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  1. On these type of questions many reply stuff like nobody knows, so why ask. I don't agree. Everyone should prepare for as many options as possible. Post #2 for example points out if borders are open then amnesty would not be extended. It's early June. Hopefully Thai gov will give update re amnesty prior to end of June. If I did not have current permission of stay till late this year, I would certainly have eye on flights back to Oz prior to July 31. Most people can fly home right now. Even if borders open say end of June, what will the reentry to Thailand involve. Any quarantine (paid for by yourself) would be deal breaker for many. Perhaps not for guys with family or live here. For others keep options open.
  2. Stop right there. I realize you have put effort into O-A so far. Forget it. Yes you cannot obtain non- O based on retirement in AU. However look into alternatives. This guy can give advice on those along with insurance idea if you continue O-A route. @Peter Denis I would not obtain a non O-A. I would fly in visa exempt or setv and obtain non o at immigration here in Thailand and obtain non O followed by annual extension. No insurance necessary.
  3. I along with newbies such as ubonjoe may see your post incorrect. Your embarrassing right now.
  4. Please clarify. Surely that's a joke. Post amnesty 90 day reports most likely be due 90 from your skipped report during Amnesty. Your idea is everyone needs report similar time. Get a grip.
  5. Sorry if just pinched your post. The "lawyer" joke is correct. Rather that start new thread could I ask members a related question as this active post. So similar to OP, I wish to purchase property. So how do I transfer 4 mil thb from AU while I'm in Thailand. Sounds simple but it's not. I have used OFX in the past but limits apply from au banks per day. Meaning au bank to OFX. Advice appreciated.
  6. Rather than just throw stuff out there back it up. Corruption....where and how worse that bordering countries. Impossible traffic.,...compare Saigon to bkk. Surely that's a joke. "Facedness" have zero idea what you mean.
  7. I have already had 3 flight to Saigon pushed back "cancelled". My Vietnamese friend of 6yr, with zero English cannot understand why even with flights BKK-Saigon available, quarantine on either leg is a deal breaker. Just emails " flight can" Any advice how to convey that is very welcome. Thinking I can take weekend Saigon maybe September, without quarantine.
  8. Means stuff all. You live/visit Thailand and have "temporary permission of stay".
  9. Perhaps already mentioned in previous posts. If he was planning 7 year overstay, why not enter visa exempt.
  10. Think Vietnam population 95 mil and have (claim) zero deaths.
  11. How you or OP work out it's worth 5.2? It's worth what someone pays. Also costs come off deposit. So with transfers and legal etc they might have ~ 1.2mill. ÷ by 4.2 = under 30% equity. For 46 year old? Into 2 yr relationship The guy is crazy. The only reason half possible is that interest rates for deposits in banks are currently zip. This not a brag but fact. In April I had 500k aud deposit mature Australia. I had s.h.i.t rate 2.65 % . My new offer rollover was 1%. So if you have money perhaps good time to buy real estate not crazy as opportunity cost record low. Buying shares better idea. OP idea not even on Bell curve.
  12. Your posts on every level are a nice giggle. Your avatar is so appropriate. However it becomes tiresome.
  13. Do you have your clearance from Thai consulate and insurance certificate and medical clearance negative to covid and the money for 14 day quarantine. Also currently only Aliens with work permit or permeant residence are able to enter Thailand. 2009 think about that booking late this year or 2021
  14. What are you on. You mention wife. I'm bit more sympathetic to folk with children. Just to add what is oz doing in reverse situation. I'm Oz and if I was stuck in Oz I would have zip chance of my 8 year partner flying to Oz. In fact right now if I was in Victoria I could not even enter QLD. Also could not exit AU. You stated not seen wife since January. Thailand shut borders and airports March 26. VIETNAM March 18. Au 20. NZ 19. Then you blame Thailand. Build a bridge.
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