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  1. constantly fear hmmmm and if your bike stays at home when you go out, it never gets ridden, why you have ????
  2. the blue umbrella part is private if you could pan to the right you would see exposed sandbags
  3. is that the one that had the bunker bar at sukumvit end, if so i use it as a shortcut looks past its best
  4. maybe she should have recorded the conversation but then again she maybe could be found guilty of the of that communication law they like to use
  5. an election is an election, success only applies to the winner, if you refuse to vote UP TO YOU now go away and throw your toys out the pram. ps. this is not directed at above poster but to the 2014 election
  6. well said, like most of the post's i have read they all mostly have credence, but but, bad is bad, you either abide by the law or you do not. their are no different levels
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