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  1. Sooner or later dear Thailand you should open the borders and then it will arrive full of covids but if you don't open them I should draw the financial consequences with the biggest crisis you have never seen and then I should really panic
  2. But what a beautiful day today I'm in a really good mood after reading the funny TV news
  3. It seems to me more to Chinese workers who come to work in Chinese factories in Thailand
  4. Is correct the higher you are the less you have stability and safety, I really don't understand these engineers who make these projects, it's probably just the marketing directions that prevail at the expense of intelligence
  5. I notice that it's not just me who sees Honda motorcycles as wandering ships. personally I prefer Yamaha which are more compact and easier and more funny to drive.
  6. 400 tourists the reason is that there are only 400 electronic bracelets available
  7. Be careful not to buy fake gold, there are several tons in Asia
  8. The most interesting conclusion is that it is admitted that the substantial difference is the DNA and if we then reason in Chinese with the ancient Sun Zi's The Art of War we can also assume that Covid is a well-planned attack against the West for weaken it economically and consequently militarily. It is a very concrete possibility for Chinese culture.
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