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  1. However , once 3-5yrs passed , no foreigners allowed to own land any more ? And the ones who bought within that time frame con keep their property but cannot sell to foreigners any more ? This is BS . If make new laws or change existing ones , do it . But not only temporarily . To buy second homes in Thailand ? Why not just copy the malaysian model ? At least , this works .
  2. Songkran 2021 , the time the british variant of the virus was spread all over the country . The chinese locked whole cities down for just a few infected persons . And Thailand ? It does the opposite ... Good luck with that ...
  3. I remember a time not so long ago when Thai government sources said that the foreign tourists are often ' dirty ' or uneducated , and that Thailand does not really need them anyway . Well , this seems to have changed in the meantime . Foreign tourists are suddenly wanted to come back to save the thai tourism industry ... Of course , only the rich big spenders ... but the times of mass tourism are over anyway . And that is a good thing .
  4. If that Sinovac stuff does not work , the ones who took it will still feel protected and go out to meet friends etc , but , in reality , just spread the Virus ...? In this case it would be better to take it off the ( Vaccine ) market at all .
  5. Want to look handsome ? Well , being a handsome man in the eyes of a woman does not depend on how many hairs you have on your head ... it more depends on your lifestyle and money ...
  6. Is that a gun the ' plastic person ' on the right is pointing at the head of the man sitting there ? ( sorry , you failed ...)
  7. Well , that's serious . Do you have a dog ? If so , just put some minced meat on the bald spot and let the dog lick it off ... It seems the stimulation from that licking enables your hair to grow again ... you have to do this for several month to see the result ... And don't forget to take the minced meat off before you go out ...
  8. You are right , I remember too ... when you arrive somewhere the locals are always after your money ... but if you really stay and live there for a while , they get to know you and let you in peace ...
  9. Santa Cruz de Tenerife , Las Palmas , all the big cities never close ... but may be will because of Covid ...? La Palma island is not dry . Lanzarote is a Volcanic island , Fuerteventura is the Sahara desert but charming , Hierro is special in many ways , Tenerife and Gran Canaria are the big touristic islands ...
  10. Ever considered the Canary islands ? , ( Spain ) , 7 islands , all different from each other , but all nice in some way ... and Winters are warmer over there ... lot's of cosmopolitan people ... Anyway , if I had to go back there somewhere , I would probably move to Morocco ... Marrakech , Essaouira , even Tangiers , all places good to live , and not so 100% european lifestyle anymore , what is a big + in my eyes ...
  11. Yes , I lived there from 1978 ( arrived just 3 years after the revolution ) to the early 90's . That was a real good time . Incredible hospitality by the locals , parties on the beach , hardly any tourists in the beginning ... In 2010 I went back there for a holiday and was shocked by how much the portugese people , ( Algarve ) , and the countryside ( building boom ) had changed . The 'progress' , ( and all the english tourists and long term stayers ) had arrived . Now I won't go there anymore , more happy where I live in Thailand . If you could go back 40 yrs in time
  12. The B117 variant is something to worry about . But the new P1 variant from Brazil is even more dangerous it seems ... https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/4/10/out-of-control-brazils-covid-surge-sparks-regional-fears A ticking time bomb "Officials and experts are concerned about the speed with which the P1 variant, which is likely more infectious, is spreading and the damage it could pose globally. " Lucky it did not arrive here in Thailand yet . May be time close the borders to tourists again ? Tourism ? Forget about it . Sorry ...
  13. Does using a ' shared restroom ' significantly increases the risk of becoming infected ? So it is more healthy to just p outside ? I'm not going out without my own private restroom anymore .
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