
  5. Torturing and killing this little dog was good for what ? All it probably did was to dislike the police officers , and that for a good reason . But , may be , they found pleasure in torturing and killing a dog ? Sick bastards .
  6. These riots are , at least partly , due to the fact that the american , ( not the only one ) , society is based on the belief that ' money rules ' . Black people have generally less access to an expensive education , so won't find better paid jobs . Social inequality and the feeling of being ( treated ) inferior to the richer white population , makes some people become aggressive . The only way to prevent this for future generations is in providing quality education for free . The very expensive ' elite universities ' in the US should become much cheaper to enable more students from poor neighborhoods ( who pass the tests ) to participate ... but than they would not be ' elite ' anymore ... ? Racism reflects inequality in education , and that should be a thing of the past .
  7. So , consequently , Sex should only be allowed outdoors , not indoors anymore . Time for another ' sexual revolution ...? "
  8. Johnson's government has made a lot of mistakes , and still continues to do so ... with an enormous death toll still rising , it is definitely too early to open up again . The death toll a county suffers reflects the capability and intelligence of it's government .
  9. It would have been the best not to interact in this situation . The Phyton needs to get some food , too . There are far more deers than Phytons of this size around .
  10. ... > I must say that Kasikorn Securities knows how to pick their geniuses! This guy is marvelous! He just blame his expected change on whatever he can find. After that he estimate a prediction that is approximately going to be same as last week, the week before that and even the week before the week before. My God, he is smart! He predicts that the index is going to move between 1,300 to 1,380. Friday they closed about 3% up from the week before and landed at about 1,343 to make it easy. That means the change was about about 0,040 up. Let´s now say this guy is set in the middle. He gives himself a possible change of 0,080 total. That will be a possibility of 0,040 up or 0,040 down. Looks like he might be right! Does this guy have a crystal ball? <--- My banker just told me that NOW is the right time to invest some money in an SET index fund . What do you think about that ?
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