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  1. Today I, yet again, deleted the app and reinstalled ( was already on latest version ), seems like repetition is the charm as it's finally working again.
  2. Yup, I've tried all the "standard procedure" stuff, still no go on my Android 8.
  3. Anyone else noticed? Started, for me, yesterday. Like a good little expat I've been using this rather than signing books with a manky pen. It wanted to re-register my phone number and then failed. Today it simply reports "No internet connection" when everything else is working fine. How do these simple apps fall over with unerring regularity? Best not to mention the others by name!
  4. Phuket. Think we've sussed it, registered on older system and partially fallen out of the records. Ye olde right hand and left Re-registered today.
  5. Interesting, the Mrs' two were initially invited (as opposed to an appointment ) in today but then turned away " no Burmese today ". Patong BTW.
  6. My wife has a couple of Burmese workers, both with current passports, pink cards & work permissions. I believe she missed an opportunity in early June to get them vax'd, didn't get the memo or whatever. Does anyone know when the next round is? Presumably those already done for first dose are due for their second towards the end of this month, is there a new round of first doses thereafter? Without the vax's she can't fulfil her 70% for biz and has been told very conflicting details.
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