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  1. Corona infested waters... seriously, how many cases would show in Thailand, if they tested as much as the UK...
  2. you are forgetting the ban on China at the beginning of the pandemic - oh wait, there was no ban and the first case outside of China was in Thailand. But Chinese tourists could enter in January and February... without quarantine. Why did they not infect anyone in Thailand? Why would only western tourists infect Thais? Something does not add up
  3. Wear a mask, stay away from crowds and you will be fine in the USA... More than 99% of us are healthy... This is not a "the sky is falling" situation in the USA
  4. You believe the ZERO cases nonsense? With borders open to Chinese in January and February.. and very little testing of asymptomatic people. There are cases which are not known as untested. Now they can test a few demonstrators and find covid.. then blame demonstrations. How will the general population feel about these protests? Does anyone really believe that infections in the USA did not increase in June after large protests at the beginning of the month?
  5. Same as the protests in the USA.. coronavirus cases will go up. Now the government has an excuse to test participants, find cases and shut down freedom again. 2 birds with one stone.. no need to pretend there is no virus in the country and you can blame demonstrators and get the population scared of pro-democracy events. Perfect
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