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  1. To me it looks more and more like the 400k change is destined to cover issues such as unpaid health bills or repatriation costs. Fair enough. Married guys are supposed to be taken care of by their loved ones. Of course I'd be proven wrong if they proceeded with some (other) corny health insurance requirement.
  2. I am married, and I have spent about half of my saving on buildings a nice house for my family. I did so because we have two daughters, and there is no way I would leave them without a proper home if/when I departed, for whatever reason. Now building a house for a girl friend or wife, without a solid, established relationship is just asking for trouble. Take your time, make sure it can last, and start building only after you get officially married. As far as I understand half of the house, or whatever you buy while married, will be considered as yours. Even though you can't own the land the house has been built on. There is also the issue of where you want to built a house, most girls will try to coerce you to build nearby their parents homes, make sure that that's what you want before you give in. Again, take your time.
  3. If I was you, I'd do the following: Get your PSA/Free PSA done every 6 months. The PSA/Free PSA ratio as well as the PSA rise if any being more important the PSA value at instant t. If you don't want the MRI get an ultrasound to establish the actual volume of your prostate so your doctor can factor that into his assessment.
  4. Had Airbus not been under government control the A380 wouldn't have taken off. The main initiator of the program was the small d**k syndrome of some European rulers. And then, of course, the engineers liked the challenge. Extensive market research on the hub vs point to point strategies was freely available and the decision makers chose to ignore it. In many ways A380 is another Concorde. On the bright side the Concorde venture lead to the birth of Airbus..
  5. The amazing superiority of the Thai female over the Thai male is proven here.
  6. Sensitivity is 86%, this means that 86% of men who have a prostate cancer will have a PSA over 4. Selectivity is 33%, this means that (only?) 33% of men with a PSA over 4 will have a prostate cancer.
  7. Between soi dogs. Humans have a serious talk and, possibly, divorce.
  8. Hmmmhhh, I am from immigration, you just gave me a good idea, I will match the overstay database with the rabbit card movements in Bangkok. A couple of days work for my Vietnamese techies and I'll catch hundreds...
  9. And as BJ (or LA) would agree, there are too many of those right now...
  10. They are outlandish indeed; why would "Farang-Hubby" need 800000 for his visa? The "Thai Wife" extension still requires only 400000. Unless there is a mia noi somewhere, of course.
  11. Since you mention the church, did you guys know that BJ (or LA, whatever you prefer) studied under the Spanish Inquisition?
  12. Mr. Lewd Act, if I am buying flowers for my wife, which I do every year, will it be considered as a lewd act?
  13. Seems that the Germans and northern west Europeans are the only ones who remain governable. I'd love to see the emergence of a European Federation, that could include the Swiss too. Italy, Spain, Greece are gone; France is on it way; Britain getting more eccentric every day; US turns into a zoo; Australia looks more and more like a banana republic...
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