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  1. Yesterday the CDC ( center for disease control- USA ) stated an update saying “ the masks were never intended to protect the wearer, only to inhibit transmission from an infected person “. So it may seem as the whole thing is now over, one could take the case to any democratic republic, under maritime law, test, and win a case to eliminate masks & social distancing. BOOM!
  2. When the Thb crashes, I’m in. there will be quite a few “ transfers” before that will be allowed. New legislation? looking foreword to some bargaining. i expect the jets are getting serviced, and put on standby. I hope the people get some economic relief. Nothing to see here, move along. i still think the cov19 will disappear on nov 4.
  3. All the businesses are gone. who wants to go to Disneyland with all the rides closed? There is that pesky [email protected] debt. Any investors will only be willing to pay pennies on the dollar. Think fire sale. The future will only brighten up with some serious fundamental changes. It is doable, only with true bargaining. i believe the first wave will be 1 yr after the US election. NASURA. Covid will disappear Nov 4th 2020. back everything up, store In faraday bag. Sources Say.
  4. Astra Zenica has stopped fast track studies due to 2 patients developing serious neurological symptoms, presenting as MS multiple sclerosis.
  5. What if I want to get my vaccine in Moscow? , or Sydney? Madrid?. If I am vaccinated in Thailand, will Germany honor it? Why don’t we vaccinate for Dengue? will a world standard be established? what if a cure is developed ? The possibility exists that profit will dictate ops.
  6. Some Thai authority was un truthful . After all these years, I have followed the letter of the law , here in the Kingdom. Im shocked and disappointed. It would appear as though they thought no one would notice, or care. atta boy carry on, nothing to see here. at a glance, it seems the Issan farmer has far more credibility than the Authorities that are government. In the immortal words of Don Henley, “ I could be wrong, but I’m not” get your popcorn ready, the next 3 weeks will be the best show on earth. And rest assured, the good guys win, They already have. After that “ Daddies Home “. Its going to be Awesome, if your a good guy. If you are a dark, lying, cheating, corrupt, fraudulent type...... good luck, there are bad days ahead. Leo te khun. This will be Universal Law, nowhere to hide. Sources say .
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