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  1. A little more clarity about how the tourist managed to provide totally wrong directions to the taxi driver would go a long way to dispelling the usual TV speculation, insinuation and condemnation.
  2. Glad to see the RN sent a launch and an inflatable dinghy to shoo off the dastardly Diegos. Didn't see any rubber ducks though, and none of the British matelots cried when their iPhones were taken away. Rule Britannia!
  3. Behaviour worthy of a Thai, he should have been rewarded with a one saleung gold chain and garland of jasmine.
  4. As the link given above by dabhand advises, go to get your non-B at a Thai embassy or consulate in a neighbouring country, they do not require notarisation and other rigmarole of the degree certificate. Chiang Wattana (and I assume Samut Prakan) immigration does, and it's a costly and time-consuming process.
  5. There were none left three months ago according to the Joker. Clearly they have been flooding back into the country in record numbers since.
  6. I've noticed this too in recent years; far too much fun being had around mid-February. It's almost as if Thailand has become a hub of fun. Time for an old-fashioned Thai crackdown, I say!
  7. Jumping Mohammad, what's this "rhymes with giffalous", why not just be a brave fornicator, face the music and say syphilis?
  8. As a slight illustration on the attitude of Thai officialdom to foreign experience and expertise, I recall back in the 1980s that Bangkok traffic management was a hot topic for a while. Aside from messing around with traffic flows and changing road directions, which caused havoc, some bright spark at City Hall thought to employ the latest Western technology and knowhow, to bring comprehensive, computerised management to the traffic light system - at considerable expense. Well, after the lights had been tinkered around with for a while, without really giving the new, comprehensive network the chance to prove itself, the RTP decided that it knew better and reverted to what we have still today - interminable delays at the lights, incompetent coppers directing the traffic (when not hunkered down snoozing in their aircon boxes) and huge jams. I believe a considerable sum was wasted in this manner, and unfortunately I see the same end result if Western methods are applied to the present problem. The fact is, as long as it costs families a lot of money to buy their sons and daughters into positions of authority, those same people will look for ways to recoup that investment, and if one avenue of revenue is closed, another, creative one will be opened up. Corruption is rooted at the very fundament of Thai society, which makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to extinguish. But let's give them credit for something: Thais have invented the almost perfect Perpetual Corruption machine.
  9. Some BMTA routes run 24 hours, including I think the No. 29, which goes past DMK. A year or two back, being a dedicated CC, I researched this and did exactly what you propose, but from further out, beyond Onnut. The No. 2 runs all night along Sukhumvit, so you can catch that and alight on Petchaburi, at the nearest stop to Ratchathewi, then walk around the corner and catch the 29. But be warned, buses are very infrequent at night, so allow plenty of time, and they are all non-aircon at that time of night, as far as I know, so struggling with luggage may be sweaty work. Once was enough for me, but it was an interesting experiment. I caught my flight nicely.
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