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  1. OMG was a classic example of "Crypto Experts" hype, which no one should forget. Was going to tokenize Thailand, because based in BKK and some big cheese or two from some THB bank or banks (K-bank if I remember right) was behind it, AND built on the mighty Ethereum!!! So, what could possibly go wrong? This is how OMG stands now: https://www.coinigy.com/s/i/5d822e5d6dca8/ And that's the weekly interval chart! Blew through the long and short interval Fibonacci like it wasn't even there. Means to me that it had no fundamentals of any kind - just straight pump and dump on the ignorant of Thailand. All kinds of "crypto experts" like Tiwari were hyping it though, and probably will again. Hope new people in the next wave of capital and s***coins don't fall for such things again...
  2. I have an associate in BKK who subscribed to Tiwari's expensive newsletter on cryptocurrencies. I think it was Palm Beach Confidential, maybe? He lost a lot of money following that advice during last s-coin bull run on things like OMG, for example. In that particular example, in the end, the Thai banks went with the Wall Street product, rather than homegrown OMG, which was backed by some big names in the Land of Something: https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2019/05/147194-project-inthanon-bank-of-thailand-pushes-forward-with-central-bank-digital-currency/ So, I think the cryptosphere is too unpredictable even for the smartest to predict, and a lot of what they say is just self-serving hype to sell "picks and shovels" to the herds... Be careful!
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