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  1. Fair enough. This guy sounds like he just made small stuff up. Easy to do and that's why I choose to just put 800+ in fixed term. Now that he knows it's only 2 months he can sort it out easily. Today in another thread there was a guy that let his retirement extension expire and didn't have money in bank. My advice go see an agent asap.
  2. Why. He has time to meet the 800k 2 months prior to application. He was mistakingly under the impression that 3 months was required
  3. Was typing exact same thing. Clearly the OP obtained his non O then after entering Thailand used agent to cover the money in bank method. He needs grab and agent urgently. He will need pay agent and possibly overstay (even with amnesty). What's the going price for agent covering just the bank money requirement? Do it asap.
  4. Can you report back after your visit to Jomtien would be helpful. Regarding date of your application. Even if you went a week early from you current permission of stay ending, you would only be short changed 7 days for new extension. The year after that you could attend imm even a month before and have your next policy start on the date of end of your POS. Reason to go few days early for this application is just in case some other item needs "fixing up".
  5. OP, as pointed out above this is one where you need to check out with you imm office. There was one report where chap did all his homework had the policy commence on same day he attended io. His application was refused. Reason is the insurance kicks in late afternoon. He applied am. I kid you not. He went back next day no problem. Another one was where insurance company did not put his policy onto the data base. Request confirmation of this from insurance company. Personally I would have my insurance start day before I attend imm and apply few days before expiry of permission of stay.
  6. And I keep saying there is no such thing as a retirement visa. There are non O and non O-A based on retirement. The vast majority of those are on extensions based on retirement. They have 12 month permission of stay. In many cases that has expired. Even if still have valid permission of stay it's most likely useless. Thailand is still repatriating its own citizens. Also now several groups on "the list" PR holders, Married to Thai etc. Thai can't handle those numbers let alone the group you wish to add.
  7. Tiger, take a chill pill. Several posters have no idea even where you currently are or what your trying to achieve. I have read all your posts and frankly it's hard to join the dots. If it's as simple as trying to help retired folk currently not in Thailand then just state so clearly. If that is in fact your aim then the answer will be that most likely their permission of stay has expired and they on the list as a tourist.
  8. Pretty much makes zero sense. So your currently in Thailand? "Under my retirement visa" ? What exactly do you have....guessing annual extension based on retirement to non O or non O-A. Then you want petition for what? To be able to exit Thailand and then return?
  9. OP, you asked for positive replies only. Sadly you won't get them. Thailand has in place serious hurdles in place for married folk etc. Many guys on retirement extensions will expire by the time requirements are relaxed. Non O based on retirement is not available in Australia. Yes non O-A is. Along with insurance requirement. Get your head around very late 2020. Enter on visa exempt or setv and obtain non O at immigration. In other words start over. That is the reality. Your Australian look at what's going on Victoria. Zero chance getting to Thailand. That's not negative. It's realistic.
  10. I'm on annual extensions based on retirement from non O. So no need to exit Thailand. No dog in this fight. My post is to suggest that anyone guessing borders open and amnesty situation and requirements to reenter Thailand etc is making a mistake when a bullet proof option is available. You state.,. "I will do what suits me and what has suited me for few years now" I had to read that couple of times.
  11. Very naive. I'm Australian. Took me many hurdles to take my Thai partner to Oz. Class 600 tourist visa. If we were married it's not easy process or cheap for her to live there (not that we want to). I have the money to take her anywhere. Personally never been to Europe, UK etc. For me to take her there would be a task. Thai get 15 days visa exempt to Japan. We go often. Look at the generous options that Thailand offers to many countries with minimal conditions compared to places like Oz. PS don't make up nonsense terms like "relative freedom on small planet" Sounds ridiculous.
  12. Not currently possible and most likely for quite some time.
  13. OP, you mention family. I'm guessing Thai wife. The good news is that foreigners married to Thai are on the list to make application to enter Thailand. The 14 day quarantine is the least of your problems. (cost start ~40k). The list of requirements is extensive and not straight forwarded. Threads running about all the requirements with good advice how to return to Thailand. This guy has posted lot of good info on your situation. Check out his post/threads for advice @richard_smith237
  14. The 450/day is Sydney alone. Many folk fly into Brisbane. Melbourne being cut out does add pressure.
  15. It's about to be capped at 450/day. Also think international having no flights to Melbourne with the 6 week lockdown stating today in Melbourne. Becoming a hard joint to return to.
  16. He will require Thai health insurance. This guy is very helpful. @Peter Denis
  17. Both his post #9&12 were not clear. Get off my back. Yes I can see his issue now after re read. Would have been clear if op stated your "for instance...." scenario. Give the OP a constructive option rather than have a crack. Again
  18. In your thread you stated your trying to return Canada. One city my country Oz has 500 yesterday return Brisbane. Which is 3rd largest city. How many returned to bigger cities. Maybe you need deal with Canadian embassy.
  19. Disregard. That chap you quote has been playing victim card for long time. Likes to blame immigration. Gives a purpose to for a gripe. Think it's a hobby. If I was married I would still go down retirement path if over 50. Yes married guys have more hurdles along with folk using income method (some offices). Some folk obsessed with immigration problems. 99% have no issue.
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