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  1. Why don't they cancel it again instead of receiving more reports leading up to Songkran, or is that too easy? Further planning, under discussion, form a committee, etc. Same applies to a lot of these topics, especially tourism. Pathetic.
  2. Interest for some. James Landale @BBCJLandale A little nugget from the Budget Red Book. The government is finally going to scrap the law which says Britons living abroad for more than 15 years cannot vote in UK elections Long promised, never delivered.
  3. It's either a plan or it's under discussion. Will they ever learn?
  4. Last week I purchased from InvadeIT a Samsung Evo670 500GB SSD and upgraded my son’s old Lenovo Z5070 laptop. Downloaded windows media creation tool to a flash drive. Changed the drive which took me approx 10 mins. Didn’t need to change the boot order as the SSD was not recognized and restarted the system. Total cost which was just the SSD 2,450. He tells me it’s now like a completely new laptop.
  5. Only a published report due to it being a foreigner. Jail time for the German no doubt. If the accused was a Thai, a small fine would be imposed.
  6. Remember to keep your distance and wear those masks. Also drive carefully over that long holiday.
  7. https://www.thaipbsworld.com/pathum-thani-covid-19-cluster-spread-to-13-provinces-infects-676-people/ The Pathum Thani COVID-19 cluster has, so far, infected 676 people across 13 provinces, as Thailand records 35 new cases today, according to Centre for Covid-19 Situation (CCSA) spokesman Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin. He said that most of the infections linked to Pathum Thani markets, such as Pornpat, Suchart, Simummuang and Rangsit, are vendors, their families and those who came into close contact with them. According to Dr. Taweesin, the cluster is quite big as it has spre
  8. Possibly you could introduce him to other dogs in the area. Maybe they have a spare kennel he could use. Failing that, I'm sure they would take care of him for just a couple of hours
  9. Netizens said this was damaging to the image of Pattaya, so Sanook went to investigate. ______________________________________________________________________ How many times have we heard this previously in other reports? The damage has already been done.
  10. To ensure the safe reopening of Thailand, the petition argues that “international tourists can be asked to satisfy any safeguards the Thai Government may require. This may, for example, include showing officially recognised proof of a Covid-19 vaccination from their home country, purchasing health insurance, showing proof of a negative Covid test within 72 hours of departure, and so on.” _____________________________________________________ Chinese tourist will be exempt.
  11. Thai PBS World @ThaiPBSWorld · 48m A new cluster of 53 COVID-19 infections have been linked to a pork butcher’s shop in Pornpat market in Pathum Thani, according to the Public Health ministry. Read more >>> https://thaipbsworld.com/new-covid-19-cluster-in-pathum-thani-53-new-cases-linked-to-butchers-shop/…
  12. Didn't schools teach the English language in those days?
  13. These pictures are so pathetic. Just for the camera Thai PBS World @ThaiPBSWorld · 2h The inoculation program begin in Thailand today. (Photos handout from the Public Health ministry) #ThailandNews
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