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  1. Thank you for these replies. Right, so there is a brass fitting perhaps on the end of the blue pipe, that in itself is potentially leaking. But yes for sure some excavation seems a necessity here, thankfully I am pretty sure I have some spare tiles.
  2. I just wanted to check if there might be any other kind of solution, prior to employing the wrecking squad, tearing down my bathroom in this quest to find a water leak. It's behind the stock cock valve to the toilet. It's been there for some time, but recently it has worse. The stop cock valve has already been replaced, along with its extension that goes into this cold water pipe - please see attached images. Points to note, in the last image there is an outer ring of a blue pipe, then zooming in a second blue pipe. If someone who is really familiar was such an installation, could
  3. I have been able to download this history, coming in at 481MB. This file is on my desk top. So good so far. Now when I click Messages/your_messages.html the top screen shot comes up. Clicking on any of the entries - top screen shot, then produces the result of the bottom screen shot.
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