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  1. I have seen ONE thread/report about "tm30 now required at CW" That turned out to be extension based on marriage. I also suspect there may have been other issue. To the contrary for extensions at CW (without change of address, requiring tm28 &30. There are zillion reports if tm30 required at cw. Indeed I have done 7 annual extensions at cw without ever doing tm30. BTW I fly out of los every 2 weeks and also travel throughout Thailand. I think the op is bkk. What's the fuss. I am aware some offices insist upon tm30. Not bkk. Period
  2. Its a reentry permit. You don't need it for first 12 months because O-A is multi entry. By exit Thailand and reenter just before your o-a until date you will be granted another 12 month. You will need a reentry permit to kepp that alive if you wish to exit Los
  3. The clerk at the consulate in Saigon will not accept your paperwork if believes it won't be granted. Personally I would point out the concern and ask.
  4. Just to add to good suggestion already given. Vientiane IMO is bit of a hole. You could consider trip to Saigon. Being oz you will need visa that you can do easily or e visa. Much nicer place for a holiday. Just a thought.
  5. You mentioned flight schedule to land 9.10am. I fly every week. That means flight maybe 9.30am or later. Passport control depends on how many planes landed at around that time. Same as bkk (esp DM) can be virtually zero wait can be way longer. Outside airport by 10.15 might be possible. Taxi to consulate by 11.30 possible, maybe. You must like stress because I wouldn't be up for it.
  6. Is this a wind up? ...you can ONLY drop it off AM. You can ONLY pick it up PM. (following day or later)
  7. Visa application (paperwork) dropped off AM. Available for pickup PM next day
  8. Work! ....anyway think you have options from folk above. Aside...I fly Saigon often, think early flight arrives about 9.30am, then passport control. Going to be very tight to get your setv application in am. They stop for lunch at 12 and think that means they accept sometime prior, maybe up to 11.30
  9. No. You would fly to Saigon because that's how it works. You would then fly to Vientiane and make your way to border crossing. Last bit easy. What I don't understand is why go to Saigon in first place. Only staying minimum time. Why not fly bkk to udon. Minibus to non khai. Get your setv at Vientiane. Then back to Thai border to enter with your setv. Simple. Heck you could even try reenter Thai at that border trying VE. Unlikely but 2 VE per calander yr is allowed. Worth a try. If no go then get your setv
  10. Short stays previously 10-20 is big thing in your favour. It always depends on io. As you would already be aware, have cash on you etc. As you would be aware....for the setv you required to have hard copy flight out of Thailand. Have that also handy if question by io at bkk airport
  11. Personally I think you will have tough time at either bkk airports. Especially given planned SHORT trip to Saigon for setv. Only upside is being UK and visa exempt to Vietnam, if refused entry bkk it wouldn't be disaster if refused entry to fly back to Saigon. Your setv for Thailand would be valid and you could look at border entry as outlined by britTim. You didn't elaborate on your 6 VE in 2018. Time between and extensions etc
  12. You have good answers. You will have no problem visa exempt with your history. Flight out was necessary to board flight. Airline requirement. You have. Great. Just to add dont rule out your flight to Vietnam. Great joint. Not sure but as Italian think you can enter Vietnam visa exempt. Depending his long your visit.....you could obtain setv to Thailand in say, Saigon. Enjoy
  13. Don't get it op. Of course depends where your coming from, but if flying to udon or Vientiane, then why not fly Sunday/whatever go to consulate am next day stay night Vientiane one night pick up pm.
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