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  1. OP, you would be well aware that no announcement has been made as that would be front page news. Even if not announced prior to Jan 29 does not mean very much. They have history of doing announcements when they wish. Perhaps using lotto numbers.

    Fact is the world is in more precarious situation than before. Stopping extensions based on covid situation would raise the bar for stupidity.

  2. Can I chip in with related question. I have same doors in a concrete bench Thai kitchen.

    Anyway did make over re tiling and a western kitchen etc. So the only thing that's horrible is the outdated King style doors. 40x60cm

    Mine appear not removable. Has anyone done a cover up by placing ply (thin) or something similar to door front.

  3. OP, your mixing up two visas. You currently cannot obtain a ME marriage. 

    You have an annual extension. Permission of stay as shown in your pp. If you exit Thailand and wish to re-enter you will need to purchase a reentry permit. Easily obtained and costs outlined above in this thread. They are valid to the date of your current POS. If you obtain a single permit it is used as soon as you reenter. If you wish to exit again you would purchase another. 

    Many folk just obtain a multiple. Very easy process at airport on your way out.

  4. In Oz common practice is that the owner/builder provides the tiles. The contractor provides his glue however that's not important. You can provide all.

    You mentioned bedroom. Wastage can be 10% but it really depends on floor plan. I just had a living room done which was basically a rectangle and very little wastage. If you use a 600x600 that's fine however if your floorplan includes a hallway some thinking needs to be given to tile layout.

    Obviously more flexible with a smaller size tile.

    As for price, personally I don't work that way of trying to haggle down price. Far more important is the quality of the job. 

    I wanted a all up price rather than square meter and was very happy with that. 


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  5. 10 hours ago, Lucian said:

    I am planning to apply for a new Thai Driving License with my country's driving license. Now awaiting for the Residence Certificate to be sent to me from Immigration Muang Thong Thani; expect to receive sometime early February 2021.

    Does anyone has the latest experience at a Dept of Land Transport (DLT) office in Bangkok area recently? Appreciate feedback and suggestions on:

    1. Booking appointment procedure and how soon (earliest date) is the appointment?

    2. Best DLT location to get the earliest appointment.

    3. The Residence Certificate and Medical Certificate is only valid for 30 days; so what happens if my appointment can only be fixed at a date later than 30 days?

    4. My country's driving license will expire in mid February 2021. Can I still be eligible to apply for the Thai license if my license has expired? I can't return to Malaysia to renew my driving license due to the Covid-19 lockdown.


    Appreciate any advice. Thanks.

    I'm in almost the exact same situation except my Oz licence is not about to expire.

    Recently (covid) made appointments not possible or very long wait to obtain one.

    I have never used an agent for anything but I did discuss the issue with Fatboys in bkk.

    They assured me that they could obtain an appointment. In your situation might be an option.

  6. 22 minutes ago, Why Me said:

    Ok, that explains it. Mine is a savings a/c which I use all the time. An FD a/c is safest for sure, no chance of dropping < 800k on a careless withdrawal. And babes and booze can't get to it either.

    Does not explain it to me. I use a FD account 600k+  along with savings account same bank 200k+

    Last year due to Covid my 2 week trip on Koh Samed turned into 7 months. I ran savings a/c (emergency fund) down to zip. Then 2 months prior to extension made trip to bkk just to extension back up to 200k+ 

    Point is I never updated for many months (no banks on Samed) and yet no issue at CW.

    If you use savings a/c over (think it's 20 transactions per month, not sure) they get consolidated. 



  7. 5 minutes ago, lagarto said:

    I did my extension last week with no problems including mu bank letter and bank book like usual to my surprise this time the IO make me go down to KB office to get a  1 year bank statement report (200 baht).

    What is a "1 year bank statement report"?

    It was 12 month bank statements printed on the spot? Why was it required. 

    I did my extension at CW and as per usual just bank letter and bankbook photocopies.



  8. 4 minutes ago, ballpoint said:

    It may or may not be relevant to the OP getting his 90 day report rejected due to his TM.30 needing to be updated, but does seem to be quite a coincidence at the very least.  As I said, it will be interesting to see if others get the same rejection remark going forward.  Personally, my next 90 day report is at the end of February.  I was planning on doing it online as usual, without making any reference to the TM.30, and seeing what happens.  However, should others get the same rejection notice, then I will be forewarned and prepare a TM.30 along with my TM.47.

    What actually is an updated TM30? 

    In any event I have appointment for 90 report MTT next week as there is a current problem for some trying to use online report.

    One thing I won't be taking is a TM30.

    I will take lease along just in case. 

