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  1. The long waited elimination of 90-day reporting is coming to an end. I hate the 90-day reporting.
  2. Most airports don't check tags or do random checks.
  3. If you're caught (not surrender), you will be taken to IDC. That's even worse. Why overstay? It just requires little planing, effort, and money to avoid overstaying. From 2011-2013 I stayed in Thailand with visa runs but never overstayed.
  4. Last year (2018) out of 50 or so transfer (I transfer every week 15K Baht even when I am not in Thailand) using Transferwise to Bangkok Bank, only three are coded non FTT. This year so far all codings are FTT. Listing in my mobile app shows International Transfer (no code)
  5. I will shame to embassies who dropped the ball and kudos to TI to accommodate panicked people without pushing them to 400K/800K method or agents.
  6. Thailand has a goal to become like today's Malaysia in terms of per capita GDP by 2034. So by 2034, immigration will also be like MM2H - at least 85K USD in liquid cash and 2,5K in income.
  7. onera1961

    Overstay 16 years

    From my own experience, They only require a police report. No verification with immigration. I lost my passport in a Sisaket hotel (five years ago. Technically it was not lost. I had an heated argument with my gf and she took my passport and ran away to Bangkok). I immediately reported to the police station and they wrote a letter in Thai that the passport was lost. I took the letter to the US embassy and gave my old passport number (not sure if they checked in the computer or not) and told me to apply for a new passport. I think it took two weeks. Then to CW to transfer my Ed Visa, new departure card, and permitted to stamp in the passport. I still use the passport and it has a stamp in the back "It is a replacement passport for passport no. xxxxx" Home country really does not care if you're overstayer, working illegally, or whatever. It is your freedom to do whatever you want. They are obligated to give you a passport in a foreign land no question asked.
  8. Transferwise does not have recurring feature. Transfer from transferwise to Bangkok Bank account will be coded as FTT (International transfer). People have reported it is not coded as FTT for other banks.
  9. Go to a neighboring country (Penang is recommended because you can fly to Kuala Lumpur if coming from the USA) and then enter through Malaysia/Thai border crossing by train. Have 20K baht (or equivalent in foreign currency). Once inside Thailand, you can marry her in Thailand to avoid complication and paperworks required for marriage-based Non-O processing. If you want to take her to the USA, you can apply for fiance visa. Fiance visa is comparatively easy to obtain. But she must marry you once in the USA. If she does not, she will have US entry problem in the future.
  10. I read in TVF that banks are working with immigration to standardize the letter. We have to wait and see what it turns out. may be the same as 800K letter.
  11. Can you please list a few (if not credit unions)? I have accounts in almost all US banks and I will open an account if needed. I use transferwise every week to transfer to Bangkok bank and they are coded as FTT. If SWIFT is free, I may give it a go to check out the exchange rates. Thanks
  12. People keep asking the same question thousand times? If it's not clear by now, it will never be clear.
  13. 2017 stats: 9.4% direct. 21% including indirect.
  14. onera1961

    Two Positives Make one Negative

    In January 2018, I opened an account in Sukumvit (near so 10) without residence letter. However, the manager wanted to verify my US address. So I had to go to US embassy to get a sworn statement verifying my US address. They accepted my lease for Thai address. After that I changed address multiple times and updated my address and phone number each time with the same branch without showing my lease. Recently (last month) I opened an account in Jomtien (near Rompho market) and they opened it with only the passbook. And updated my Pattaya address in both the account.
  15. GIve it break people. This guy is close to 90 year old. Married to somebody 40 years younger. Only in Thailand.