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  1. Kraft needs to pay more attention to managing his personal life. He's got a hot 39 yo girlfriend who obviously was not doing her job. Fire the gf, cut her out of the will, then replace her with a harem of high-class hookers. Or, retire and move to Thailand.
  2. OK. THANKS! I failed to see that part at the very bottom.
  3. You correctly put "next appointment" in quotes as it appears to be a misnomer. I find no referenced to the next appointment in my approval receipt.
  4. I did the online report yesterday morning and received the notification of approval email yesterday afternoon. On the approval receipt itself, I do not see any reference to the next appointment. My question is, what, if anything, do we staple into the passport? Right now my old "next appointment" slip (obtained by an in person 90 day report) is in my passport.
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