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  1. They said in that study yesterday that sex was OK as long as the participants were wearing a masks and there was no semen or urine involved. When will someone present that info to the clown in chief.
  2. Well done. Let's hope that moron Anutin doesn't disparage them in public like he did with the hospital staff who caught coronavirus.
  3. I bet he will do it based on country of passport and not country of departure. You would have Chinese people flying in from the Europe. But UK people would not be able to get in from Laos. That would be incredibly dumb. But that's the way he rolls.
  4. Why were they RUSHED to hospital. Did they have an urgent medical condition as well as the high fever?
  5. "Private quarantine facilities at own cost offered to returning foreigners". ...but only ones with invitation letters from Thai embassies in their own country. What is the logic there? Wouldn't this policy work to every foreigner? I mean 14 days mandatory quarantine. What is the logic that it only applies to people who get a letter from the embassy? And aren't the airports closed for international travel? And why do these stories always mention that the foreigners have to get the letter from the Thai embassy in their own country before travelling. Can't the Thai authorities or the authors of these stories imagine a world where foreigners are not in their own country?
  6. The curfew is completely pointless. No country with zero community transmission has a curfew. No advanced economy has a curfew. There is almost zero community transmission in Thailand. The future risk is when the borders open up. And that is controlled by quarantines and "test, trace and isolate" policies. The curfew does nothing health related. It is a throwback to how Prayut controlled the people when he usurped power in the coup. It is way that a scared and stupid old man keeps his boot on the neck of his citizens under the pretext that is will stop a heath crisis.
  7. How can they make things so difficult for everyone, themselves included. Thailand operates a bureaucratic government model that is 30 years out of date. From before governments learned lessons of efficiency and customer service. They really do need modernising. All they need to do is to put arrivals in quarantine for 14 days like they have done successfully in Australia, New Zealand and Cambodia. They don't need to go near applying 10 days before at the embassy, showing work permits, having a valid reason etc etc. Never mind closing the airports down. It really is nonsense by a third world government run by a scared and stupid old man.
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