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  1. Just Google for: [Name of university] international program Here for example for CMU: http://www1.reg.cmu.ac.th/reg-ipas/main/index.php
  2. I recommend everybody to have health insurance, but this has not much to do with this topic. So far I've had first class motorbike insurances with Viriyah as well as LMG, both covered hospital costs only up to 50k, which is obviously too low if it's the only cover (even with the added 30-80k from the compulsory insurance). Is there any company offering a higher coverage for their first class motorbike policies, or are you talking about accident or health insurance?
  3. Buying a replacement for my cheap bike doesn't break my bank, which is why I call it cheap. Having insurance usually only makes sense for things which you couldn't afford to pay for or would at least hurt. So 3rd class insurance for the case that you crash into an expensive car makes sense, 1st class insurance which pays 30k if I should total my Honda Wave not really.
  4. Why should an SSD improve your internet speed? This has nothing to do with each other. If you don't notice a difference in booting, starting programs, and so on, you should reinstall windows
  5. 3rd class insurance pays for third party property damage, so 1st class doesn't make much sense on a cheap bike.
  6. Probably the cheapest option: https://www.flashexpress.co.th Up to 50KG per parcel, up to 280cm in size (max 150cm per side). Pickup at your home. You just need to find a shop selling big/strong enough boxes.
  7. I think it doesn't matter, because if the sender of this message would request to be called, you would find a word like for example ขอ in this sentence (ขอพี่โทรแจ้งนะ). The absence of such a "request" word indicates that the sender will call.
  8. Then ask the insurance company if they pay if the rider doesn't have a license, or read what's written in the policy.
  9. The compulsory insurance will pay (but that's only for a low amount of medical costs anyway), if he has any voluntary insurance it depends on his policy.
  10. People riding without helmets, just as bad as people using their phone while driving.
  11. Wikipedia: "Cannabis, also known as marijuana (Spanish pronunciation: [maɾiˈxwana]) among other names,[a] is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant used primarily for medical and recreational purposes." There are no psychoactive substances in the cannabis leaves which they use in the menu, so obviously it's not marijuana.
  12. The company wants you to work illegal, because it's not their problem if you get deported. Without the necessary documents from the company you won't get a work permit, working without a work permit it's illegal, so you should decline this offer. If I were you I would also report them for letting people work illegally, for suggesting such a thing to you.
  13. Which countries use KPL? Isn't L/100km more common? On my PCX I had about 2.7L/100km (37 KPL), on my Wave 125 I have about 2.2L/100km (45.5), both about the same riding style and pattern. To achieve 46.6 KPL on a PCX you have to drive very careful
  14. He is Thai, assuming he was treated in a public hospital, the medical bills were 30THB. The hospital could of course try to recoup the real costs from the police officer.
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