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  1. I'm only bumping this so you can obtain better advice. The whole tm30 thing is very dependant on the imm office your going to. In the past CW never required tm30. They do now. Other office for eg Jomtien only required tm30 for tourist visa extensions and not long term xpats annual extensions. Not sure as I don't deal with that office.
  2. Has nothing to do with OP. You could apply for non O-A in your own country or non o based on retirement at consulate outside los.
  3. If your going to CW you will need TM30. New requirement. You don't go after 30 days. You extend in last 7 days (not sure exactly # of days) but prior to current stamp.
  4. Stop with the over 50 fight with the under 50. Just buy a elite visa and be done with it. While I'm at it in your other post please outline your Vietnam option. I go there every 2 weeks for 7 yr. I need 3 month multi so possible. Means 4 per yr. Nothing easy.
  5. Check in put today's date (date your filling in form) or yesterday. Either one. Check out just put your current "until date" in pp. The visa type ....does app have drop down window choice? Note I haven't used app.
  6. Thanks for report. In particular the tm30 regarding postal method. I exit los every couple of weeks and plan to file my tm30 by mail. Visit to CW not practical. As receipts are taking many weeks I had been wondering how to demonstrate that in fact I had posted it. I will send it ems and show tracking. See how it goes.
  7. OP, thinking your mixing few things up. Sounds like you have extension of stay based on retirement. However if you have a non O-A visa and it is due to expire October you could exit los and reenter before expiry and obtain another 12 months. If you are in fact after a 12 month extension from a non o or existing permission of stay based on retirement then few couple of months transfers won't cut it. Think your imm office has already suggested you will need to exit and obtain a non O. That gives you 90 day window to apply for 12 month permission of stay. Perhaps good option would be Thai consulate Vientiane.
  8. The above answers are the most easy way to obtain another 30 days. Just to add to that info, yes you can go to a border, exit and reenter with another visa exempt stamp 30 day stay.
  9. I will attempt to explain ONE more time. Many years ago the rules re many things such as reporting and tm30 etc etc were difficult in Thailand as in those days only few Province had imm office. Since those days now thinking every "sate" has imm office. So that's where you need to attend. Not police office. Got it now!
  10. Stop with false advice. The " law" you quote is outdated. Seriously your embarrassing youself
  11. Just to add... The rubbish you post about local police office for whatever. Dates back to ancient times when there were very few imm offices. The law talks about report to police was in times of only few Providence had imm office. I think all do now.
  12. So I move from bkk address to live in udon thani then I drop into cop shop for chin wag and file tm28. Possible?. Happy to stand corrected. Personally I would go to udon imm
  13. One part of your post sensible. "The new boss". Think his name BIG ORG. Replaced BIG JOKE. Thinking he will be replaced soon.
  14. You must be smoking good stuff. Police stations have zero to do with everything related to immigration.
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