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  1. I'm confused. Did you not complete ASQ quarantine recently?
  2. Amazing. Sounds like you have never been in Thailand. Very naive post.
  3. Why have you seen it MANY times before? I have never seen innocent guys fined. I have seen it in Sukhumvit and all those guys dropped flags. Apparently you smoke rollie's and you have seen many times before. Please post accurate accounts. It's embarrassing.
  4. Name them. More importantly which countries are accepting them. Don't quote airlines or news reports.
  5. I have never needed to "challenge these bent gits" Only 10 years here. Perhaps next 10 will require me to deal with bent gits. BTW if you quote me include all my statement. "Yes I pay 200baht to enter koh Samed. My Thai partner pays 40 baht. That's not relevant as I'm given a receipt." I stated not relevant. Stay in UK and avoid rip off stress. I never have had any.
  6. How many times in past 12 months were you overcharged. Meaning annual extension or 90 report etc etc.. Yes I pay 200baht to enter koh Samed. My Thai partner pays 40 baht. That's not relevant as I'm given a receipt.
  7. Which immigration office? You were not there.
  8. PM noted. A nonsense report about fake stamps. Agents always recommend to deal with agent company that has proven track record. Including reviews over long period.
  9. The latter is what I'm referring to. So show me where an agent or client has been prosecuted.
  10. This thread is hilarious. Continue your crusade.
  11. Ridiculous. If it's illegal why do agent companies operate all over Thailand and in fact some are thaivisa sponsors. Ring 1178 asap to lodge your compliant.
  12. You stated "many of these foreigners probably don't realize that dealing with certain agents is illegal." So give me an example where I would be doing something illegal by "dealing with certain agents"
  13. It's a free service at CW however the extras are compulsory. 200baht.
  14. You could start with by naming the immigration office in Issan. The service is free however many charge a "service fee". One example is CW 200baht.
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