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  1. Good post BritTim. Personally never used an agent. Your point regarding that the process is often done elsewhere is correct. Many reports of folk living in Thailand and becoming slightly unstuck with such things as 90 day reports etc if they live say Bangkok and extension obtained by agent was say Pattaya.. The guy you advised can get around this as only needs temporary fix as just needs temporary bridge until flights etc available. Gives him one year plus. It's perhaps 25k but gives peace of mind. @vermin on arrival
  2. "Must have abused the visa system badly if he arrested in an amnesty !" Why? If he was on overstay prior to the amnesty, he should be sent straight to IDC.
  3. There are MANY personal accounts regarding overstay. I suggest you Google something like "overstay and IDC Thaivisa" much better than search using Thaivisa search engine.
  4. OP, if your over 50 then do a extension based on retirement. Marriage is far more difficult.
  5. It's a standard letter that your embassy provides along with your new passport. It gives Thai immigration permission to transfer the details of previous visa to new pp. It doesn't cost however without it no transfer
  6. If you entered visa exempt an agent can arrange non o (retirement). Personally I would pay the extra for annual extension based on retirement. Won't be super cheap (since you don't have the financials) but it's a 12 month cover. Then concentrate of condo etc in Taiwan re let out or other options. FWIW personally I think post Sept 26 other options have to be available. Personally I have annual extension so simple. However I am from Melbourne/AU How could a Thai government force to return to Oz. Currently several state borders closed. AU PM announced that he hopes all borders open before end of year. The borders he is referring to is internal Oz borders. International is a dream.
  7. Think you mentioned that your 56. I might be completely wrong . Has any agent that you have approached been able to brown envelope a retirement extension. Given that you don't have visa exempt entry or tourist visa entry, it would be expensive. However maybe possible. Also there would be 2 prices. One for 90 day non o and extra for annual extension.
  8. Or you could of tried to return to your own country, which you still can. Or currently go deal with agent directly. Simple really.
  9. Think you will find very different process this time if amnesty is not extended again. Perhaps proof of cancelled flights etc. The majority of folk without options can in fact return to their home country. Don't think stating that flights are expensive etc will cut it. Having stated that, I cannot see why Thailand gov want tourists out..
  10. Can I borrow this thread for quick question. I skipped 90 day report during amnesty. I realize imm have instructed those in my situation to attend imm during August. My annual extension will be done late October CW. Question. If I wait till day of attending imm for my extension and bring the paperwork for the 90 day report, will it be as simple as 2000baht fine?
  11. @Peter Denis OP, which imm office do you deal with?
  12. He is on annual extension based on retirement. He would re-enter on a reentry permit. Cost 1000baht for single and 3800baht multiple. The imm officer will stamp and enter date "admitted untill" date as per his reentry permit date. Nothing to do with 90 day. That stamp will count as day 1 on his clock for next 90day report.
  13. First up thanks for the report and yes the more we can advise folk that the 90 day report venue has changed from CW the better. Your response to very short notice from imm requiring folk that skipped report is very calm and no fuss. I wonder if it would be similar if your were somewhere like Phuket on a break untill end of September.
  14. I think your being diplomatic. Here is my recollection. I was at Saigon airport March 16 returning to Bangkok. The flights to Singapore were cancelled on that day also it was announced entries from March 18 into Singapore would require quarantine. ~ same time Vietnam closed borders. NZ ~ 19 and AU march 20. Anyone in Laos would of been crazy to remain. Think Thailand closed ~March 26. There was quite some window to be able to return from Laos.
  15. I'm really surprised that there has not been more of an uproar about this. How many folk would not have skipped their 90 day reports during amnesty if they had known that immigration would make them attend imm office personally to do their report in August. Even the experts were advising us to skip it during amnesty. Most people were of the opinion that post amnesty, the next report would be due on 90 day multiples from last one missed. You can't make up this level of incompetence. When someone in imm or gov came up with idea to allow reports to be skipped, did any other idiot in the room ask...,. What happens post amnesty? Bunch of fools. BTW for some it is day trip and return to imm office. I'm currently Rayong. So 3 day trip for damn address report. Wish I had mailed it when was due during amnesty.
  16. Disagree with comment re Australian situation. The Oz PM announced ~ march 18 for all Australians to return to Oz asap. After that upwards of 18000 Australians exited AU for various reasons (mainly holidays). Untill recently prior to outbreak in Melbourne/Victoria, it was relatively easy to return to Oz from Thailand. In Sydney alone 28000+ people flew into Oz and were quarantined in hotels for 14days cost covered by government. It's only recent weeks Melb went out of control due to inept quarantine hotel control. Australians have had time to return however played the wait as see game. BTW I from Melbourne.
  17. OP, imo very unlikely that borders will open prior to Oct 5. Even if they did what would the conditions of entry be. It certainly will be more than a visa only. Kiss it goodbye.
  18. Peter, does that mean I need do 90 report in person. I had planned to do it via mail soon. I skipped report during amnesty. BTW will be my first ever report.
  19. OP, your answer is post #4. However if your thinking that you will be able to exit Thailand Sept 9 and re-enter anytime soon after, I would suggest that won't happen.
  20. You really mean do I need attend classes. You can buy fake ed visa ~ 25k Only university courses can arrange serious ed visa within Thailand.
  21. OP, when does your current reentry permit expire. 2 things are not known. When will land borders (likely before airports) open along with what will be the requirements. They are horrid currently for married guys, PR holders etc. Retires not even on the list. Some suggest (guess) that some land borders my open before September 26. I'm thinking more towards end of this year at the best.
  22. Get the 60 day extension. Would be astonished if any borders open before Sept 26. In addition the requirements for reentry to Thailand could be very difficult.
  23. If it was issued in Thailand it would be non o . No insurance requirement. If you exit Thailand it may be long time before you can enter. By then your extension and reentry permit may expire. What date is your current "admitted untill date" Do you mean that your visa was issued in Thailand or your extension was issued here.
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