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  1. Yes, various sources are reporting this and it's the talk of the day.
  2. So it sounds like that you envy him for being able to watch people in the pool from his living room (which is by the way nothing uncommon, in many condo complexes half of the units have pool view, so i don't really see a problem with it), and that he could theoretically use the common area after 10pm. Problem one could be solved by deciding to redecorate the common area, and simply putting something like this in front of his windows: Thus you are not the bad guy building a wall to block his view, but just want the pool area to look nicer. Problem two can easil
  3. You go to the immigration office and apply for an extension, costs 1900THB. Bring copies of your passport, a passport sized photo, a TM30 receipt and complete form TM7 at the immigration office. It could be that they will only give you an extension until 8th February.
  4. And by this they would risk that you push the matter of them demanding a bribe and they might end up on an inactive post? Won't happen, they are just skimming off the top, and if somebody doesn't look like an easy target they will back off.
  5. You mean they asked you for a 2000THB tip, which you gave them. Next time just don't give it to them.
  6. Usually they want them back, and if you don't return them in a certain time frame they charge you for it. At least for True and AIS that's the case.
  7. The requirements are listed in documents 12 and 13 found in this thread: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/981135-laws-regulations-police-orders-etc/ As you can see, the requirement to apply for an extension based on working is to have any non-immigrant visa, which you have, you don't need a non-b visa. The information which you got from your office HR is just wrong.
  8. You don't need to leave Thailand and you also don't have to change from a non-o to non-b (that's not possible anyway). All you have to do is apply for an extension based on working, using form TM7 and provide the required documents.
  9. So according to the court it's now actually his property and not part of the communal area, correct? And now you want to build a wall in front of his windows to block his view? If i look out of my window i see the pool, so do about half of the other tenants in this condo here, how is this a problem? The 8th floor is the swimming pool and his condo, no other residential units on this floor?
  10. I doubt they would ask for a TM28: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1149328-tm28-thai-immigration-scraps-requirement-for-foreigners-to-report-when-they-stay-away-from-home-for-24-hours/ Was anybody here ever asked to complete a TM27? I was never asked and i don't know anybody who was ever asked for it. Just go to Pattaya immigration when your 90 day report is due, bring the TM30 receipt from the hotel where you stay, and most likely they will accept your 90 day report.
  11. There is no such limitation, it's just up to the bank or branch. If it has to be Kasikorn i guess you have to try your luck by walking into several branches. Or you just open one at Krungsri.
  12. I'm sure he is crying every night that he only makes 330 million a year instead of 550 million. He would be able to afford 50 villas instead of just 30, and 5 yachts instead of just 3.
  13. The third option from the bottom is transit visa. If there aren't more options than shown on your screenshot, then visa exempt doesn't exist in this list. In this case i would select the 4th or 5th option from the bottom, that's 60 day tourist visa and 15 day visa on arrival, this is somehow the closest to a 30 day visa exempt.
  14. That's no reason to stop in the middle of the street to sell food, as shown on the second picture, or in the middle of a zebra crossing, as shown in the first picture. They should just stop somewhere where it doesn't obstruct the traffic.
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