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  1. Well, if it cam from Toyota it is interesting.. do during service is neat...
  2. Ah, I have yet to try them, any feedback anyone? thanks oh, and the one near mission hospital please...
  3. The old "I never had any problems does not really mean anything..." especially regarding Toyotas.... Monkeys could sit in it having a party, do nothing, and due to the bulletproof nature of Toyotas you would think it a great service enjoying your cookies.... Its when real mechanical know how is needed in a real situation and resolved in a timely and professional matter without endlessly guessing and changing the irrelevant parts and YOU paying the bill for the needless and unresolved exercise.. running around with a checklist without actually thinking about what they are doing.. yes, over the years know of a few disasters using the big dealers.. if not for the company receipt that Farang love and beleive in so much I would much rather use the small local shops who have proven over the years to know their stuff and deserve a good tip..
  4. I think everybody and everyone sprouting whatever numbers is a total waste of mouthing off..... nobody knows anything .... untimable, unquantifiable and certainly silly to think that you or anyone knows...
  5. I have seen 2 on the bypass road for years (probably not working) but keep my pedal to the metal
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