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  1. Bit confused with these words..... "with those having made use of that Fixer Agent service as collateral damage, being deported from Thailand with 1 to 10 year bans" There has been another rock solid member that has also stated this has occured in the past. My problem is that I have never read or heard of it. With social media I would have expected to be aware of these events. Pretty big news
  2. Think you missed my point. Of course you have to pay for your own quarantine. Why would the poster even mention paying for own quarantine. It's a given.
  3. And who would you suggest pays for quarantine upon return? The Australian taxpayer!
  4. First up, I don't think that the agent opens an account. They assist. There was a report (recently) from a chap with (visa exempt entry) and used Siam Legal to assist with opening an account. The report was very positive. Cannot recall price but was modest. Personally I had difficulty in opening an account even though I have lived here for years and had current extension to non o retirement and an existing bank account. Couldn't believe how difficult it was. Bangkok Bank wanted something from my embassy along with something from my Oz bank. Ridiculous. I hope some folk that have us
  5. Depends on how long you want to stay in Thailand. You can only obtain one 60 day extension to visit children. Keep in mind that if you obtain a non o (marriage) you can then obtain a 12 month extension. If you need exit Thailand and return you can buy a reentry permit prior to exit.
  6. Under 50? and not married to Thai and wish to stay "extended period" all adds up to enter visa exempt and use an agent to obtain non O (volunteering). You don't do any volunteer work. Gives you over a year. Not cheap ~45k baht.
  7. Where did you read/hear that. Only a guess but don't think they will stop until borders open.
  8. Enter visa exempt then obtain 30 day extension followed by 60 day covid extensions.
  9. How's that working out for you currently? If I was married I would 100% have a ME non o (marriage). Fact is Mr covid arrived. Doubt multi will be option for long time.
  10. Agents can be found almost everywhere. The fact is the stamps will often be issued not from where you use agent (i.e Pattaya and BKK) but from another province.
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