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  1. He Anutin....how about slapping some health care workers who catch COVID in their work while trying to save sick people....
  2. People have said that there is a lot of mixing in them quarantine hotels. In some, the people go down to eat together in the same restaurant. That is for other countries. I don't know about Thailand but there is probably a lot of mixing too.
  3. So it's more than $1000 for the cover for a year. What do people do who have already paid for a year's insurance cover that covers COVID plus all other medical conditions? Do they have to pay over another $1000 for this unnecessary policy?
  4. His is talking to the Chinese, not the Thais. He gets his money from China. His primary concern is China. The Thai people are further down the list in his list of important people. Below the Chinese.
  5. 39 tourists from China come to Thailand for 9 months. The whole thing is weird. I hope its just a pilot proof of concept demo by TAT or another Ministry to prove to PM minuscule-brain scaredy-cat control-freak dictator that it is possible and feasible, and that there are ways for foreigners to enter the kingdom without COVID getting out of control. I hope it's not the Thai government thinking that 39 Chinese tourists plus a few more planes full in future, is going to help the economy.
  6. What is their explanation for letting tourists in before people with long-term residency and ties to the country?
  7. The Khmer Rouge was a dictatorial regime that oppressed and murdered its own people as well as foreigners who opposed it, and whose main international supporter and adviser was the Chinese Communist Party ..... the current Thai, Cambodian, Laos, Philippine governments are......... ????
  8. I honestly believe there is something about the human brain and psyche that causes cults to form among low intelligence, high aggression people. No matter how much we teach critical and independent thinking, people on those two ends of the scale are very easily swayed by moronic ideas. They are more likely to become cult members or criminals. Or both. My guess is it has something to do with a low intelligence and high testosterone combo in certain individuals.
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