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  1. Latest Report : Happy New Year everyone 


    On Monday after new year I've got a spraint ankle again so I decided yo go to look for as pharmacy in the city 


    Baht bus arrive the driver saw me limping and offered me to sit with him on the front. 


    A very nice driver he keepp on talking about Thailand and himself 


    He told me he made thb 15k + on new year Eve,  I asked him today many people no bus,  he said because most of the drivers are drunk and made a lot of money so they skip work the next day hahah 


    Since he can speak with English well i asked him why he can speak good English he said he was working as a private driver for a wealthy Australian businessman 10 years ago 


    Anyway I decided to ask him a very important question. 


    Q : why sometimes driver ask me 20 to 60 baht go central marinade or any place 


    A: Driver no good he think you tourist,  all driver see foreigner as tourist big money and try cheating them.  Many farang pay 20 baht if farang wait for change driver give 10 baht, if farang go driver take 20baht 


    Q:How much is price from Jomtien to central marina? 


    A:All price same 10baht 


    Q: why somwtimea driver not follow route ?


    Answer : driver very lazy 


    I hope this information is valuable 

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  2. On 06/12/2017 at 8:34 PM, Roger Lee said:

    Most times when I get off by Central Marina shopping I only pay 10 baht, there have been times when I've walked quickly away to circumvent any possible feedback.  Out of the dozens of times, there have been probably a handful of times the driver has asked for 20 baht.  


    There was a time when the driver did get hostile with me at Central Festival and demanded 20 baht which I paid.  I then took a picture of his truck as he was pulling away.  He got back out waving his arms and shouting "fare gone up!".  I just shook my head and walked away.  I posted this a couple of years ago here.



    Similar situation with me 

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  3. Thank you for the replies I appreciate it,  I think some of your might be wrong it's not about cheap Charlie or that we can't afford on average spending on house, food and beverage utilities it self is cost 50k per month I don't think that I'm a cheap Charlie,  let's put this aside


    Sometimes we travel by grabar because my wife is pregnant 


    10 years ago I used to work in Thailand on a work permit and I have no intention of working again here now it's just time yo have fun relax be with my family 


    My wife who is half Russians half Thai but unfortunately her dad did not apply for her Thai ID and she spent most of her life in Moscow 


    We felt cheated by this incident,  this is not the first time there are another occasion where the driver asked 100 baht each from us just to test his luck maybe because we look white young dumb and stupid, when we decline he just accept 10 baht each


    By anymeans if those who paid 20 baht per person just go on just continue what are you doing but it will hurt other farang inside.


    I have on several occasion paid more than 10 baht each because the driver let me sit on the front of the car with him and we had good conversation 


    So I think please do not judge anyone by saying they are cheap Charlie 


    Thank you 





  4. 1 hour ago, observer90210 said:

    One could anticipate the regular keyboard warriors who would rant up with something like "what's the point for such a petty amount" etc. etc.


    But I feel you were right in not allowing the cheat to rip you off. If all farangs allow themselves to be cheated, no matter how petty the amount, it will become a norm and make life difficult for all.


    Let the cheats be aware that farangs are not just stupid walking suckers.

    Yes you are right I don't like the feel f being cheated I don't mind giving as an act of kindness but to argue to cheat is unacceptable 


    I have seen other farangs paid 20 baht per person without the driver asking and I've seen farangs paid 10 baht which include me I always have been paying 10baht

  5. For the past 3 month I've been taking the Baht bus from my apartment in Jomtien to Central Festival for 10 baht each no matter where either central festival or central marina 


    Today morning I took the same route and charges 10 baht 


    In the afternoon 1 hour ago from this post I took the same route again from jomtien to central marina with my wife hopping in the baht bus as. Usual from our home 


    Out of shock the driver ask for a 20 baht each total of 40 baht why I asked him why in Thai he said I am entering a different area 


    It became an argument for 5 mind and hee insists on asking 20 baht each I threthen to call the police and he surrender and drive away with 20baht 


    I then called my Thai friend who is working in Bangkok according to him baht bus sometimes try to get extra if they think we are tourist 


    Have anyone else experience this kind of situation? 


  6. On 23/09/2017 at 5:41 PM, ubonjoe said:

    If your are from Russia you cannot get a 30 day extension of your visa exempt entry since it is from a bilateral agreement.

    Your are also exempt from the 2 visa exempt entries per calendar year limit at land border crossings.

    If you are in Pattaya the Ban Pakard crossing is your best choice to do a crossing.

    What do u mean by Your are also exempt from the 2 visa exempt entries per calendar year limit at land border crossings.? 

  7. Hello Everyone, I am new here me and my wife just arrive in Russia i have question about visa. We arrive at Suvanabum Airport from Moscow, Russian passport is 30 days stamp visa examption. 


    We are mid 30's years old and currently living in Pattaya , I was told by several expat i met in pattaya saying that we can extent our stay to another 30 days at the Pattaya Immigration in Jomtien, Can anyone confirm this with us.We are intending to stay in thailand until mid December and go back to russia for few weeks before coming to Thailand again. We have secured a Rental condo with 1 year contract , and loving living here


    we regularly travel to Russia for work and make Thailand as our 2nd home


    Would it be easier for us to do our first extention at the immigration or go to Poipet. If its at immigration can you confirm if can get 30 days. 


    Thank you in advance for your reply 

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