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  1. So they try to mimic Pattaya, but closer to Bangkok?
  2. A system that should be implemented by every country of the planet, if you ask me.
  3. Hope I won't get clobbered for reactivating this topic. But I reckon it is interesting that this survey came up some months before the "Letter of income" fiasco. With 50% of the surveyed population being under 65k, if I had been a TI executive, I too would have gone to the embassies to question the value of the documents they issued.
  4. Thread started 13 hours ago and only 15 replies. What happens to our "Pommy b....ds" friends? have they given up? Or is there an Ashes series going on somewhere?
  5. But why would a "genuine tourist", someone planning a holiday, apply for a tourist visa, from outside his/her country of residence?
  6. Since when has trash in the sea become "normal". It is amazing how moronic official Thai communication can be. Fully dysfunctional place.
  7. Sure you want to do this. Marry your lady, but why don't you look for a place that treats you like a human? I made this move 5 years ago, and believe me there is no way I'd make it again. I feel terribly guilty towards my two young daughters as they have no future here, and they will have to move to a proper place once they reach adulthood. Fortunately they both have French and Australian passports.
  8. None so far, but what if they started hitting you with income tax? Which they could do if they applied Thai law, as they do now for the TM30.
  9. Just gone, one more time, through this abject mess, and the only conclusion I can draw is that our duty would be to spread the word that Thailand is such a safe country that the whereabouts of every foreigner must be monitored every 24hours to ensure the safety of the population. Possibly we should request from our embassies to issue a security warning to that effect.
  10. Funny statement, obviously coming from someone who seems to believe that one get married to a Thai in order to get a visa (or extension), and not the other way around. If I lost my family here I'd be out, as there is absolutely nothing else to keep me here.
  11. I think they expect a Thai ID card with a copy of the blue book. My wife made her registration Monday afternoon, some details came up prefilled from data they must have recorded when we made and initial TM30 two years ago after returning from Bali. She got all confirmed with UID/PWD Tuesday morning. She change the password too, without a glitch.
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