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  1. They get arrested and deported also, although some do get away with it, just as all the other farangs who don't get arrested and deported for living and working here illegally get away with it.
  2. Why suggest that about him when your first four words confirmed that you know nothing about it?
  3. He's not hiding, you can google his name... ...and get the same result as when your name and mine is googled, i.e. nothing.
  4. Make up you mind! You mean like people who are here in the country illegally?
  5. Nonsense, that is not mandatory. An investigation into whether it is feasible has been suggested, that's all. Seriously.
  6. "And I bought a couple of those red 2 way radio transmitter/receivers..." As he said, the red ones are not illegal!
  7. If that's referring to my comments, you need to check what "sophistry" means.
  8. "The Saudi's realised this and got Tim Clark to turn the airline around..." What have "The Saudis" got to do with THAI, Emirates and Tim Clark? Emirates is the UAE airline and Clark has no connection to Saudia.
  9. I'm not "pushing" anything, I'm responding to the tedious, hackneyed old adage about "fragile Thai egos" that someone always throws in as though it's a new and groundbreaking comment, as opposed to nonsense. I commented and others responded to me, just as you did, so how is that construed as my pushing something, exactly? At no stage did I suggest that murders cannot be criticised, you must live in a strange world if you think that I did. "...i remind you, is about a foreigner being shot dead by a local criminal". Thanks, but I don't need you "to remind me" what the subject of the thread is but you do seem to need to be reminded that I was commenting on a members post, not the thread's subject.
  10. Well that comment sure hasn't helped, never mind nailed, the view that the government that isn't, clearly, successfully running the country!
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