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  1. And so your recommendation would be?? Perhaps you had easy going io on particular day. Don't confuse advice. If you doing the marriage thing with "under consideration" then keep the 400k in bank until you receive stamp. End of.
  2. Thanks for post. As far as CW goes re passport they do not wish to see old pp that perhaps contains original non o entry. What they want is current passport with info page and the transfer of info relating to your original non o info. Also the other relevant pages such as most recent annual extension stamp and and re-enter permit etc. I'm with you Ryan I take anything they might ask for.
  3. That's very true. Seems KK and Pattaya 2 very popular locations for agents to use. Most provide a service to also do 90 day reports at small cost. I'm not pushing for use of agents, however very useful for some folk with no options.
  4. Direct me to ONE thread or post where this has occurred. Years ago there were people providing fake stamps. That was knocked on head. Recently there was well know "visa service" in Bangkok raided by police on unrelated matter. In fact sponsor of thaivisa. All their stamps etc provided via their services were given a tick. Why type this ill informed clap trap.
  5. OP, if you have very straight forward question as per you thread, in future try Google. Skip thaivisa search. It's useless. So in google type "cost of non o extension thaivisa". Make sure thaivisa is one word at end of search. It will direct you to many threads that cover your questions.
  6. If you or your mate had a cell the answer would take under 5 seconds.
  7. The OP knew that the 400k is required to remain during the under consideration period. This should be done regardless of which IMM office you deal with.
  8. OP, you have posted many threads regarding entry to Thailand. The requirements are clear along with the various options. Take time and research.
  9. Hardly a significant amount of money. Keep it year round in a dedicated bank account or live off it for shortish period.
  10. The word "agent" often means using agent to get around such things as financials etc. Some agents are used to assist with the process even with all the requirements satisfied. I wonder if your wife could approach and agent in order to find out what is possible given your circumstances.
  11. Your current permission of stay stamp is June 2021? So have left Thailand after June this year with a reentry permit?. I'm confused.
  12. Not doubting what your stating but can you actually recall a post/thread to that effect. I have never read one. In fact a post above in thread was a chap did exactly same thing. Zero issues. I have read many where folk have changed from based on marriage to based on retirement.
  13. You make very valid point. The OP states has extension until Feb. That can mean early or late Feb. Some offices allow apply new extension up to 45 days early. That could bring it into Dec. Guess only the OP can judge if x will give him a chop out. Personally I would give her grease money. I wouldn't start up new digs with new friend.
  14. You entered Thailand on PE and I think that's an issue to be able to obtain a non o (retirement). If you had entered on visa exempt or tourist visa then no problem. Think you need (when possible) to exit Thailand and reenter visa exempt and obtain your non o at immigration
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