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  1. The photo was from May 20 when nobody could go to a restaurant shows that this Anutin knew there was no Covid19 epidemic in Thailand. Why even after that date continued to lie about the situation in Thailand? I assume that a very substantial Bill Gates check made all the difference.
  2. I chose to be a guest in Thailand, because I understood very soon that it is the best way to live in Thailand as my education never adapts to the Thai mentality and I never claim to be a Thai. I am a tourist for 365 dd
  3. No is not a shame if you speaking with retired, I personally am retired and I see no reason to end my life in an office with the air conditioner at 20 ° C instead of looking at the beautiful view of girls strayed on the beach and enjoying my life as a retired, the life is too short.
  4. I think that the problem is not China but the communist party that is in power, XI and comrades are ready to lose it risking a war? The economic consequences for the population would be disastrous and their power would be threatened in the event of defeat.
  5. And if all goes well, 20 million tourists arrive in Thailand said Tourism Authority of Thailand
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