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  1. He should speak at least some Thai, if he lived in Thailand until 5 years old. My dad came from Russia when he was six and still speaks the language after nearly 80 years. But he may encounter a problem if he wants to get a managerial position as some industries require work experience in Asia (as there are supposedly cultural differences an American could not overcome - forgetting that the USA has changed a lot and become more diverse in the last 20 years, especially in larger cities) Hopefully he has some savings to get him started.
  2. The same approach in the USA.. banks are pushing credit cards on people who should not get them .. loans were given to marginal borrowers until the market collapsed in 2008.. Unfortunately, this is the way for banks to make money
  3. I have been here 8 times since April 2018. Once for 28 days and then 17 days.. on Visa exempt and no problem at all at immigration (knock on wood for future trips)
  4. Low inflation? Thailand has become much more expensive in the last few years.. Resilient economy? Tourists numbers and exports are down, real estate seems to become over built Yes, low unemployment and European economies are losing steam.. Based on the THB appreciation, there must be a large inflow of outside capital. Maybe Chinese trying to hide money from their government and move it to Thailand (some condo purchases may account for that)
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