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  1. Long journeys or adrenaline don't smell, stale unwashed sweat does.
  2. "I disgust anyone..." You do? If you say so. Where you on that bus?
  3. That's why I asked the question whether you missed out the "or". Your "interpretations" did not state that. Thanks for putting it right, perhaps you should alter your OP to reflect that?
  4. "Why??? Thailand can't build scools?" Clearly you can't write or spell very well but can't you read either? Didn't you read the OP? Thais are involved in the construction, have another look at the very first word in the title!
  5. Are Russian forces part of Cobra Gold? Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, UK, French and German "POSs", as you succinctly call them, have never been seen doing it either! To stick with your description, have the "POS" Yanks ever built a school in Russia?
  6. They may have but there is a picture with the OP that will help you understand the article properly.
  7. So there are 2 requirements for the income method [1) and 2.] or should there be an "or" between them in your post?
  8. Why did you do this to us? The last thing that anyone needs to do is to cause TransAm to post yet another same old picture of a "fun ride" he used to own a hundred years ago!
  9. "...it probably isn't" What? If something isn't too good to be true, then it's probably true. In this case the real adage "if it's too good to be true, it probably is" is correct, this is a common scam.
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