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  1. Yes, you can do this on a tourist visa / visa exempt. It would also not be possible for you to get a business visa for this.
  2. Just go to bus station 1, near to Central Plaza Udon Thani, many busses are going to Khon Kaen, i doubt you have to wait long. If you are willing to take a minivan, I think the minivans from there to Khon Kaen leave every 20 minutes. A minivan will drop you of at any point of the route, so as PREM-R mentioned already, just get off at Central Plaza Khon Kaen, if you don't mind walking 10 minutes you can just walk to Pullman hotel, if you don't want to walk there are lots of Tuk Tuks waiting.
  3. Which just makes it look like it was a setup and just in case a court decides not guilty they will try to deport him for overstay. Or did they change his permit of stay to an extension based on being in a criminal investigation? Somehow i doubt it
  4. Allegedly raped, we don't know what really happened A lie detector is not reliable, which is the main reason why it's not used in most countries.
  5. If they have these then of course a prescription is needed, i thought that these kind of drugs are only available in hospital pharmacies. The next time i'm at a pharmacy i will ask them how this works.
  6. There is only one realiable way to get an answer: Make a trip to both cities and get your own impression, nobody here knows your preferences. As other people said before, these cities are quite different
  7. You could buy Sidegra at most pharmacies, a generic produced in Thailand, doubt anybody would fake this, it's cheap already I don't really understand why i would need a prescription to buy drugs at a stand alone pharmacy. To my understanding everything a stand alone pharmacy has is sold by them without prescription. Controlled substances are only available at hospital pharmacies and can't be bought somewhere outside. For which drugs do you need a prescription which can then be used to buy this drug at a stand alone pharmacy?
  8. Did you ever leave Thailand since then? You obviously broke the law by not taking it back out again, and in case they have this in their computer you this might come up in their computer when you leave Thailand the next time. On the other hand this is of course Thailand, so maybe it was just forgotten. Your bike is basically equivalent to a bike without green book. If the price is low enough somebody will buy it, either to use it for spare parts or to ride it in their village. I can't tell you how much less you get for a bike without a green book, maybe somebody else here has experience with it and can give you a number.
  9. Did you legally import this bike into Thailand (paid tax, and so on) or did you just temporarily import it and failed to ever take it back out again?
  10. I'm sure there is nothing unlawful in taking the escalator to go from the arrivals to the departure and then taking a taxi there. About which barrier are you talking? You just go out of the door and the taxis are there. This is of course everybody's personal choice, i never had a really bad experience with a taxi driver anywhere in Thailand so i personally don't see a problem in taking a taxi there.
  11. A usufruct with your wife is worthless by Thai law. If you buy a house and put it in your wife's name you can see it as a present to her. In case of a divorce you are entitled to 50% of it, but if you will ever get this... The imho best idea for anybody with a wife who wants to buy a house: The wife takes a loan from a bank to buy the house. You just pay the monthly rates. This is then as if you were renting a house, if you break up you just walk away from it. If you are still together after the loan is paid off you can stay rent free
  12. I just called at Bumrungrad Vitallife. They confirmed that the doctors there prescribe it for patients. When asking them if they have it in stock because i'm from Udon and would prefer just one trip they were like "you have to see a doctor first". I said that i know that i need to see a doctor and get this prescribed, i just want to know if i can get this in a single visit, again the answer "need to see doctor first", like they don't want or can't tell me if they usually keep this in stock. Thanks for the tip with Bumrungrad, i will visit them the next time when i'm in Bangkok and report back here how it went.
  13. Your wife bought the house before you got married, so it's 100% hers, does not matter if you are married or divorced.
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