  9. 12 minutes ago, ballpoint said:

    A couple of days ago a friend of mine working here forwarded me an email his HR department sent to all expats employed here by his company.  It basically said that, on advice from the Immigration Department:


    "Effective from Monday 25 Jan 2021, Immigration require a copy of the receipt of the Notification of Residence for Foreigners - TM.30, to all 90 day reports for Expat employees."


    He had no further details, and I've seen nothing about this on the Thai immigration website.  It will be interesting to see if more people get this remark beginning next Monday.





    So what's what's that mean for the multitude of folk here not working for your friends company? 


  10. 3 minutes ago, Why Me said:


    I actually handed over to the IO the whole stack in a plastic folder. She pulled out the lot and zipped through it on her desk. They know exactly what they are looking for so no harm to my mind to let them filter.

    Nothing wrong with that, however they seem to have set procedure. My guess they would prefer not to 'zip through'.

    I have my docs in the order of what has been my experience in the past. First up they want to see your bank letter and bankbook with photocopies, I have that separated and hand it first up etc

  11. 13 minutes ago, Why Me said:

    I wouldn't say that, Doc. Not everyone updates their passbook regularly in which case you can't tell from looking if the mins have been complied with. The statement on the other hand is guaranteed to be complete.

    As per one of the previous posts above, just because you did things a certain way and provided some "stuff" that wasn't require don't be confused. I have done several at CW and NEVER have provided TM30 or 90 day report or bank statements. In fact all the chat about bank statements (for extensions retirement money in bank) is a very recent chit chat.

    Did my last in Oct 21 did not  provide items you made sound mandatory.

    When posting a report, I suggest just list the required items. Not stuff you provided for 'just in case'

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  12. 1 hour ago, EricTh said:

    Renewing our retirement has always been a nightmare and it will get even worse with more and more requirements. The next step is to be Covid-free.

    Could not be any easier. Stick 800k in dedicated bank a/c and leave it. 

    This thread was about CW, so you can make an appointment and obtain bank letter just prior to appointment on lower lever. No bank statements required. Seen exactly on time and walk out the door 40 mins later. Walk in the park.

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  13. OP, not sure what your asking about. Having lived here for 10 years on extensions based on retirement you would be well aware of that simple process. Your plans sound like you will have a fixed pattern of being in Thailand during certain months every year, so you could continue using extensions based on retirement with a reentry permit. 

    Alternatively you could obtain a non O-A every 2 years as you will be returning to Ireland every year. 

    Your renting plan is sensible as shown by the many folk currently doing exactly what you suggest. 

    Obviously an PE (elite visa) is also an option. 



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  14. 6 hours ago, Lucian said:

    Thanks Dr Jack for the quick response. If I need the Residence Certificate earlier than a couple of weeks, what else do I need to do? Any suggestions?

    I'm not aware of any way to speed it up. There are imm offices that do it very quickly, however MTT posts it out and process can take couple of weeks but some folk report receiving them more quickly.

    You can obtain a statement from your embassy but has a charge. Also some embassies do not provide them. Oz being one.

  15. 6 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

    I posted that in my report on the 90 day online issue from my trip to MTT on Monday Peter.  I also linked it to Ubonjoe and posted it into two other OPS currently running as well. I even PM'd DrJack with the info yesterday.

    Missed that PM. Will read later.

    As usual thanks Ryan, Peter, Ubonjoe etc. 

    Think I'm just having a hissy fit. Just hate wasting best part of a day.

    Will do this one in person and hopefully can do online in future. 

  16. On 1/20/2021 at 1:05 PM, Yellowtail said:

    In any event, I would be much more concerned about the quality of the work than a few dollars one way or the other...

    I can second that! 

    Now the car has a big leak. Just arrived home and after an hour thought I would go check.

    Pool of red (ish) oil. I'm guessing steering fluid. So back to Mr motor mechanic.

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  17. 32 minutes ago, The Theory said:

    Try it this way if you have not done it:

    Don't use PC. Use your phone data instead of WiFi. (Some areas using WiFi could be the problem) 
    I usually use my iPad that use data from my iPhone hot spot. 
    good luck

    I just use my android cell phone. Have used both the web link and also the immigration app using cell with WiFi.

    I'm sure there are many doing the same. Some with success some without.

  18. 37 minutes ago, The Theory said:

    I reported online today. No problem. It was approved in a few minutes. 

    I'm sorry but that means very little to me.

    As stated earlier I am unable to do 90 report online currently even though have done one successfully after my last extension and this would be my second after last extension.

    I have not obtained new passport etc etc.

    The fact that some folk can and some cannot means the system is stuffed. 

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