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  1. As for reentry permit its an absolute breeze. Just one thing to note, which is important. The reentry office at don mueang is just on other side of pp control. Mention to io that your obtaining reentry permit. Have your TM8 filled in with photo attached. Takes about 10 mins. At swampy reentry permit is prior to pp control so don't stuff up. Some folk will talk about 200baht fee. That's charged if you bring nothing and let them do it . photo included. 200 baht. Up to you if you want that service.
  2. DrJack54

    Still working but

    Don't think that stating monthly income in baht means he is being paid in baht and working in thailand. As pointed out in earlier posts...your all good as long as not working in Thailand while on permission of stay based on retirement.
  3. DrJack54

    Retirement visa and tm6

    Correct, but just to add on that list the one that does matter is the reentry permit number where you correctly pointed out is entered for "visa number"
  4. DrJack54

    Retirement visa and tm6

    As mentioned already. For visa number put the number written on your reentry permit. As for length of stay you can write anything. It won't change your admitted until date. For residence, its just has city, country. I put my home country. For address in Thailand I put my condo address. For purpose of visit I always put tourism. But again not important. These questions are on the "arrival section" of the card. When you return from Vietnam after passing pp control also check your new stamp "admitted until" date..make sure its same as your permission of stay date. Mistakes rare but do happen.
  5. Absolute rubbish on so many levels it's waste of time to reply. Bit like dealing with fanatic. Change the boring tune.
  6. True. I fly every month to Saigon. AirAsia return often 1800baht return. Make a weekend of it. 500ml Saigon green 20baht. Airport bus direct district 1 = 1usd.
  7. You mention euro. Guessing you can obtain visa exempt 30 to Thailand. Keep in mind that this can be extended by 30 day. Since your in KK you could bounce to non khai border and obtain another visa exempt. You have many options
  8. Umm, glad you got the extension however few things were your own fault. Some io at CW wish to see a bank activity on the day of application. Strange will accept bank letter day or 2 prior. As for reentry permit. They are done different area. Anyway your best to obtain at airport tm8 download fill in and do at airport. Quick and easy. The tm30 must be very new. I did my extension November CW, and used lease as per every other extension. However they wanted map location of condo. Bit confused about some of your other comments
  9. Just to add to above post, you could choose nice/reasonable border like Vientiane. Try visa exempt and be prepared to obtain setv. Udon chilled joint.
  10. Border run (as I understand it) is 2 per calendar yr. So seems you could skip to border that suits and get another VE. If needed then extend it another 30
  11. OP, you mentioned your 2 pages for visa for Vietnam. Sounds like your using "approval letter" with visa on arrival. I just came into Saigon last Friday. I already had a multi 3 month in pp. Anyway at passport control the io was holding up my passport like it had a disease. (Its in pretty good condition). He was looking to reject me (I felt). Not looking at my history but any single crease in pp he could find. Last month returning to bkk from Saigon the AirAsia check in staff noticed minor thing. Seriously minor. Called over more experienced staff. A OK. What's going on. Back to op, personally I would get a new pp. Oh to add...flew into bkk today. This is post io finding my reentry permit 12 month. As I noticed she turned it sideways to read details. Then she flicked through remaining empty pages. For what? Personally I feel things are changing. I notice because fly EVERY week. Some au members may be interested in news along lines passengers rejected boarding passes to Bali because of minor damage to passports
  12. I was thinking kanchanaburi. Got a taxi once from pattaya to there. Surprisingly seem good drive and very nice place.
  13. No sure what border your thinking of. For me from On Nut, I would take cheap flight to anywhere and back. If you wishing to have night out of bkk you could fly joints like udon or whatever suits your taste. Out of interest, which is best/closest border from bkk using car?
  14. DrJack54

    SETV questions

    Just to add to above advice. I am currently sitting in Saigon airport having cleared pp control. At AirAsia counter I had time to ask staff about airline rules. Few threads have been running about "need for onward flight". The lady was looking carefully through my pp. Anyway I asked if she was looking for my visa. (I have annual extensions retirement). She replied yes. I also asked her ....what if I didn't have one. Her reply...without onward flight we cannot give you boarding pass. Also as ubon mentioned at most consulates you need onward flight to setv
  15. That goodness this tripe was shorter than your previous. Nonetheless, realize now your living hua hin, I understand the boredom. At very least nice white sand.