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  1. Considering that my big bike has cruise control, heated seats and heated grips, no I don't feel silly talking about it I use cruise control on nearly every ride, definitely nice to have on a bike used for touring where you might just cruise longer stretches on the highway. Heated seats and heated grips do of course depend on where you live. Before I had it I also thought what a waste in Thailand, but especially when making long trips in the north of Thailand it's also nice to have. I might start a trip when it's 35ºC outside, and in the evening when heading back home I'm
  2. I don't see it as "extremely" expensive. With the TMAX you get quite a few features that you don't get on the XADV: Cruise control, heated grips, heated seats, electrically adjustable windscreen, GPS tracking. It also has 3HP more and weighs 20kg less.
  3. No first hand experience with the scooter, but considering that it's from Yamaha I doubt there are any major downsides. If it's worth it depends on your riding profile. In case you only ride around town it's not worth it. For this purpose the XMAX is the better bike, because it's more nimble. But if you should regularly do 300+ kilometer long trips it's probably a reasonable choice because it offers more comfort and the ride will be less tiring. I do of course not know a date, but I think in the near future the Honda Forza 750 should be available in Thailand, might be an
  4. There are of course different estimates, depending on the source, but it always looks like it doesn't come cheap and there is definitely room for generous backhanders:
  5. I just had a look at the Chanote of the condo here. On the sketch the balcony and the rooms are separated and it gives the measurement for each. But in the text below the sketch, it says "total size: xx sqm" and this is balcony + rooms. This total size is what the maintenance fees here are based on and is also the size everybody uses in their advertisements.
  6. No, OPs property didn't have a tenant, maybe start by reading OP again to make sure you even understand the situation. The picture which you posted is part of rental contract saying that if the tenant violates the contract, and the landlord cancels the contract due to this, the tenant has 15 days to vacate the property, if he doesn't he has to the amount written on the dotted line. Please explain how this is related to the discussion here.
  7. This isn't from a sales contract, but from a rental contract. Not related to the situation here. You have anything else? Maybe ask somebody who can read Thai to translate it for you before you post it here, to make sure it's not again unrelated.
  8. You don't need to give Immigration the "original copies", just take a copy of the copy which she signed and gave you. Maybe take the "original copies" with you, so immigration can confirm that the copies are not faked, but don't let them keep them. Are you sure that the rental contract is even required for an extension in your province? Here in Chiang Mai it's only required to submit a TM30.
  9. Obviously nobody here has ever seen such contracts. If you claim it exists, show some examples. We can't show/quote something which doesn't exist. If you can't show any examples because you are just making stuff up: Stop trolling.
  10. There are things like "Inulin" which you can add to food to increase fiber. I use it for baking, but I guess mixing it into a curry might work as well.
  11. You can't just drive there and get the visa on short notice anymore (now in Covid times of course not relevant, but also once Covid is under control it won't be possible again)
  12. What you say is correct. But I looked at the Canadian Thai embassy website, and noticed that they say: People must use the evisa system. So in Canada an application directly at the embassy will be no longer possible. I think we actually have two different scenarios: - Some countries will introduce the evisa system, in these countries people have to apply on the evisa website, direct applications at embassies or consulates are no longer possible. - In countries which don't introduce the evisa system (yet) they no longer offer visas through honorary consulates, but only thr
  13. I just checked the website of a German honorary consulate, they say they no longer issue visas, and people have to apply at either the Thai embassy or the Thai consulate-general. This seems to confirm what ubonjoe says: This change only applies to honorary consulates, and regular consulates can still issue visas.
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