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  1. OK thanks i think i have everything i need apart from the letter saying we are still married but i will find out on tuesday at KK immigration and whatever the result i will post on here so if antone else is in the same situation it will help them.
  2. Is the house book registry the blue book or is it something else i need to take
  3. The 60 family visit visa on staying with my wife,are the docs i put down the correct one's to take Lopburi3
  4. Hi Guys, After the advice given on here i'm going to KK immigration on tuesday 11th aug as i have never had an inland visa before i've always gone to Laos, am i right in saying this is what i need to take, Marriage certificate, Passport, Wife, Wife's Passport/I.d, Blue housebook, Yellow house book, 2 passport photo's, Have i missed anything i don't want to get there and be told i need this and i've left it at home, and does anyone know the cost,as i said i haven't done a visa in Thailand before so i don't know the price, Chris.m.s
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