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  1. Hmmm. Cheese grater eh!. Are you supposed to use the fine side of the grater or the side that cuts big slices of cheese?
  2. If you like craft beers, why not throw the towel in with Thailand and go to Cambodia... there are many great craft beers and micro breweries.... and the national beers are far better than in Thailand. From what Number 1 says over there, he doesn't want to stop people making business and making money... but in Thailand General P is beholden to large corporates including large breweries ... and doesn't care a bit about letting little people do what they want... in fact he is active in stopping and controlling them
  3. This government doesn't give two hoots about the people especially the poor people. It views the people as a threat. A source of unruliness. In the military mind, the people are something to be controlled, not something to be supported and helped. For 70 years, China has had authoritarian governments that has squeezed Chineseness and community out of their country and their people. If you want to see Chinese culture you will find more on the back streets of Hong Kong than in most Chinese cities that have been subject to slash and burn top-down central planning. Prayut is doing the same with Thainess in an effort to control the people. Prayut should remember that now he has been elected by the people, as an all democratic countries, he is not the boss of the people. He is a representative of the people. The people are the boss of him.
  4. This is good news. Those capital controls were put in place after the Asian Financial crisis in 1997. They are there to fix that problem. When people rushed to get their money out of Thailand. 22 years later he world and Thailand is a very different place. People can invest in Thailand but its a real problem to get your money out. So money is building up and the Baht is strengthening artificially to the extent that it is throttling exports and risking sustainable economic development. 22 years later the BOT have recognised this as a problem. BTW global financial institutions don't like capital controls because they cause market distortions like this. They only support them for short term emergencies. 22 years of capital controls later. The BOT have recognised this as a problem. Well done. While they are busy removing capital controls they can also remove those import tariffs that also keep the Baht artificially high, imports costs of products (that don't even have competitor producers in Thailand) artificially high and slow down the domestic economy.
  5. If the Baht gets to 15 to the pound you should have left already. If a pint (half liter) of draft beer is 150B in Bangkok (excluding happy hours) then one pint would cost ten pounds, which is too much. Of course if you live in the boondongles you might get a pint for 90B. In which case that would be 6 pounds which is also too much.
  6. My step father is English. He left school aged 12 without any qualifications and worked in manual labouring jobs all his life. He has no training in economics and doesn't understand it. He voted to leave because he wanted to take back control and didn't like all them foreigners coming in. He has said that there may be a few bumps in the road after a no-deal Brexit but after that the pound will fly. He has said that Britain will be able to make trade deals with countries like Australia and New Zealand just as in colonial times, and those golden days will come back. I don't know whether to listen to this old dock worker or the UK institute of fiscal studies, which says that the pound would go to near parity with the dollar.
  7. It is fun to watch a weakened UK finally get relegated to the second division. I hope Boris can get that 'no-deal' to completely smash up the UK economy. Time to pull your necks in little Britons and stop telling others what to do.
  8. If there was a right wing populist who was likeable, competent and honest...... or...?
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