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  1. SORRY, I am just a bad monkey today, I think those bathroom fumes are effecting me. Confucius say "flinging poo, makes fingers smell like <deleted>." BTW A <deleted> is a measure of information - usually on a computer. One <deleted> equals one byte. A <deleted> is used to measure corrupt data, bad programming and rubbish.
  2. THANK YOU ! I installed my first toilet in my condo, with a upgraded wax seal in Farang Land, all by my lonesome. It was tricky, but very easy. Easier I am sure with 2 people putting the toilet over the seal. Those toilets are heavy !!! ตูด deleted? Everyone has one, I think...
  3. OK !!! Have one in the bathroom. Heard about this also in other posts. So I need to flood it with water? I will try that, THANK YOU !!!
  4. Going to try that, thanks. Eliminate all possibilities. Removing this toilet will not be fun. Actually the maintenance guy will do it, under my supervision of course. I am renting, why do I care? Do the right thing...LOL
  5. OMG... like an idiot I should have looked up the model of my toilet. http://tech.kohlerthai.com/product-detail.php?mode=kohler&ib=1&ic=1&is=3&id=130
  6. A seal of some kind is a MUST HAVE. It can be wax, rubber, cement, silicone chalk. If not sealed, smells, health hazard, and more importantly, water seepage that leads to structural damage to your neighbors ceiling and/or foundation of your toilet floor. Wax has worked great in many climates for the life of a toilet. Rubber gasket and silicone probably holds up well. Cement and silicone seal, I would argue, short lived especially if the unit is used intermittently. " The biggest SARS outbreak in Hong Kong spread through the plumbing in an apartment complex after visits from a man sick with the disease, a health official said Thursday. " IMPROPERLY SEALED TOILET, so I was told...
  7. Great, thank you. Cement cracks, especially if not used. This place was empty for at least a year, never used, I think the cement cracked. Cement loves water, especially in the curing process. Thank you my friend.
  8. This is proper "Western" toilet installation. It works and it's simple. Toilet connects directly to drain pipe, no smell, no gas, no leakage, and no pan, whatever that is...
  9. I have seen this answer many times. Pan ??? Never heard of this pan. The bolts should be adhered to the floor. I guess if there is a pan underneath the toilet that contains sewage, I guess so. Is this standard CONDO construction?
  10. 3 Yes, my problem. 1 and 2 no. What about no or poor seal between toilet and main drain pipe?
  11. I strongly disagree. The seal prevents gases and possible toilet flushed material from escaping from the drain. Its like a scuba mask, keeps everything air contained, water out. " Between the toilet and the flange is a wax seal. The wax keeps water from leaking as it passes from the toilet to the drain pipe. It also seals against foul sewer gas odors. A wax seal will often last the life of the toilet, 20 or 30 years, without needing to be changed. "
  12. Does anyone have FIRST HAND experience with Thai CONDO toilet installations? I live on the 8th floor, brand new place, and my toilet smells really bad. It could be the water, gases, or I suspect, no seal from toilet drain to toilet drain pipe. The bottom of the toilet is caulked, silicone I imagine, it appears rust colored. I have tried the blue tablets, no help there. Please only respond if you have actual FIRST HAND CONDO toilet installation knowledge. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Do they actually use the rings below or other wax/paraffin seals?
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