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  1. I can not for the life of me understand this thread. There is no way in hell of any vaccine becoming mandatory for current pandemic. Just because one nutter governor makes a rubbish statement. How many nonsense statements do we see every day. Just stop re this nonsense reaction. Can not happen. Wait for retraction shortly.
  2. OP, since you already have the 800k in a Thai bank account, I suggest that you enter visa exempt and then apply for non O based on retirement at immigration. That will give you a 90 permit to stay. In the last 30 days obtain 12 month extension. The small added hassle with visa exempt entry is that you would need to show onward flight (does not need to be return).
  3. Why shouldn't there be continued covid extensions? Just a few reasons will suffice.
  4. @thto, the covid extensions are currently being issued till end of May. Meaning if you obtained one late May the 60 day extension would give you permit till late July. Think all the experts suggest that towards end of May the issue of covid will be continued will be announced. When does your current permit end?
  5. In your passport you will have a stamp the has date of your current "permission of stay" date. "Admitted until....."
  6. My thinking is more towards increasing the restrictions.....
  7. Nothing don't worry about it. My comment was pointing out that in Australia the government has threatened it's citizens with fines and even jail (that wouldn't happen) if they left Au currently. Some have done this by flying to NZ and then onward. They also stopped planes from India with returning Au citizens. Not normal run of mill stuff from a democratic country. Having said that, these are not normal times. I note that Thailand (imo not an elected government) has encouraged it's Thai citizens to return if currently in India
  8. I'm guessing Australia the exception.
  9. What happened to June July. I'm a RAYRON now? Is that a step up or down from farang
  10. OP, you can obtain reentry permit at the airport. Very simple process. Saves trip to immigration.
  11. Worked in Australia. In particular Melbourne where they had HARD lockdown for 112 days.
  12. OP have you previously done 90 day report? You could try online. Here is link. https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn90online/online/tm47/TM47Action.do Also to you could do via mail.
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