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  1. You poor guy I am sure you are gutted the Mueller report cleared Trump and now you are setting yourself up for even MORE disappointment thinking he will lose the 2020 election. The 2020 is in the Bag already get used to it you can keep on believing in fairytales or realize Trump is one of the most successful Presidents in the history of the USA and will go down as one of the best Presidents ever. Keep on digging you might eventually find something but us trump supporters dont care about his taxes (hopefully it will show zero paid showing he had a superb tax accountant) its another nothing burger just like Muellers 2 year investigation.
  2. And does 5 times the amount of work in a day than Obama ever did Trump is a known workaholic as evidenced by the HUGE workload he take on with few hours sleep If he wants to play golf he deserves a little time off from a hectic schedule where he earns NOTHING for his efforts as he donates 100% of his salary to Veterans and Border control and charity UNLIKE Obama.
  3. OH Dear the poor Trump haters still got nothing Must be really stressful no wonder they need safe spaces LOL
  4. NO EVIDENCE, UK POLICE SAYING HE IS NOT A SUSPECT but everyone happy to hang the guy DISGUSTING pos
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