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  1. Instead of an METV, you can get an O-A visa. Two years of hassle free stay without visiting immigration, keep your money where you want and bring as little or as much as you want in to Thailand for general expenses.
  2. People who are married, can always go back to Savvanakhet for 90-day ME visa. That will take care of them and they have to just do a border bounce every 90-day. Some will go back to their home country every two years to get O-A, instead of putting money in a Thai bank. Lots of people are also keeping 800K in Thai bank throughout the year. No issue with them. People who are already bringing in 65K every month, no changes for them. Some will recirculate the income. A few single recent retirees will move to neighboring countries (not Malaysia which is far more stringent and expensive requirements). Everybody will find their ways. Out of all these groups, I think the 800K guys are the winner because there is no change for them. And baht is becoming stronger and by 2022, it may reach 22 baht/USD. This 800K group (along with 65K/month income) may be grandfathered when the immigration raises its requirements close to Malaysia's requirements (my guess before 2032). But for 65K/month will require more dollars as baht becomes stronger. O-A visas may require health insurance and Savvanakhet may be a tale of the past. Just think about people who brought 800K when the baht was 40THB/USD. So, I say 800K guys are the winners in this game.
  3. This can only happen if every application is treated as a new application. You may have to move out of Thailand at least for more than 6-months when your extension ends. If you turn around and come back with a tourist visa to start the process, immigration may still deny you. Of ocurse, if you keep 400K in the bank, you may have to show an income of approx. $35K/month. So basically a person needs around $12K USD in savings and a pension payment of $1200/month to live in Thailand. I think this is the cheapest one can use to legally retire in Thailand unless currency drops to 20 baht/USD, then most people have to say good bye to Thailand.
  4. Long overdue in this digital age. Like Malaysia My Home. May be by 2030, when baht will be 20/USD and retirement requirement will rival Malaysia My Home.
  5. It is simple. Are you continuously staying in Thailand for 90-day? Does not matter your visa, extension, etc. If you're staying continuously for 90-day, you must do I 90-day report except if you're on a smart visa or a spouse of a smart visa holder.
  6. Not sure if you're discussing about opening a bank account or changing your visa to Non-O. You should have gotten an O-A visa from the US before coming here. With an O-A visa, it is comparatively easy to open an account but still not a piece of cake in today's environment. To open a Bangkok bank account, you need a lease and an embassy letter (not income letter) or a Thai who could vouch for you. Talk to the manager directly not the staff. There are agents who can also help you open a bank account.
  7. People posting here have severe comprehension problems. Did any of the order says anything about 90-day report and proving your fund during 90-day report? If it was that simple, people will do a border run and avoid 90-day report altogether. Big jokes' minions are patrolling the streets. They will check you at random check points and demand to see your passport and bank book. you must carry your bank book all the time. If you don't, they will arrest you and send you to Thai gulag.
  8. If you know dividends as income is acceptable to immigration, why did you conclude rental won't be the same? TI does not care how you have earned your income. They want to see money from oversees deposited into a Thai account. You could have obtained that money by holding up a bank in your home country but TI does not care as long as it reaches a Thai bank as international transfer
  9. If your embassy still issues "embassy income letter" (e.g. Canada or New Zealand or Japan or Singapore, etc. ), then you don't need to bring any money.
  10. Ok so, instead of 60K in the second account, I can bump it to 80K. To be on safe side, I can make it 100K. Is that will be OK? I think so. I can keep 100K through out the year. If due to currency fluctuations, $500USD becomes 10,000 baht (many thousands have to leave due to insufficient income). I can bump my second account to 320K. To be on safe side, I can make it up to 350K. So I have to leave 350K in the second account throughout the year and I will be OK when most people we will be leaving Thailand. Just doing my plan what is the least amount of money I must have when I start receiving my SS. I can spend all my savings now and at least I have to keep 350K to survive in Thailand.
  11. Is this a valid combo method 1. One Bangkok bank Savings account where every week $500 USD (let's say $15K baht) transferred with FTT code. 2. Second Bangkok bank savings account where a minimum 60K baht is held throughout the year. Does the above combo meet extension requirement?
  12. So you need to apply for a new extension? I so, I think this is the loop hole agents will exploit. And charge more of course. Great. More money in the pockets of agents and others involved in this money minting scheme. Sent from my JKM-LX2 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. No Forex fee to send money to Thailand and they are coded FTT? How is the currency fluctuations in Cambodia?
  14. Did you try to open a Foregin deposit account? I already had one bangkok bank savings account in the same branch (opened early last year) and then I moved to Jomtien late last year. I opened another new savings account in Jomtien branch (near Rompho market) and they copied all the information from my old account to the new account and gave me a new ATM card (the master card one) based on my passport only. The banks are just like Thai immigration. No consistency
  15. I don't think country is heading down the toilet. It has a massive Foreign Direct Investment export and Tourist incomes are also doing good.
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