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  1. The requirements can change any time. Of course they should post things like this on their website, but this would mean less income for them, so they don't do this. But because we know that things can change without any notice it makes sense to call them before going there to get up to date information.
  2. If you overstay 3 days you will get an overstay stamp in your passport, hardly surprising. Sounds like you didn't get an extension yet, so when you apply for one you will be given another 30 days.
  3. Really required is only passport and cash. But i would advise to take a credit card, and maybe a backup credit card. If you plan to drive the driving license + IDP, as you already mentioned. Not really required, but in case you end up in hospital it could be helpful: Health insurance contact information and policy.
  4. I just saw that you appended your post. This wasn't the point of discussion, but regarding this i agree with you, as you can see in my thread from 2018: I don't know what our discussion was exactly about, but obviously i would not agree with you if you provided zero facts for your point of view and you were most likely wrong.
  5. For priority mail they do afaik guarantee 30 days, if it wasn't priority then there is probably no guarantee, so can be more than 30 days (usually it will be less than that, but depends on your luck).
  6. Yes, they look for the easy targets, if you show any resistance they will not push the matter, same as traffic police when they stop you and you didn't do anything wrong but they want some money. If they should really say something like "no money... no extension" (i doubt they would ever do it directly like this), i would say something like "one moment, i just want to confirm this with the immigration bureau in Bangkok" [go to get the phone]. In 99%+ of cases they will say something like: "never mind, today it's free for you".
  7. With a residence certificate it's not possible to register a vehicle in another province. I'm not sure if it's possible with a yellow book, but i would tend to "not possible". A Thai can register a vehicle in any province. 1. I don't think this matters much, if a Thai wants to have a Bangkok plate he can just change the registration to Bangkok after buying it. 2. I never tried to get a specific number, so no personal experience, but from what i've heard (at least outside of Bangkok) it sounded like the officer at the DLT expects a tip for this service.
  8. Probably because a 1968 IDP is not valid in Thailand.
  9. I think i've never seen an online checkin / luggage drop off queue which is longer than the regular queue. Usually this queue is empty or a hand full of persons maximum, so it saves you from standing in the regular queue (sometimes 30 minutes)
  10. I don't know if this can be a reason for a too high reading, maybe you are just using so much, but considering that you seem to use about 4500kwh per month, if you break this down per hour this would mean an average use of 4500*1000/(24*30)/230 = 27amp. Considering now that you said the aircons run only at night you might be using 60amp during the night time through a meter which is specified for 15A with a max of 45A. I would just exchange this with a 30A meter, then you are safe and you will also see if this has any effect on your bill.
  11. It really surprises me how readily many people here give away their money for nothing in return. It's not even a bribe, why do you hand this over? If you refuse to give them money you will still get your extension, don't be so scared. I even demand my 100THB when they "forget" to give me the change for my 2000THB when applying for an extension. And then you guys are complaining that they tighten the rules. Yes, they would be stupid not to do this considering how easy it is to get your money if you are just a little bit afraid.
  12. After Thailand refused to let the other cruise ship board, any future cruise ships will probably avoid Thailand because they worry that it could happen to them as well. Quite similar to when tourists are denied at the borders, report this, and other tourists decide to spend their holiday elsewhere because they are afraid to be denied entry as well. Well done Thai government.
  13. It says "should have", not "must have" English script, so a license without any English script (for example in pure Arabic script as another poster mentioned before) would still be ok under this definiton. But it defines a size of 74x105mm, a credit card sized license doesn't match this. "driving permit" in the language of the issuing state will be written on it, as well as "permis de conduire". Maybe a french driving license matches this one, but i'm not aware of any other country that does. I guess that today no country issues driving licenses in accordance with annex 9 of this convention. Probably nobody here has a valid license as per annex 9, so this leaves us with the IDP specified in annex 10.
  14. Can you point me to the relevant section? I didn't see it. Here the convention: https://treaties.un.org/doc/Treaties/1952/03/19520326 03-36 PM/Ch_XI_B_1_2_3.pdf
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