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  1. In Thai they call it "person entering the country", they probably chose "immigration" as translation because that's how it's called in many countries and most people will understand what it's about. If you look up the definition of immigration: "the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country" So for example a retiree planning to spend the rest of his life in Thailand using a non-O visa is not an immgrant according to Thai law, but still an immigrant according to the definition of the word itself.
  2. You seem to come from a very expensive country if this is "damn cheap" for you. If you went to a medium priced italian restaurant in Germany you would pay a similar price, so for Thailand this is clearly expensive Phuket is expensive, even objectively. This does of course not mean that everything is expensive, imho hotels are priced reasonable, and the rental price for a motorbike is also reasonable. Expensive at Phuket: - Food. You can buy some standard Thai "ahan dam sang" dish for 30-50THB in most places in Thailand, even in Bangkok, but at Phuket it costs 60-100THB, same for any other food - Transport. The prices to use a taxi / tuk tuk to go a few kms to the next beach are just a ripoff
  3. jackdd

    Overstay 16 years

    I would get a flight where you clear immigration in Chiang Mai and then just transit through Bangkok. If you book a flight from Chiang Mai to BKK and then BKK to somewhere else, you might be unlucky and somebody from CNX maybe informs BKK about you. In Theory it should be as simple as you go to the airport and after checking in when you have to pass immigration you just skip the queue and inform an officer there that you are on overstay. Then you pay 20k THB fine, get the stamp that you are banned, maybe you have to sign anything, and then you should be free to go to your flight.
  4. If you are renting the place in your name you are the "possessor" and thus have the same obligation as the owner.
  5. If you are talking about the "Proposed address in Thailand" field, this can be left empty for tourist visas. Same with the two fields below which ask for a guarantor
  6. They should just define that happy ending is part of a traditional thai massage
  7. jackdd

    Safety first?

    A Thai doing something without thinking about the consequences? OMG Was this your first time in Thailand? I'm sure they will have a good laugh before throwing the bill in the trash
  8. jackdd

    Smog to exact heavy price

    One change which would be quite easy to implement: Make people use more motorbikes. They use way less fuel than a car, which means less emissions, and just by causing less congestion they also cause less emissions. The first thing they should do is to allow motorbikes (without sidecar) on all overpasses, underpasses, bridges and get rid of any "have to drive left" rule for them. There are many people who have to cross one of the bridges which don't allow motorbikes when going to work, so they take a car. Another easy option would be to allow motorbikes 300cc up on highways. These two changes could be implemented within a few days.
  9. I was talking about the DLT in Bangkok to which she has to go two times, because before you wrote she wants Bangkok plates. She is Thai, so she can register a vehicle where she wants. What you planned to do is possible as well, then of course only one trip to the DLT is required, the car stays registered there, just the name is changed. This does of course mean that the car keeps its current plates. But she can still transfer the car to Bangkok in the future, then she would also get Bangkok plates. If the daughter wants to avoid losing a day off and your wife has free time: The daughter: - Completes her part of this form to transfer a vehicle: https://www.dlt.go.th/th/download.php?ref=M2E0LJyirTkjoz13q29ZMT1sM2I0oTycrTMjpJ1Sq2IZoT1vM2S0qTysrPMjAz00qmuZZ21kM0I0MTycrS8oSo3Q - Completes the power of attorney to authorize her mom to do the transfer: https://www.dlt.go.th/th/download.php?ref=M2E0LJyirTkjoz13q29ZMT1sM2I0oTycrTMjpJ1Sq2IZoT1vM2S0qTysrPMjZT01qmuZZ21kM0I0MTycrS8oSo3Q - Signed copy of her id card She sends these documents to your wife. Your wife completes her part of the vehicle transfer form when it arrives, and makes a signed copy of her id card as well. Then she takes all these things (including blue registration book, and car) to your local DLT and can transfer it to the daughter's name, then your daughter doesn't have to go to the DLT at all, so she doesn't lose a day off.
  10. Your daughter needs: - This form completed: https://www.dlt.go.th/th/download.php?ref=M2E0LJyirTkjoz13q29ZMT1sM2I0oTycrTMjpJ1Sq2IZoT1vM2S0qTysrPMjAz00qmuZZ21kM0I0MTycrS8oSo3Q - Blue registration book - Signed copy of your wife's id card - Signed copy of her own id card I think these things are not necessary, but better be prepared than having to waste time going there again because they request them: - Power of attorney from your wife to your daughter: https://www.dlt.go.th/th/download.php?ref=M2E0LJyirTkjoz13q29ZMT1sM2I0oTycrTMjpJ1Sq2IZoT1vM2S0qTysrPMjZT01qmuZZ21kM0I0MTycrS8oSo3Q - Signed copy of both house books (I think the power of attorney is actually only needed if your wife would want to make the transfer to your daughter's name (POA from daughter to wife) without your daughter going to the DLT, but who knows what they might make up this day) Then she has to go to the DLT (your daughter can go alone, take the vehicle, i forgot if they want to check the vehicle on the first visit or the second) two times: - First the DLT will transfer the province of the vehicle to Bangkok, this takes them a few days - After a few days she has to go to the DLT again and they will do the actual ownership transfer
  11. I'm one of the younger people here and i totally know how it is when finishing school and you don't know what you want to do in life. Myself and most of my friends were in exactly the same situation. From what i've heard of my parents generation (this is the age of most people who are on Thaivisa) back then they often didn't choose what they wanted to do, but their parents just told them what to do and they just did it. Actually i think what happened back then was not so bad at all. I thank you should not force somebody to study something for 4 years, but when somebody doesn't know what he/she wants it's a good idea to just tell them something reasoable and not let them do "something". Here one of the, in my opinion, best choices for people in Thailand who don't know what to do: Tell her to study practical nurse. This takes one year studying at school and then she will be a certified practical nurse and can start to work. If her grades are good she can choose what kind of work she would like to do and if she chooses something specialized, for example work in operating room, she can make good money. This is what my GF did, at 20 years old, after one year in the job, she made about 30k per month working as practical nurse in the operating room in a private hospital, this is serious money for a Thai at this age. - If she figures out that she likes this kind of work she has many options to further her carrer (registered nurse, doctor, work as nurse/doctor in the army ...) - If she doesn't like this kind of work she "lost" just one year, but actually she doesn't really lose this. Even if she doesn't like this kind of work much, she can work part time as practical nurse while she studies something else, working part time as practical nurse pays way more than the "typical" stundent jobs.
  12. jackdd

    Holiday home Rental/Lease in Issan

    Red lotus lake looks like on the pictures only for a short amount of time each year, most of the time it's just some random sea
  13. It might happen that moving your existing contract does not make when looking at it from a financial standpoint. When you sign up for AIS Fibre they say for example: "FREE! Get discount for installation fee with outdoor wiring installation amount of 4,800 Baht" It might happen that you ask them to move your existing contract, and they tell you that you have to pay this 4800THB wiring fee, because the "promotion" to get this for free is only for new contracts. Does of course not need to happen, but could.
  14. jackdd

    Where I can buy mobilephone in BKK?

    In every mall or shopping center
  15. jackdd

    How To Determine a FAKE GREEN BOOK?

    I don't think that a motorbike license plate has anything to do with the engine size. My small and my big bike license plates both look like: XYY XXXX (X = number, Y = letter)