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  1. The already mentioned revolut.com card is really good, but they don"t serve Thai residents. I think you would find that most (all?) international debit cards don"t serve Thai residents. I would try one of the new online only accounts in Thailand that may have most features you want. like maybe f.e. the new SCB online account.
  2. Hello, I came to Thailand visa-exempt, I am 50+ years, and am getting ready to apply next week for my Non-O at Chiang Mai Immigration. Just wanted to run by you my plan - everything seems pretty straight forward: 1.) I apply at least 14 days before my visa-exempt status expires (I hope Chiang Mai is not one of those places that requires 23 days) 2,) I prove that I have 800k in my bank acounts at Bangkok Bank with a letter from them and copies of my passbooks printouts that show a total of 800k in international transfers coming in during the years of 201
  3. Thank you. That looks pretty good. Where can I find the figures on the linked page? What item do I have to click?
  4. Where can I find the Corona numbers for Chiang Mai (in English :))? I arrived a few days ago after quarantining in Bangkok, and I heard there was a big outbreak due to a covid hotspot. Have the numbers decreased since then?
  5. Hello, Should I install both apps? I don't get the difference, they both seem to do the same thing. Every one entering Thailand is required to install ThaiPlus, so would MorChana be redundant?
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