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  1. I understand you're just trying to waste TV time, good for you
  2. In medical journals they indicate that viruses in general become more contagious with the new variants but cause fewer deaths, all because the viruses want to survive longer in the population. Feel free to search the web for these specialized resources like Science and others. Easy to understand if you are a virus
  3. And due to the new variants as the natural cycle of viruses become less dangerous, I confirm this is good news
  4. No fixed idea now but probably in the area of Rome where all the cuisine and the theater is queen at least before Covid and the winter is pleasant and the population has a knowledge of living well, with no report 90 days and Visa.
  5. I suppose you have found a slight cataract so no it does not cure the cataract but it improves the vision of the crystal and which is already a progress and stops the cataract. I had used the Alcon Quinax 6 years ago that had blocked my light cataract until now but unfortunately now they do not do it anymore and it is probable that the drugs they have given are now the substitutes, for me personally they had no effect so I stopped taking them after a month.
  6. It is only a matter of accounting in the sense of how many years have your parents or close relatives lived from there you can calculate how many years you have left to live. Lowering the average by a certain degree if you reside in Thailand, today I drove only 160 km I found three big accidents, one had required at least a dozen ambulances.
  7. And certainly now the rich son can choose the mysterious girl that his parents had opposed for marriage in accordance with the Indian tradition and lived rich and happy with a beautiful happy ending. A few brown envelopes can always help happiness
  8. """" Meanwhile RTP chief Gen Suwat Chaengyodsuk is being kept closely informed of the investigation with the media saying that if it proves to be "complex" he say go to Koh Tao himself. """" It's a nice place to take a nice vacation, chef, but watch out for ghosts.
  9. On May 20 Yamaha officially put on sale the new 155 cc 2020 tricycle capable of stopping without putting his foot on the ground (about this possibility i am not sure for the model Thailand, waiting and see) I contacted Yamaha Thailand and they told me that it will be available in two or three months https://www.9carthai.com/new-yamaha-tricity-price/
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