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  1. From my observations as a customer at these shops, the best selling soft drink is orange Fanta (or the equivalent from other brands).
  2. Actually the police order regarding extensions says that it's one year from entering Thailand (for studying at non-formal schools that is, studying at a formal school doesn't have this limit). So if you entered Thailand in March 2020 and get an ED visa now, you could only stay until March 2021 at most (total stay in Thailand one year) and then you would have to leave. But it looks like most immigration offices interpret it so that the year starts when you actually got the ED visa (which is imho not in compliance with the police order, and could potentially used by them to extort money, we have to see if this happens)
  3. This is already possible, no change to any rules required. The problem is that immigration refuses to do it unless they get paid through an agent. There is zero chance for this to happen.
  4. Try turning it arround, it has two sides, the address is on the back. This is only required in some provinces. In most provinces people don't need such a request letter, and also no certificate of residence when selling a vehicle.
  5. You should scale the pictures in proportion, the Tenere has nearly 10cm wider handle bars:
  6. He said "two double pages", meaning 4 passport pages on one sheet of paper, are not accepted by them.
  7. The body position is not much different: Now compare this to bikes with race track geometry: https://cycle-ergo.com/
  8. Depends on the type of super sport bike, actually this category has to be divided in two categories: 1) Super sport bikes like a Honda CBR300R, or a Kawasaki Ninja 650, which are relatively comfortable 2) Super sport bikes which are made for the race track, for example the Kawasaki ZX series bikes, Yamaha R6/R1, Honda CBR1000RR and so on... The bikes which fall in the first category are usually not too different from their naked bike counterparts (Honda CB300F vs. CBR300R), and are somehow ok as every day bikes and for some limited touring. The bikes in the second category are not the type of bikes you want to ride for hours at a time, they are quite uncomfortable. The ZX-25R also falls in this second category.
  9. I actually think that the kind of visa is irrelevant, and somebody with a non-o can get this as well. But as the Upnotover said, there is a time limit to it and you need the vat refund paperwork from the shop where you bought it, just the bill is not sufficient.
  10. If the friend acquired a fake stamp, immigration wouldn't know about it and thus not knock on the door If it's a real stamp, then they also won't knock. So the chance that immigration will knock on the door is close to zero percent.
  11. She will probably just use it to take notes, and in this case a third party pen is fine. But if you want to use it for drawing pictures you want the original Apple pen, because only the Apple pen is pressure sensitive.
  12. They don't care about Thailand, all they care about are the backhanders from agents which go into their pockets.
  13. Sure they tell you this, because it's worse for the battery and you will buy a new phone sooner.
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