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  1. Good advice. Along with back up to 800 2months prior to next extension.
  2. I love these type of posts. I very sympathize with folk on ME marriage etc. You sound like you entered tourist visa or visa exempt. Hope imm reading all the scams re volunteer, Ed, etc. You clearly would not have marriage/family options. Go home! Having said that I hope amnesty extended.
  3. Geez, what will you have when do 90 day report. Have you obtained non o from TV. Nothing clear.
  4. That is not clear. What did you enter Thailand prior to border run you describe. Some folk have a ME visa based on marriage etc. Some have eg METV. What was your original entry. I don't mean border bounce.
  5. I did not answer your question. I have NEVER done a tm30. Each annual extension I provide a lease. Again last October lease was not looked at. Keep in mind tm30 has nothing to do with 90 day report. For tourists and visa exempt entry and then attending imm for an extension then a tm30 would be advised. How did you last enter Thailand? Meaning via reentry permit or tourist visa or .....?
  6. Yes I did. However as I mentioned .....I was surprised. I took my lease and photocopies of significant pages of passport. I even took many receipts for monthly payments rental. Nothing was asked for. BTW it was not because I had a passport with many annual extensions. When I obtained my queue #, I mentioned to lady I need go and photocopy some pp pages. Her reply...."no go there passport and TM47 enough. I sort of got the impression that this "skip reports" was a big stuff up and they just want quick in/out. Me too.
  7. It's not MY condo. I rent. Been here 8 years never done a tm30 even though exit and re-enter Thailand every month (prior to Covid) My post in your other thread outlined what happend today. I handed the IO my passport and TM47. It was my first 90 report in 8 years. When he got to my address he said "you live at this condo'"..…..I answered yes. That was it. Naturally I had my lease and utilities etc (overkill). Not even a mention of anything. Stamp stamp. I then went to another desk for residence certificate. I had my lease ready to flop out. Again not asked for nor was a TM30.
  8. Yes Peter, was given "Receipt of Notification". Red stamp bottom left states my next report..12/Nov/2020. While I'm here, added info for anyone applying for Certificate of Residence. I applied today for that also. After you obtain your 90 day Receipt of Notification, (@muang thong Thani) you go back down stairs and photocopy and return upstairs to obtain new desk #. The Reports are A and other matters such as CR are B. Very good service btw. I paid 400b as I was obtaining for car and bike licence. She also didn't ask to see my lease but noticed in my bundle of paperwork an old tm30 and grabbed that. However don't worry if you don't have a tm30. I could tell she was just carefully checking address detail for mailing of the CR. The first lady wasn't interested in tm30 (nor should be). Was surprised lease not looked at. That was it along with pp cover page and last extension and most recent reentry stamp and TM6. BTW don't use Google maps to find the office. There are private access entries that Google does not recognise.
  9. Just on my way home from 90 day report at temporary office Bangkok. I had application form and passport with TM6. I took along lease etc. Not required. When io read my address, he said....."you live there at condo'". I answered yes. That was it. BTW my first ever 90 day report.
  10. Immigration announced nothing. The government announced amnesty and released gazette detail. Have a read and spare us. Each extension of amnesty since has been exactly same wording. Why are you confused. The wording and guidelines are down to government and ministry for foreign affairs. Immigration are the sh"t kickers.
  11. Most foolish post I have read today. Read Ubonjoe posts earlier over months. THEY WERE not required. I expect nothing less from you. So inaccurate on daily basis.
  12. In unusual times with covid. There have been many folk at various stages of planning for options when amnesty ends. Some saying I can stay 89 days avoid a ban and pay 20k at airport. Good luck with that plan. Foolish plan.
  13. OP, I don't even know why your looking at flights. The first step is to contact Thai Embassy/consulate where you currently are. Some very helpful current threads of folk having gone through the process and gone through application, COE the whole deal including quarantine. All your info is there.
  14. Good advice RED. Seem to recall your very across this issue from previous threads. Do you have any guesstimate to the "hidden costs". Regarding transport to Bangkok (think he is currently Trat). Then of course from IDC to airport. With many flights out being cancelled, it will be tricky. Reports in AU news of folk repatriating back to AU (not deported) being "advised" to purchase business class+ to ensure ticket.
  15. Certainly good idea, however the OP is asking what about the amnesty as outlined in gazette. Many folk read into that that government was encouraging people not bother with 90 reports during amnesty. Many also continued to do report as per usual. Immigration recommend various things to government. The need to file report in person during august for anyone who skipped during amnesty was one of them, along with their own made up terms "grace period". None of which were included in recent extension and written into gazette. So why does anyone need to listen to imm. Rhetorical question, as it's immigration you deal with in person. That's why most who skipped report will whimp off to immigration office during Aug to do report in person.
  16. Assume your over 50. If so, use an agent to obtain an extension based on retirement not marriage. Whatever you do,,.....Do not exit Thailand. Have you used your 60 day extension to visit family? This guy has guidelines that outline obtaining annual extension non o marriage. @Peter Denis
  17. Ummm...... Might look at an agent see if that's more straightforward. Haven't seen the IDP mentioned before. Also wasn't in the short video in pinned topic in this thread. Thanks.
  18. Some folk took advice as written in the gazette. Now they need report during August and in Person. Many folk cannot stroll down to their imm offices. For some it's an all day affair or in my case 3 day as currently away from bkk.
  19. OP, That's because no one addressed your question. As Ubonjoe mentioned the amnesty was extended and reports are not required. However immigration said that if you skipped you MUST do one during August. The problem is that it won't be government handling your next report post Sept 26. I also skipped report during amnesty and tomorrow going all the way to Bangkok from Rayong. Note immigration stated it must be done is person. Absolute joke.
  20. I did try and find this info, hope someone can advise. I wish to obtain a driving and bike license. Obtaining my certificate of residence shortly. Should I obtain 2 RC since 2 licences. I Have current AU license. In au you have one license for car and bike on one license. Can I do everything on the day at the department of land and transport. Things such as medical can be done there or nearby office etc. Finally, I live close to MRT, ding daeng, can I go to any office and do you need make appointment. Thankyou.
  21. Your best option would be to obtain an annual extension based on marriage. You cannot "renew an ME marriage without troubling borders". Sounds like you don't have funds available. Whatever you do, do not exit Thailand. Seems agent is your option, if you cannot satisfy financials. Use an agent for non o retirement with annual extension. Perhaps 25k.
  22. Yes disturbing to say the least. This Thursday travelling from Rayong to Bangkok in the main for 90 day report that we were advised to skip. Now immigration has "demanded" do it in August. I realize it's not in the gazette but we all know who we deal with when time for extension and it's not government or ministry.
  23. That's at the airport departing. As I understand it he will go to court and the fine will be much less. After court date he will need obtain airline ticket and will eventually be taken to airport with escort. It's not going to be cheap process. I hope his situation was not due to lack of money. Since if he is skint then has issues.
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