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  1. As I promised, here is a follow up. I successfully got an extension based on my OA visa today, August 10, at Udon Thani immigration. My health insurance was effective as of today and I was given the full 1 year extension valid until 27-August-2021. I used 800,000 baht in a Fixed deposit account. I also did my 90 day report that was due last month. I did it on time, but it was still pending. The office was pretty much empty.
  2. My permission to stay on my Non-Immigrant OA visa is dated 27-AUG-2020, so I will need to get an extension next month at Udon Thani. I am in the process of getting health insurance from LMG now and they are asking for the start date of the policy. Anyone with experience at Udon Thani on what date they expect? I have seen reports on this forum with varying dates. I have not been having much luck contacting the office. I plan to dump the OA visa for an O when the borders open, so this is just a one time stop gap. Thanks.
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