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  1. whats the connection there? I dont see it.... less cops to do their huge workload so it would go the other way I would have thought
  2. May I bring up something here.. after many years I still get suprised how people in this country will blame the "instigator" of the issue.. in this case its the passing engineer... many will see its HIS fault that there is an issue... is it similar to the "brakes fault" that Patong hill heavy buses and trucks crash?
  3. you would like that REALLY? they will just target YOU!!!!! al the 8 yo riding bikes to school... OH OH ITS ILLAGAL... so funny wake up..
  4. I dont think thats right.. here in Phuket they would not proccess 90 day untill the TM30 was sorted out...
  5. one small thing that they are sure of, does not really answer the real question!!
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