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  1. Post #2 is correct. The "retirement visa" you would obtain in USA is a non O-A (retirement). It previously was a good option. However now it requires useless health insurance. Your friend is best to enter Thailand on a tourist visa or visa exempt. He can then apply for non-o (retirement) visa. It's gives 90 day permission of stay and in last 45/30 days can obtain annual extension. The extension has financial requirements which you can look into. 


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  2. 4 minutes ago, Tanoshi said:

    According to the official announcement (not the infographic) your permission of stay and the requirement not to file a 90 day report is until Sept 26th.

    There's your argument !

    Not going to get into the POS side of it again. I have different interpretation.

    Regarding the 90 day report during August, both yourself and ubonjoe regard this as "optional". That's certainly good enough for me. The point is if it's optional why would folk do it. 

  3. Just now, Tanoshi said:

    Sorry Jack I haven't read through all the posts.

    Are you using the income or funds in the bank method.

    If income, which bank, method of transfer and are passbook codes coded as FTT.

    If funds, in a Fixed term or Savings account.

    Funds in the bank. I actually have 600k+ in FD and 200k+ in savings. Originally when I did that I regretted not just putting the 800k+ in FD account. After this coming extension I will just put the 800k+ into FD and be done with it.

  4. 2 minutes ago, peterdwje2 said:

    did my annual Non O-A extension couple of weeks ago, and they only wanted bank letter and photocopy of updated bank book pages (I included one year's worth but not sure how long actually required).

    Thanks Peter. I also deal with CW. I will obtain the bank statements as I will be applying in last week of extension due to travel and can't risk a rejection. As Peter Denis points out above, the requirement of bank statements may become common place. Better safe than sorry.

  5. 11 minutes ago, thaibeachlovers said:

    Reading posts like this makes me glad that I left and don't have to comply with their expat hating stupid regulations any more.

    No wonder westerners were not going/ staying in LOS as much before Corona struck.

    To each their own. I love Thailand and appreciate how easy it is to live here. Some people just love to find fault 

  6. @Peter Denis hey Peter. I have been waiting for some update re you post above. I deal with CW and last year only needed photocopy bank pages along with back letter etc. I rarely update bb. 

    It appears now I will also require bank statements for 2 accounts (perhaps not for the FD account). My question how long does it take to obtain statements. I recall they can only do the recent 6 months quickly and the 6 prior to that takes longer.

    Also recall it wasn't cheap. Can anyone advise re the process. Ta

  7. OP, exactly as per the last 2 extensions to the original amnesty period, there will be questions like yours daily on thaivisa.

    Everyone will have a guess. 

    Fact is in recent times there have been spikes in MANY places. Vietnam most interesting re Thailand as they also we're down to zero cases.

    I'm on annual extensions so it's easy personally. Having said that I'm from Melbourne AU and things out of control. They are back to stage 4 restrictions for 6 weeks. What will change in next 8 weeks.

    Answer....not much. Let folk here in Thailand remain here which may well be another 6 months.

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  8. 6 minutes ago, zzzzz said:

    Where was ur extension issued?  thats where you need do your 90 day report.

    Dont need show a lease to do a 90day repor

    I live in Bangkok and deal with CW.

    I have never done a report (due to frequent travel) hence need to do it via mail or in person. My point is that this arbitrary announcement by immigration only few days prior to August is a bit rich. 

    I have been on national park island (no post office and I don't have lease handy to include in mail report) also did not intend to return to BKK until September. 


  9. 7 minutes ago, peterdwje2 said:

    In Bangkok and don't own condo. I have not tried Silom office. You have opened FD without work permit there? Was anything other than passport required?

    I opened an FD account last year. I did get run around. My own bank didn't have a clue. Bangkok bank wanted something from my embassy along with something from my AU bank. Absolute rubbish.

    These were main branches in Nanna area.

    Went to green K bank with passport and lease. Think that was all. Opened FD a/c and savings on the spot zero issues. 

    You need shop around. This bank account topic comes up often

  10. 2 minutes ago, narisarasgroove said:

    I was always of the belief that the 800,000 had to be in the bank 3 months before the extension was due and didn't realise that it was a requirement for it to be their 3 months after also. What is the point I ask myself.

    We are supposed to have the cash their to show that we can support ourselves, but if you have a need to use it, for instance after a situation that requires immediate financial outlay, you are penalised. Crazy. Or am I missing something.

    One hint is maybe that those on retirement extensions that had an O-A are required to have insurance that matches exactly extensions to non o retirement. 

    800k hospital cover and 400k outpatient.

    BTW it's 2 months prior

  11. 12 minutes ago, KhaoYai said:

    I'm not sure what the current amnesty does to the status of a visa or a 30 day entry. I've read posts in the past where 30 day entries have been converted.

    There have been reports of obtaining non o from visa exempt entry and tourist visas.

    All the ones I have seen including those that entered ME marriage obtained an extension to facilitate obtaining non o and subsequent annual extension. Unfortunately some people used their extension prior to amnesty.

    Some people state that you do not need to have current extension due to amnesty. In any event people's own imm office would be best place to check.

  12. 1 minute ago, PrasatKeith said:

    Hello. I am new to the forum, and there is so much here, i wanted to ask to clarify my situation. I have a Non O, from Laos, not been across the border since the 90 day expired 26th April. It runs out January.


    Am i correct in assuming that, on or before the 26th of September, i can go to immigration and get 60 days, as i have not done this at all since renewing? If so, that will then take me to mid November and either i find a new way for a visa, or an agent, or, the borders may be open (fat chance) .


    Thank you for your time

    Yes, you can do as you outlined.

    In addition you could after obtaining you 60 day extension obtain an 12 month permission of stay (extension) to non O (marriage).

    That has financial requirements. Either min balance in Thai bank 400k baht or monthly income deposits for 2 months. 

    If possible to satisfy that it covers you for next 12 months. Would be best to have the financials in place then apply for your 60 day extension.

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