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  1. You could obtain a non O (marriage) and enter Thailand with all the added requirements such as COE, quarantine, etc. That would give you 90 day permission of stay. You could then apply for 60 day extension to visit wife.
  2. The 400k has to be the the bank for 2 months prior to application. After the under consideration period that money can be used. Hardly a fortune. As for the other clap trap regarding stamps obtained via an agent, I can assure you that they are genuine and valid.
  3. You will need to apply for annual extension based on marriage.
  4. OP where did you obtain your non o (marriage)? I'm guessing you obtained a non o at immigration and then an annual extension and also obtained a multi reentry permit
  5. OP, first link is appointment. Second is helpful thread re appointment and extension
  6. OP, regarding your extension......I did mine last week at CW using online appointment. Works a treat. You need to take print out of your confirmation email. You can do that in basement where there is a photocopy/print service.
  7. Crazy. Did your wife discuss it with them. My attitude would have been WT.F.
  8. Please suggest your solution. It's all about capacity. Currently the AU federal gov has done deal with NT to accommodate (quarantine) 5000 Au citizens over next few months. It's suggested will take many months just to repat own citizens. Thailand is struggling with its own repats. Don't be fooled by STV etc. Chinese STV entries today was 41.
  9. I personally would think ~1000/month to stay in Thailand without for example money in bank (retirement extension) etc is a pretty good deal.
  10. Your reentry permit keeps your extension valid. The end date will match your extension end date. You can obtain reentry permit at the bigger airports on day of departure. Easy process. Be aware that currently entry to Thailand on a retirement extension to a non o is not on the "list". Can't see you obtaining COE. Ignore all threads about STV.
  11. 2 month prior to application and also the subsequent under consideration period. Could be ~2-3 weeks. Of course it's non negotiable.
  12. The 400k needs to be in bank for 2 months prior to your application. You will be given an under consideration stamp when to return. You need to keep the 400k in the bank during this period. After that you can use it as you wish.
  13. The 12 month extension is 1900baht. Prior to applying for your extension read up on the requirements, such as financials etc
  14. Understand. Obviously she wants to get to Thailand, however isn't there some countries in Europe with no quarantine and other expensive requirements.
  15. Thanks for report. Excellent news for many. Let's hope all IMM offices do likewise.
  16. A 2 month holiday to Thailand and return to UK? Surely a bad idea. Suggest to her that a visit towards end of 2021 a better idea. Regarding STV from UK chance is zip.
  17. Thanks for post. I will be surprised if true. However who can predict immigration.
  18. OP, I do not understand your thread. Seems your asking about insurance for non IMM O. You cannot enter Thailand in a non IMM O. Where are you currently and on what basis are you applying to enter Thailand.
  19. It won't be a problem, but seriously is it difficult to read stamp and comply with requirements.
  20. You can apply for as many as you require. Single entry 1000baht. Multi 3800baht All dated to your permission of stay date.
  21. Have a read of this thread. Note do not rely on google maps for location. Note thinking online appointment is required. Check it out.
  22. No offense but my above posts are all incorrect as you did not mention marriage in your OP. Sort of serious info omitted. Anyway back to assistance....a 60 day extension to visit wife (I'm pretty sure) will be applied for at MTT and not CW.
  23. No point. The SRV is a wet dream. At very best will be available only to Chinese. That group will not accept the ridiculous requirements. The handful that might will be scheduled onto repat flighs
  24. OP, your post is not clear. Your either currently in Malaysia or planning a back door entry. Currently land borders are closed. There is specific list of people able to enter Thailand. Your situation is completely unclear.
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