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  1. As far as I know, Immigration only cares that 1. the 65k baht comes from abroad and 2. the 65k baht is deposited into a Thai bank account. Of course, each Immigration Office is allowed to make up their own rules. SammyJ had an income verification letter from the US Consulate but Chiang Mai Immigration refused to accept it. He got his extension after he obtained documentation from his Thai bank that he did 12 monthly transfers. If you read all four of SammyJ's posts, I think they will answer your questions.
  2. Thanks for reiterating that. I have done nothing but give bad advice in this thread. For some reason I thought OP wanted to stay 180 days in a row. I also thought he had permanent residency in Italy. OP, ignore everything I said in this thread. Sorry.
  3. He could try a visa agent. I believe 40K baht is the maximum being charged for a 1-year retirement extension without proof of proper funds. That is significantly cheaper than a 500K 5-year Thailand Elite visa and comparable to the 1 million baht 20-year Thailand Elite visa.
  4. Thanks to both you and JackThompson for pointing that out about Japan and South Korea.
  5. I have not read one report this year of the combination method being accepted for an extension based on retirement without an Embassy income verification letter or use of an agent. A Brit was refused the combo method at Phuket, but was able to successfully get a 90-day non-O immigrant visa and 1-year extension based on retirement at Savannakhet. An Australian (former Dutch/Netherlands citizen) was refused the combo method at Chiang Mai. He will go back to Australia, apply for a 90-day non-O, top his Thai bank account up to 800K baht, and apply for an extension once his funds are properly seasoned.
  6. Option 1: When in the UK or Italy, borrow enough money from a friend or relative to qualify for an Non-Immigrant OA visa. Once the visa is granted, return the borrowed money. The Non-Immigrant OA visa will last two years if timed right. Option 2: Only stay in Thailand 150 days. Arrive in Thailand with a 60-day tourist visa and extend for another 30 days at Immigration Office. Then make a land border run in and out of a neighboring country to receive a 30-day visa exempt permission to stay and extend that for another 30 days. The reason is that more and more people are being refused tourist visas at Thai embassies and consulates in nearby countries -- although, if you are willing to fly some distance, like to Japan, there might not be as much trouble getting a 60-day tourist visa.
  7. Phuket does not have a 90-day or 3 month check-in/"show bank book thing" like Jomtien. Instead, Phuket Immigration Volunteers say that it is possible that a retirement extension application may randomly be selected to receive a "90 days under consideration stamp". It took me a few days to figure out the difference between Jomtien and Phuket. In a random selection process it is possible that applicants will receive a 90 days under consideration stamp and have to return to the immigration department after 90 days with new bank statements to proof that the 800.000 Baht is still in your account after which the remaining months will be granted. http://piv-phuket.com/long-stay-extensions/changes-regarding-retirement-extension-application/
  8. Yes, try to turn a TM30 in on Monday. Many Immigration Offices do not want the aggravation, so don't be surprised if they refuse to accept a form from you and tell you to go home. Each IO makes up their own rules. In Jomtien/Pattaya, people who were unware that they had to file a TM30 have received a 1600 baht fine when they went in for a service like extending a tourist visa. However, if the police came looking for you for a criminal matter, your wife or whoever owns the house could be taken in and receive a very high fine for not reporting a foreigner in their residence just to teach them a lesson.
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