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  1. @GinBoy2 Thank you. We have started filling out the I-130 form, however we become a little stuck when listing our address, which is in Thailand. The document requires a zip code and state. I am now thinking that I fill in this document using my thai address, and fill in my thai postal code instead of zip code. Any thoughts? Thanks again
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for a lawyer to help in the process of applying for a US work visa. I am a UK citizen living in Thailand, and my wife is an American. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I'm two years into living in Thailand and re-visiting this topic again. Seems Transferwise now allows transfer into Thailand, but still do not allow transfer out of Thailand. I am sending money from UOB to my Natwest bank in the UK, and I'm pretty sure there must be a better and cheaper way. Has anyone done their research on this? I'm about the open a new bank account (because UOB are awful) but researching transfer fees. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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