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  1. Legal pot is hardly a worthy reward for selling out democracy and condemning millions to continued oppression and right wing corruption.
  2. Nobody is claiming that PTP won the election. Printing nonsense like PPTP won the election is the reason The Nation is losing money and has had to shut down the printing presses - peanuts. The facts are PPTP cheated in every which way possible and still failed to win. PTP in fact won the most seats, which by convention should mean they have the first chance to try to assemble a coalition. The reason PTP have been denied this right - PPTP is maintaining their pre-election form post-election by continuing to cheat. As to the four core conditions from BJT, they are irrelevant. The only condition should be is pro-democracy or pro-(cannot be named or post deleted). Get democracy up and running and then move on to the other problems facing the country. Idiotic "but, but Thaksin" delusions have run passed there used by date. Fascism has failed here. Your anti-Thaksin nonsense is seen for what it is - nonsense. The most honourable act so far during this horse trading period has come from PTP, despite winning the most seats they have stated they will give up all claims to the Prime Ministership, all cabinet positions and all pre-conditions in return for a pro-democracy coalition. What more could be asked of them in return for getting Thailand back to being a functioning democracy..... nothing! It must kill you, Baerboxer, that the only people acting with decency, honesty and the best interests of the Thai people in mind are PTP and FF. Whichever way the Democrats and BJT fall, democracy is the winner - either they join the pro-democracy camp now and kick out the usurpers or they join PPTP now and destroy their own chances next election which will be just a year or two away. Thailand's future is some sort of mixture between PTP and FF, it is the peoples will and the longer it is denied, the more inevitable it becomes. It's time for the anti-democratic, pro-fascist TVF warriors to start considering their options for the future which are but two: 1. Retire from the keyboard 2. Move to, perhaps, North Korea (or a similar country) where you guys can revel in the economic mismanagement, censorship, oppression, corruption and bigotry you have all admired so greatly here under the current regime
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