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  1. Thanks again guys. Me and family went in and drove around, checked everything out. We went in to The River for a sales tour. It was absolutely not my style, but it did look like they were targeting up-market. There was a Lamborghini in the parking lot, and the sales told us it belonged to a guy who lived there and owned 2. At first I thought it was a BS sales stunt. I don't understand why someone who owns 2 Lamborghini's would be choosing this kind of place to live. However, I got in touch with the Ubon Homes guy, and we had a long chat, and it just seems like this is the kind of place that the Thais like. The fact that it is a gated community makes it seem more exclusive/desirable to them. The info I've heard about that area and the flood plains they reclaimed makes me doubt living there. I've seen how Thai construction companies love to cut corners. I don't see why it would be any different with the reclaimed land around the River. Thanks too transam. We drove around the lake there, and were quite surprised. It was actually quite nice. I think I would be pretty happy living in that kind of area. There were loads of blocks for sale, as you said, but we probably don't want to go through the hassle of building a new house given that we're not sure how long we would stay. Its also a bit of a catch 22 situation - if the place we choose to live is nice then we will probably stay longer, but if we are not prepared to invest long-term then we won't get a nice place. Also, where is this tech space at Sunee? I've been to the Starbucks there, but had no idea there was a tech space so close.
  2. Hi Everyone, I was looking for a whole bunch of advice about Ubon Ratchathani city. Me and the family are currently out in the countryside part of Ubon, out past Det Udom towards the Laos border. When we moved the family out there, it was only going to be temporary, so I continued to run my business from Bangkok and fly back and forth. However, 2 years on and our temporary situation has become semi-permanent, and I'm sick of the travel and spending so much time away from wife and kids. So, we are thinking of moving to Ubon city. We've tried tracking down info, but have not had much luck, so onto the questions. 1. Serviced offices/shared offices/co-working/office space. I've tried looking and have never found anything like this. I did find a co-working space on the net, but it had gone out of business before I could get a chance to check it out. Do any of you guys/gals know of this kind of office space? My business is basically just freelance work, so I don't need or want some kind of huge office. Just a room with a desk/toilet/air conditioner. Which brings me to 2: 2. Where is the central business district? Is there any? I've spent a lot of time driving around and looking. There isn't really any part of town that looks like a business center. There is maybe that area stretching out south-west from where immigration is, but even there it just seems like loads of cafes/restaurants, not much business/offices. The few days I've come into town to get the car serviced, I've used the Starbucks in the Sunee Hotel. But that area all seems retail and not business. 3. Where is a nice residential area for family with small children? My wife likes the area around Central. There is a housing estate (Sirimongkol6) and a few others near there. Personally, I hate the idea of those cookie-cutter houses. But, as my wife points out, those estates usually have a playground and sometimes swimming pool, which are huge bonuses for the kids. What do you guys with small kids do? Are there any public facilities like that for small kids, or are we better off getting into a housing estate that has them? Thanks in advance everyone
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