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  1. Been working on it thanks' and it's working out very well
  2. My boy is 4 year old now, when he talks to his mother it's mostly in thai but as soon as he turns to me he switches to English, like you my thai is poor I have also started speaking a little Spanish to him as I am fluent in that language, I would also like him to learn mandarin, as said children are very good a learning in the early years but remember thai will probably be there number 1 language so cant over do it, little by little !!
  3. No I skipped through them after 3 pages as they were pathetic, if your that well educated and wise why don't you ask your many friends, business contacts and not forgetting your wonderful lawyer for advice rather than wasting your time on TV. pathetic
  4. I think you have lost the plot or just trying to wind people up on TV, if you have lived in a handful of countries abroad and you are not naïve why on earth are you asking for advice on this forum, and suggesting this so called bar the girls are just being friendly but they don't go with the customers even though they are having drinks bought for them, I'm afraid you are in dream land, listen to NCC and grow up .
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