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  1. People knew and know about the Virus and it's contagiousness . Some choose to ignore it and to put financial reasons above health . It is only logic that when people do not protect themselves against the spread of the virus , they take a high risk of becoming infected themselves . They should not complain about what happens now . It is their own fault . If they prefer to go out partying or to crowded places like some beaches , public transport etc , without any protective measures , they will see a rise in infections . That's logic . There is no way to ever go back to the old ' normal ' . If want to get rid of the Virus , everybody needs to do everything possible to prevent the spread . All the time . That will not happen ... so , need to learn to live with it now . Not sure if an effective vaccine will be found , there was no vaccine against SARS . Even if a vaccine will be found , the virus mutates constantly ... Or a new one appears . Finally , this might be the beginning of the End , the Apocalypse . May be it was about time for this ...?
  2. There are many funds in many banks to invest in ... Here are some SCB funds : https://www.scbam.com/en/fund/index-fund/fund-information/scbset50 My banker says that now is a good time to invest in the SCB SET 50 index fund , as stock market is low now , but will recover ... Up to you ... Me , no , I do not as I do not like to take the risk . I hang around with a meager 1% return , but at least , this is secured . Good luck , if you ever find a secure investment that gives a better return , please keep us informed ...
  3. To file a lawsuit about sexual harassment against a celebrity seems an easy way to make money to some women ...
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