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  1. KiChakayan

    Pattaya launches study into tram system

    No brainer if they wanted to make Pattaya a family destination. Close beach road to 90% of the traffic and implement something like that:
  2. Are you talking to 52% of UK voters?
  3. KiChakayan

    My First Post

    Hence my initial comment to the OP about a 60mm lens, bokeh control is best achieved with longer lenses, which have less depth of field.
  4. KiChakayan

    My First Post

  5. KiChakayan

    My First Post

    You haven't heard about "bokeh"? A topic that's a lot more interesting than "creeps", when it comes to photography..
  6. I'd love someone to assess the economic benefit per capita of the Malaysian M2H program as compared to the current messy situation in Thailand. The result of such study should drive any reform here. In the meantime we might have a hint of things to come.
  7. I guess you were relatively young, if I got out of commission for 2 1/2 years I'd resume duty at 69. At this age more than half of us content themselves with fond memories... So, I'll stretch Active Surveillance as far as I can.
  8. KiChakayan

    My First Post

    For portrait, with an APS size sensor, i'd use a 60mm lens.. Light is harsh too, look at the shadow of the nose...
  9. Thanks mate, but I'll go trekking in Nepal. Maybe I'll fall for a sexy Yak stud...
  10. Man, you are so lucky, you got a good chance to die boombooming. I got prostate cancer, so boring....
  11. KiChakayan

    Smog in Pattaya

    Naah, from all the geezers farting on soi 6...
  12. Honda Scoopy-i drivers are filthy perverts. What I didn't know is that they are foreigners.
  13. KiChakayan

    I'm scared of having kids

    There is less than 10% of my income that I don't share with loved ones. I feel guilty about spending 10000 a month on wine, but my wife drinks half of it. And... absolutely no regrets.
  14. KiChakayan

    I'm scared of having kids

    Funny, about 10 years ago, during one of our never ending coffee breaks at work, we were talking about what we would want to experience again during the rest of our lives. I came back with two wishes, one was going back to Antarctica for a year, the other was having young kids again. I have been blessed since with two beautiful daughters.