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  1. Hi 


    Does anyone knows what time is the last mini van from phuket international airport to patong ?


    my flight is arriving at 9pm evening, phuket international airport, is the price still the same 180 baht ?

  2. ive completed my 30 days extention at the jomtien immigration and have applied and approved of 7 days extention which ends on monday. ive decided to leave thailand to malaysia via flight for a week vacation and take up a tourtist visa and will not be taking the visa run cambodia route 


    and will return to thailand from vietnam

  3. 4 minutes ago, bumofdabeach said:

    It's always possible to do visa runs. Do not overstay....


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    Thank you for the reply , i have a flight booked from Phuket to KL on the 15 July, so thats why i am hoping to do visa run to stay another 2 weeks 


    and im just afraid i cant do visa run if i have 2 extention at chonburi immigration e.g 30 days and 7 days exetntion

  4. Hello 


    I entered Thailand by air and landed at utapao airport, with a 30 days visa exemption , i have completed the 30 days stamp and got a 30 days extension and 7 days extension at the jomtien immigration.... Is it possible for me to do a Visa run now ?


    need your feedback thank you friends 

  5. Hello, 


    Many years ago i went to a numismatic market where i can buy old thai coins and banknotes , down at the Thaiand Post at Surawong , on sundays, doesnt anyone knows if the numismatic market still there ? 


    thank you 

  6. Found the store that bought my MacBook they have sold it to a new buyer , with the police report I have the dealer will now retrieve it from the new buyer as it's a stolen item

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  7. 2 hours ago, SheungWan said:

    What evidence could you show a lawyer (or the police) that the person concerned stole your laptop?

    Proof of purchase under my name  , CCTV 

    The person actually admited he sold but then he ran away


  8. 3 minutes ago, Yellowtail said:

    Did you get your laptop back?

    No I didn't the person refuse to tell police where he sold it , and police let him go , now I went to the lawyer asking the police to re open the case 


    The Thai police keep on asking me to hire a lawyer because they said their job is only write a report 


    The acuser is now gone missing he didn't return back to his condo for the past 3 days 

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  9. Hello


    I had my laptop stolen , and I know whos the person that took , I have evidence , receipt and CCTV showing the person was with my laptop book 


    I have the receipt that the laptop is mine with my credit card 


    I caught the person but he denied it , happens he have sold my laptop to a second hand shop


    Now the person is missing , ran away and in hiding


    All this happen in Pattaya ,


    I have made police report showed them my evidence and etc 


    They wrote a report and gave it to me


    What should I do next to block this person from flying out of the country ?


    Should I hire a lawyer and make a court order ?


    I want to teach this thief a lesson 


    If goes to court what is the sentence ?

  10. Update 


    We manage to received our Re entry from Chang Wattana 


    6.30am arrived,  we are so surprised there are 300+ people ahead of us waiting since 5am 


    7 am they stared issuing Q number 


    8am called Q number to standby before door open 


    830am thousands of people are waiting finally we are rused into the immigration hall as soon as doors are open 


    8.44am told the counter guy we need re entry, double check again with him he say,  yes yes re entry go N1 look Q number 


    We received Q number N1 186 , went yo N1 waiting area, numbers are not moving 20 mins only 3 enter 


    I felt something Is wrong after 40 mins waiting I decide to walk around the hall and to my shock saw another area and cubical with Re Entry 


    I went back to my wife and told her we got the wrinf Q number.they gave us the wrong one 


    I saw a 3 Stars officer was assitsing everyone at re entry area. ,I went up to him nicely did the Thai wai and asked him is this Q number right? 


    He replied no it's wrong. ,I said we been here since 630am and I said we told the counter we are here for re entry but they gave us this Q number 


    The nice officer checked our document and said come with Me and show me who is the person give u the Q number 


    We went back to the Qnumber counter we showed him the officer that gave us this number 


    He questioned the officer and shouted at him infront of other people,  because the officer gave Us the wrong Q number without checking the documents


    The officers then apologies,  we finally got our re entry Qnumber 


    We r actually trying to get Thos thing done A$AP because we got an appointment for for Schengen visa in silom at 11am . ,so I went up to the officer again and telling him our situation


    He listen and we showed him our embassy Q number he finally decided to help, he took our re entry Q number and direct us to a re entry office, 


    He check our document. ,we paid 1000 baht each get the passport stamp and out we go in 5 mins


    We wai at him said thank you for the help and we went off 


    For anyone that wants to get a re entry I suggest you to be at the immigration as early as u can


    That's all 🙂





  11. Thank you, I think we will need to do re entry permit at Chang wattana because we  have appointment for a scnenghen visa this week.  


    We tried to apply a Q number online for re entry permit at Chang wattana but the Thai website is not working there is an error middle of registrations 


    Is it possible to go Chang wattana early morning and at 7am and get a Q number so that we will be first in line?  

    What is time to process each passport? 

  12. Hello Friends 


    I would like to seek your advice, My wife is on Non Immigrant ED Single entry, we search on internet that she needs to do Re entry permit stamp before leaving the country, we get to know there is a One Stop Service at Chamchuri Square that can do Re entry stamp.  http://bangkok.immigration.go.th/en/location2.html


    We would like to know is it ok we do the re entry stamp at Chamchuri Square or we need to go Chang Wattana ? this is her first time applying for it . 


    If its chang wattana do we need to get online Q number or we can just go there direct early morning




  13. On 24/01/2018 at 6:26 PM, Wonderboy said:



    On 28/02/2018 at 9:22 AM, SooKee said:

    Before I found one of these threads and figured out it really is 10 baht, every driver I asked the first time I visited (or rather the first time in years) they ALL said the fare was 20 baht so much so that the first time I actually paid 10 baht (from the second trip onwards) I was expecting a hail of abuse and / or problems.  No doubt they'll try it on when they can, and no doubt why I see dozens of folks, especially SE Asians getting off and paying 20 baht per person.


    I was asked 20 baht around 1030pm from Jomtien night market to jomtien soi 16 few days ago 


    I said no I give u 10 baht the driver shouted 20baht no 10 baht , I showed him the middle finger beczue he shouted at me for 20baht luckily a motorbike friend of mine came and ask the driver what happen and ask me where I took the bus I said from night market I was the last to drop 


    My thai friend motorbike guy told the driver why he wants to do this to foreigner and made him sure that I wasn't a tourist they had talk in the end the bus driver ok he thought I was a tourist and apologies and drove off 

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  14. I boarded a baht bus yesterday from jomtien and I was the only one in then a group of passenger stop the bus asking for a direction to the Big Budha driver said 200 baht,  they boarded the bus. Driver drove fast direct to the  big budha in pratamnak,  the Russian family alighted and paid 200 baht off goes the bus continue towards, picking up normal passenger,  then I stopped at central festival,  I gave him 10 baht he said,  we went to big budha dropping the tourist and because of that he wants 40 baht from me because he said good sign seeing,  I smiled at him and said Chair yen yen you very sanook,  hahaha he was clueless and I left him only 10 baht he keep on calling me Mr Mr 40 baht I ignore and on my way waiving at him smiling and bye bye 

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  15. In the end there is nobody in the back seat anymore he offered me if I want to go to Banglamung hospital I said yes why not. I asked him how much he replied Up To You 


    I arrived at the hospital gate he asked the security guard to get a wheel chair for me 


    Because of his kindness amd very helpful I gave him 100 baht,  and he thank me 

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