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  1. Airports with scheduled commercial service I have found 24 on wiki with immigration office
  2. Not forget protect wealthy 500 familiy
  3. Welcome big brother communist, yesterday I took the train and asked for my passport
  4. Holy cow has as suicidal tendency because Brexit
  5. Prayut disagrees and wants to copy XI, having a new law of PM for life adopted
  6. After seeing all the firemen sitting on the ground with empty tubes, I lost my confidence.
  7. Yes I believed this number these 45,000 all overstayed on the biometric system (the biometric system work only this last two months), only nobody know where this peoples now, because is the number from last 20 years.
  8. Use against its own people, the 500 families wealthy have see Joker film and have taken fear if the Hong Kong protest expands
  9. The worst of statements General Rolex said one day the China are our family, after his dream has become our nightmare everyday more. Coincidence ? I not believe coincidence.
  10. I not see a great victory for Parliamentary Democracy, or maybe I am wrong with English Democracy understand. Normally on the democratic western country when the government not have the majority call for new election, is automatically, but not now England with Boris, What can go wrong ? Certainly not for the economic good of the country these political games, democracy and economy are inter-compatible
  11. Isn't buying new trains that circulate all over Thailand to replace those of two centuries ago? No hope best future this country.
  12. When the head of a government loses face with the EU and the whole country that loses face
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