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  1. Sorry, only just saw your post. I haven’t been very impressed with the music shops in CM: the one with the biggest range charges 10%+ more than shops in Bangkok and when I asked why, they cited transportation costs! At the time, I was paying 180 Baht to ship guitars (1 at a time) from Bangkok to Chiang Mai with Kerry so that was a ridiculous explanation. That was one of the shops in Chang Klan Rd. The other shop in the same road has a really poor selection and terrible sales staff - I was going to buy an overpriced, old model Schecter from them one day (a moment of madness) but when they refused to throw in an extra tremolo spring I gave up. They’re pretentious, with little to no product knowledge. The guitar was badly in need of a truss rod adjustment - a fact they denied - and their excuse for not being prepared to offer even a small discount was to laugh and say ‘These are imported goods’, as if that somehow precluded the possibility of discounts. Most consumer goods for sale in Thailand are imported so that was complete nonsense. There’s a shop in Central Festival with some PRS guitars but I doubt their prices are competitive - the last time I looked they still had 2016 models in the window for full price. I know what you mean about playing them first but if you already have a good idea of what you want, ordering online is not as crazy as it used to be. They’re all made on CNC machines these days and therefore quality is far more consistent than it was in my younger days (you probably know that anyway). I've never been to Vietnam so I’ve no idea whether you’ll have a better choice there or not. Also, there are a couple of other shops in CM that might have what you want but I haven’t been in them for years and then only briefly so I can’t really comment on them. Once I discovered how uncompetitive local music shops were, I resigned myself to ordering on spec from shops in Bangkok and even that’s harder than it should be because none of them update their websites. If you were to believe CT Music’s website, for example, they currently have in stock pretty much every Ibanez guitar made in the last 10+ years (they don’t obviously). They probably have around 10% of the guitars on their site, and that’s a generous estimate.
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