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  1. Well, they have had to get an emergency travel document but the chances of her getting out of the place she is in to get to an Embassy/Consulate is even less than the chance of that Embassy giving her a travel document.
  2. As I said before, and as it has been widely reported, she does not have a passport now, IS took the one she travelled on. Do you think that she wants to go to Bangladesh?
  3. Yes, I know that, so, as I said, she has not been granted bail as someone was claiming in his attempt to ridicule the Thai legal system.
  4. What are you talking about? The last part of your comment was correct, I haven't, neither did I claim to be doing that. All I did was explain how she left the UK illegally.
  5. Isn't she is just eligible to apply for Bangladeshi citizenship? Bangladesh does not have to capitulate.
  6. No, she didn't, he used her sister's passport. How could she get out of the UK and travel to Turkey without a passport?
  7. She have to get back here first and the UK government are not going to assist her with her travel plans.
  8. She could not do that, she has no passport so cannot leave the country she is in never mind enter the UK! Even if she still had the passport she left on she would not get back into the UK on it because she travelled illegally using her sister's passport.
  9. "Life can mean up to as little as 3 years in jail here..." I'd be interested to know where you got that information from. Do you have an example?
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